5 Best Walking Shoes For Wide Feet

Still seeking out the best walking shoes for wide feet? Take a step in the right direction with our selection of the best options. Our research caters for anyone who’s tired of that endless search for suitable footwear.

We’re picked out a few FAQs and looked at some of the common grievances that irk all you wide-footed explorers. Like, what’s the best shoe brand for people with wide feet?

Well, we know podiatrists are known to recommend New Balance shoes as a comfortable option. The brand is famous for the arch support and cushioning in its designs. They promote foot health and offer a selection of stylish options for varying foot widths.

Also, you’ll find a broad range of shoe models with different widths to choose from. These range from narrow (2A) to extra-wide (6E). If Big Foot wore shoes, he’d probably shop here. Their fits are set out for all kinds of widths and sizes.

Of course, there are plenty of brands out there. We aren’t just going to genuflect at the altar of New Balance. If you’re on the search for the perfect shoe to suit your feet it might be wise to consult a professional. Having your feet measured is a must if you care about optimal comfort.

For example, Puma shoes are another alternative and they offer great options for women with wide feet. The suede style of Puma shoe is flexible and provides support at the same time. The exact level of support of course varies depending on the shoe design, type, and features.

Walking shoes on a hike

How Do You Fix Wide Feet?

Your feet are not likely to grow much after a certain age, but they can reposition slightly, or gain width. This might require you to adapt and change your shoe size. It is important to seek out the most comfortable option you can.

Feet elasticity is important to consider as well. Tissue might loosen and this can increase foot width, or even cause your arches to sage.

There are corrective cosmetic foot surgeries that can give you narrower feet. This is, of course, a more drastic option if you simply can’t handle the discomfort your wider feet give you. Many alternative shoe designs will cater for feet of all shapes and sizes.

Foot surgery is one way to prevent deformities from worsening over time. It is also viable to seek out footwear that caters for your specific needs and irritations. Wide feet might just force you to be more selective when it comes to shopping for your next pair of walking shoes.

Bear in mind that you might not be able to fully rely on the listed size. At avoid disappointment, seek out wide and extra wide sizes. Also, buy shoes with laces that can be easily adjusted. Removable insoles can be helpful too and you will need to thoroughly check your toe room.

Shoe stretching services are available as you attempt to alleviate your discomfort further. Just bear in mind that you might need to make multiple efforts on several different fronts. Here are a few frequently asked questions from kindred sufferers of wide-footed anxieties:

Three hikers compare walking shoes

Why are my feet so wide?

It’s true that most of us are born with a unique pair of feet – just like we are born with different coloured eyes and stand at varying heights. Others are more flat-footed and thereby likely to have wider feet.

As you grow older, your body loosens up and your ligaments and tendons adapt to these varying strains. Your feet tend to stretch and grow wider too.

Why is the best shoe shape for my wide feet?

No one likes to have cramped toes, especially when you’re walking long distance and toe-punting pebbles down the trail. It’s wise to choose a pretty flat shoe or low-mid block heel to gain a degree of lift.

Also, consider your toe box and the benefits afforded by a round, or square, toe, which offers more breathing space than pointed Rumpelstiltskin kicks. This is everything you need to cater for the awkwardness of a wider foot.

Is Nike or Adidas better for my wide feet?

As we said above, there are many brands that provide suitable designs for wide-footed walkers. New Balance is a popular choice that is often promoted by professionals.

Adidas is known for designing shoes with a wider fit. Their toe boxes are roomy and they focus on your comfort and support, which is essential for anyone with wide feet.

Nike tends to provide a narrower fit and this may be a nuisance for those of us who leave a broader footprint. It’s important to refer to customer reviews if you want to learn the intricacies of sizing that different brands are known for.

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Should I size up or down if I have wider feet?

The question of whether to size down when you pick wide-fit shoes is simple to answer. Refer to shoe size width charts and follow the guidance to determine which wide-fit shoe you’re suited for.

Once you’re referred to the width chart, select your usual size and stick to the specifications. If you have feet that are only slightly wider, you might want to try a size bigger to learn how each variation feels.

Extra room is not always a bad thing and you may need to break your new shoes in as you walk, testing out the restrictions of specific designs as you go.

Again, it is essential that you learn the exact cause of your own discomfort. Everyone’s feet are sized and shaped uniquely. So, any trick that works for someone else’s wide-footed problem, might not be exactly applicable to yours.

Is a longer shoe better for a wider foot?

In short, if your feet are wide you should probably invest in shoes that are a half size larger. Shoe width will increase alongside shoe length – not drastically, but it’s good to be aware of this. You are likely to gain extra width and comfort if you pick a shoe that’s half a size longer.

All this isn’t to say that you should march into a shoe store and rush out without trying them on. A comfortable fit can only be found if you try before you buy – take some time to familiarise yourself with different fits.

When it comes to walking, you want the most comfortable shoe you can possibly find. It isn’t a waste of time to spend long hours seeking out the right fit for you.

A good fit will change how you move, feel, and, ultimately, how much you enjoy your journey. That’s worth devoting your attention to. So, stride around in the shoe store and ensure you’re going to be at ease for long days in the outdoors.

The last thing you want is to walk out with your wide feet and step clumsily into a future of nagging blisters, bunions, and twisted ankles. Find the appropriate size for your needs and don’t be afraid to ask questions if any issues surface that you’re unsure of.

There’s a shoe out there for every foot size – you just have to be willing to do the legwork.

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