Best Czech Republic Outdoor Clothing Companies

Czech Republic outdoor clothing companies are making waves. Maybe, like us, you weren’t aware that this region produces worthy contenders to compete with Europe’s best outdoor clothing brands?

So, we thought we’d play the role of educator in this blog. Of course, we had plenty to learn ourselves and there was a lot we uncovered in our research of the best Czech Republic brands.

It’s possible you’ve never heard of Tilak – a company from the Czech Republic’s northern mountains, which has snuck under the radar of many outdoor adventurers.

Yet Tilak, for example, offers a very competitive selection of outerwear that ranks among the best in Europe. Their products have grown increasingly more popular since the ‘80s as well.

There’s more to this part of the world than a single influential brand though. Purveyors of outdoor clothing in the UK and Italy have tried to steal the spotlight, but many others are striding forward from the Czech Republic.

What Defines Czech Outerwear?

How do you define the products that come from this part of the world? Well, most of our best examples of Czech outerwear have been made in accordance with long-standing traditions.

Most of what you find has been crafted with attention to specific details and recognition of a proud history in this market. Their collections boast an array of unique aesthetics that could only come from the Czech Republic. Learn more about Czech Republic Outdoor Clothing Companies.

Tilak might be the only producer of Czech outerwear that works with Gore-Tex, but there are others who find their own means of innovation. Bring on a variety of stylish mid-layers, alpine shells, pants, boots and much more.

It is also worth noting that even brands like Tilak have been unable to make their goods available in the US. In Europe, you are able to navigate their websites to buy goods online.

Czech Rebublic Outdoor Clothing Comapnies - Hanibal Sport hiker
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Sportswear For The Casual Dresser

In many countries, sportswear serves as casual wear and chinos are endlessly paired with Nike hoodies or rugby shirts. Function and comfort are widely sought by everyday athletes.

However, things are done a little differently in the Czech Republic. Sports outerwear is worn in specific styles and alternative brands often win the day.

Functional and sporty looks are still popular, but you’ll discover plenty of high quality brands you never heard of and possibly can’t even pronounce. Hudy trumps Helly. Rejoice taps in for Rossignol.

Of course, the rest of Europe has plenty to shout about. German brands, like Tatonka, offer more than their share of high-quality packs, tents and outdoor accessories.  

Hard-wearing products are never in short supply and outdoor experts can get their teeth into a vast selection of functional outdoor clothing.

While Italian and British companies hog most of the attention, let’s not forget alternative offerings in lesser known markets. It’s time to discover some of the Czech Republic outdoor clothing companies that turned our heads:

Czech Rebublic Outdoor Clothing Comapnies Tilak outdoor jacket

5. Czech Republic Outdoor Clothing Comapnies – Tilak

To learn more about the roots of Tilak we will need to travel to the north-eastern mountains of the Czech Republic. It’s here that this outdoor brand was born, which later specialised in high-performance GORE-TEX jackets.

Back in 1986, the company’s founder – Roman Kamler – produced the first Tilak garments on a sewing machine at home. To this day, Tilak retains its family-run and traditional roots.

Roman Kamler was very much the father of Tilak. It was he who sewed the first products in the early days and began with the production of feather sleeping bags – a way to earn money for climbing adventures.

This Czech family business has prospered since the ‘80s and now spins out some of the world’s finest outdoor clothing. They even design attire for the military and special forces.

Strong roots and a willingness to innovate has been the key markets of success for this influential brand, which produces its clothing locally in the Czech Republic.

Originally from the small town of Šumperk, nestled in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains, this company has made most of what it sells from its homeland for over 35 years.

Czech Rebublic Outdoor Clothing Comapnies Faramugo clothing tag

4. Czech Republic Outdoor Clothing Comapnies – Faramugo

Next up, we have another fantastic brand that specialises in clothing and equipment, which is sewn for nature. Headquartered in Luhačovice, this is another homegrown brand from the Czech Republic.

Traditionally, they have outfitted climbers, hikers, skiers and fishermen for all their outdoor activities. Yet the brand makes a point of stating their clothes are also favoured by scooterists, cyclists and photographers too.

They refer to themselves as ‘your Czech tailor’, who sew for the people and reject the retrograde idea of perfection. Instead, they invite the marginal gains of further development.

In short, they are always striving to please their customers. They also steer clear of seasonal collections, preferring to prioritise the lasting functionality of their products.


3. Czech Republic Outdoor Clothing Comapnies – ALPINE PRO

ALPINE PRO is another purebred Czech company and a veritable leader of the industry. They specialise in high performance outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories.

Aside from their high quality outdoor equipment, ALPINE PRO hold the honour of being the first Czech brand to design collections for Czech Olympians. They outfit these world-class athletes for both the winter and summer Olympic games and have been doing so since 2009.

In fact, they launched their first collection in 1996 and followed up with around 100 more collections, including several that were designed for the Czech Olympic team.

ALPINE PRO is often featured among the most admired companies in the region and has earned more awards around the world as well. They also celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2014.

REJOICE runner on forest path


One of the highlights of our list, the Rejoice Company have been winning over outdoor enthusiasts since 1998. You will recognise the clothing they manufacture for the fact it bears the sign of a flower.

The brand has become noticeably popular among climbers and specialises in practical designs that prioritise material endurance. Their trousers are very popular too – available in a variety of colours with knee patches and a few other sporting features that appeal to rough track explorers.

You can even customize your clothing – so, seek out your latest staple item and add a little flair to boost that style factor.

This is one of the most easily recognisable brands in our list. The stylish products they create are high quality and built to last – designed for both fashion and function when it matters most.

Hanibal Sport explorer
©Hanibal Sport

1. Hanibal Sport

Finally, the treasure trove of Hanibal Sport (a relative newcomer to the industry) has found its way onto our list for obvious reasons. Walking into their stores is like taking your first steps into an impossibly happy afterlife.

They sell all kinds of quality outdoor products in their well-stocked stores – you just have to get through the slightly understated entrances.

Inside, you’ll find all the best Czech brands, including Tilak, who we’ve already mentioned for their GORE-TEX garments. High Point are a lesser-known brand on display as well – they specialise in outdoor clothing and equipment.

Okay, so it’s not exactly a brand, but the delights of this Czech Republic store were too much to resist. They also stock worldwide favourites, like Berghaus and Columbia.

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