Best Gymnastic Rings (and Accessories) for Athletes, Gym Owners and Home Workouts

This extensive guide to the best Gymnastic Rings will help you find the right equipment for your own personal goals, set up and gym.

Whether you are a beginner or elite athlete, a gym or box owner or a dedicated fitness fanatic looking to expand your home gym or find new ways to train outside, we have all the information you need.

A set of Rings provide a full suspension training system for bodyweight fitness with true gymnastic capabilities.

More challenging than a pull-up bar, gym rings can dramatically improve any athlete’s upper body and core strength, while training better joint alignment and overall balance.

Which Type of Gymnastic Rings are best for me?

These are many considerations to take into account when choosing the right rings for you; material, cost, personal ability level, where you train and personal goals.

The following information will help you make the right choice and send your training, or the training of your Box/gym members, to the next level.

How much do Gymnastic Rings Cost?

As a base level, the cheapest, decent quality Gymnastic Rings, complete with straps (which are essential) are the Rogue Echo Rings which retail at a very reasonable $55.

If you simply want to get set up and started then go for these ones.

For Box and gym owners they are available in larger quantities with excellent discounts which will help you kit out your entire gym.

Woman doing muscle ups.
Aim high ©Luis Lopes

If you want better quality and a lifetime guarantee then we recommend choosing wood or steel. Plastic is also an excellent option.

Read on to find out which material is right for you.

Best Wooden Gymnastic Rings

A set of American-made Rogue Wood Rings provides a solid foundation for gymnastic strength building and beginner-to-advanced suspension training.

Rogue wood gymnastic rings

With a textured, grip-friendly surface that works with or without chalk, wood rings have a distinct, natural feel preferred by many athletes.

Precision machined in Columbus, Ohio, using quality Baltic birch, the gripping surface on each ring has a natural stick that’s great for holding chalk—or for sustaining a firm grip without it.

Wood rings are the standard in competitive gymnastics for generations, and the Rogue 21st century version has been battle tested for years at the CrossFit Games®.

Train with th AbMat Zercher Pad

Rogue Wood Rings are also easy to adjust and built with American craftsmanship for lasting durability and comfort.

Wood is often the best choice for indoor setups.

Rogue produces both a 1.25” diameter wood ring (as used in CrossFit® events) and a 1.11” diameter ring built to FIG specifications (FIG = International Gymnastics Federation).

The 1.25” ring is fatter and thus more challenging. Fatter grips are better for developing grip strength.

FIG sizing can be easier to grip or false grip and is the standard for gymnastic competitions.

Each set of wooden rings comes with Rogue’s heavy-duty 1.5” wide nylon ring straps and buckle system, enabling a quick set-up and easy adjustments, indoors or out.

rogue straps for rings

Velcro fasteners are also provided to keep the excess portion of each strap secured. The ring straps are available in your choice of black, desert tan, or ranger green, and can be hung from a crossmember in your gym or by a swingset, secure tree branch, etc.

Rogue Wood Rings are designed for indoor or outdoor use when weather permits. Wood rings should never be stored outdoors or used in the rain.


  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Diameter: 1.25” standard or optional 1.11” FIG spec ring for athletes with smaller hands (FIG = International Gymnastics Federation)
  • Firm grip with or without chalk
  • A set includes (2) 1.5” Heavy Duty Nylon Straps with Buckle, available in Black, Desert Tan, or Ranger Green
  • *16′ Strap features VELCRO® brand fasteners to keep excess strap in one place

Best Steel Gymnastic Rings

As the very first Rogue-manufactured product back in 2006, their steel gymnastics rings helped establish the level of excellence customers would come to expect from the Rogue brand.

steel rings

The idea was that when a customer pulled a set of Rogue Steel Gymnastic Rings out of the box, they would touch and feel something special that had been handmade for them. They achieved this very well.

When I bought mine I found that the welds and texture were perfect and the high level of craftsmanship was clear to the eye and hand.

Rogue’s heavy-gauge steel gym rings are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and backed by a lifetime warranty against breaking.

Designed as a 21st century take on a classic strength training staple, these rings can endure everything from CrossFit® ring exercises to the daily pull-ups, ring dips, front levers, and muscle-ups of an Olympic gymnast’s regimen.

Rogue Rings feature 1.25″ 14-gauge steel tubing, fully TIG welded by hand and powder-coated in a multi-step process with a zinc phosphate plating underneath and a firm but grip-friendly exterior coat.

The provided ring straps and buckle system are ultra-durable, easily adjustable, and environmentally versatile.

Whether you integrate a ring station into a custom home gym or swing the straps over a sturdy tree branch for an outdoor workout, there are very few limitations on where a set of Rogue Rings can go.


  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • 1.25″ 14-Gauge Steel tubing
  • Tough, easy-grip, black powder coating (will hold chalk)
  • Includes (2) 1.5” Heavy Duty Black Nylon Straps with Buckle – Also Available in Desert Tan and Ranger Green
  • 16′ Strap features VELCRO® brand fasteners to keep excess strap in one place
  • Lifetime Warranty against breaking. Ring Straps are a consumable product and are warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase.

Learn more about Rogue Steel Gymnastic Rings

Best Plastic Gymnastic Rings

The best plastic Gymnastic Rings are Rogue Echo Rings.

Rogue Plastic Gymnastic rings

Rogue Echo Rings are made from durable, easy-grip plastic and include the same American-made ring straps as their top-tier metal and wood gymnastic rings.

A good economical option for the athlete on a budget, Echo Rings have a standard 1.25” diameter and can be set up for indoor and outdoor bodyweight training in almost any conditions.

Use them for pull-ups, ring dips, front and back levers, scarecrows—any standard gym ring exercises. Just make sure your straps and anchor point are fully secure before a workout.

Echo Rings are available as a single set, 5-set pack (10 rings), or 10-set pack (20 rings).


  • Made from weather-resistant Plastic
  • Standard 1.25″ diameter
  • Includes Rogue’s standard 16’ Ring Straps (black)
  • Ring Colour: Black
  • Best Rogue Gymnastic Rings

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Best Rogue Gymnastic Rings

Click here to view the full collection of Rogue Gymnastic Rings.

Best Quality Gymnastic Rings

If you want the best that money can buy, I would recommend choosing which material you prefer first, then select between the following two options:



Best Gymnastic Rings for Beginners

If you are just starting out then the Rogue Echo Rings will save you $16.50 in comparison with the Steel version and $17 against their wooden counterparts.

One tremendously useful accessory for beginners are False Grips.

These plastic grips snap neatly onto the rings and will help the positioning of your hand, allowing you more contact and a better grip. As a result, they will speed up your progress and improve forearm, grip and upper body muscular and strength development.

This is highly useful for developing strength for strict movements, essential for everyone from gymnasts to CrossFit® athletes.

Best Gymnastic Rings for Kids

Smaller hands need smaller rings.

kids gymnastic rings

Gymnastics can be one of the best tools for child athletic and personal development.

Now, there is an answer to the 1.25″ diameter standard ring set. The Kids’ Wooden Rings have a 1.10″ diameter thickness with a proportionately scaled ring diameter. This allows for the perfect grip and positioning for smaller hands.

The components used for the Rogue Kids’ Rings are manufactured and assembled with their usual highest standard in mind. Assuring that, both, the young athletes and their rings will continue to thrive under pressure.

Ships with (2) Kids’ rings and (2) Rogue straps.

Rogue Kids Wood Rings are designed for indoor or outdoor use when weather permits. 

Wood rings should never be stored outdoors or used in the rain.  This wood item carriers a 2-year warranty.  Ring Straps are a consumable product and carry a 1-year warranty.

  • Made In USA
  • Product Weight 2LB
  • Diameter 1.1″
  • Made from Heavy Duty Black Nylon

Learn more about Gymnastic Rings for Kids

Useful Accessories for Gymnastic Rings

When you have chosen which rings are right for you, it is important to think about which accessories might also be helpful for your athletic and fitness process.

The following have been tested by our team, and we selected the items that we found most useful.

Competition Ring Straps

The next reinvention of gymnastics ring straps. First seen at the 2011 CrossFit Games®, the athletes and judges loved this system.

There is no better strap system on the market and they’ve made it available in both 8′ and 6′, working perfectly with the typical 12′ or 9′ upright heights.

Athlete on Gymnastic Rings

The carabiner and hook system allows for 3″ adjustments; this allows for exacted lengths, preventing the need for minute adjustments. The absence of the strap clip can also prevent the arm abrasions and cuts characteristic of an intense ring training session.

The competition strap system comes complete with two of our new straps, two of our industry-leading Rogue wooden rings, and four D-shaped carabiners.

The carabiners are bent-gate locking, each with a closed-gate load bearing strength of at least 18 KN, 4046LBf. You can’t go wrong with this new competition strap system. They’ve been approved by the fittest on earth.

Learn more about Competition Ring Straps.

Ring Rash Guards

Ring Rash Guards are proven accessories for protecting the forearms during muscle-ups and ring dips, allowing you to train longer in the process.

Ring Rash Guards

These 4MM thick Neoprene sleeves, available here with exclusive Rogue branding, attach directly to any existing ring straps using durable hook-and-loop fasteners. An additional strip of material goes around the ring itself to prevent them from riding up during use.

When installed, Ring Rash Guards will extend up approximately 18″ from the top of the rings. They’re sold in pairs, and are made with pride in the USA.

Athlete performing dips


  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • 4MM thick Neoprene construction
  • Compatible with standard ring straps
  • Hook-and-loop attachment, easy-on, easy-off
  • Colour: Black with Rogue logo in white

Learn more about Ring Rash Guards.

Rogue MIL Ring Pouch

Made from quality rainproof 1000D Cordura, the Rogue MIL Ring Pouch is a convenient shoulder-strap carry bag designed for protecting a set of standard gymnastics rings.

Rogue MIL Pouch

The pouch is available here in a military inspired Ranger Green with Rogue branding in black.

Along with the included nylon shoulder strap, the Rogue MIL Ring Pouch can also be attached to a rucksack / backpack / gym bag via its built-in malice clip loops.

A hook-and-loop closure flap on the pouch further keeps out the elements and ensures safe on-the-go transport, making this a great option for taking out a set of rings for an outdoor workout.

The pouch is available to order on its own or as a kit with Ranger Green Ring Straps and a set of either Rogue Wood Rings or Metal Rings.


  • Holds (2) 1.25” diameter Gym Rings
  • 1000D Cordura material
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Nylon Shoulder Strap
  • Malice Clip Loops for attaching to rucksack / pack
  • Colour: Ranger Green

Learn more about the Rogue MIL Ring Pouch.

Ring Hanger 2.0

The customizable Rogue Ring Hanger gives gym owners a professional grade, ceiling-mounted ring station suited for garage gyms and larger training facilities, alike.

Rogue ring hanger

Compatible with all Rogue Gymnastics Rings, this 36” long steel channel includes laser-cut holes every 2” on centre, making it easy to attach the unit to well-reinforced ceiling joists using a set of lag screws (not included).

Even for larger athletes performing muscle-ups at a high level, the Hanger is strong enough to support a max capacity of approx. 500 LBS, with a set of rubber gaskets included on both ends for added safety/protection.

Rogue Ring Hanger in Garage Gym

Heavy-duty strap mounting studs further enable the user to adjust the position of the rings by 2” increments (12” to 26”), meaning you can practice your ring exercises at a narrow or wide width, with easy customization for different athletes working at the same ring station.

For space and cost efficiency + versatility and durability, the Rogue Ring Hanger 2.0 has few rivals.

Safety Note: Rings must be hung so that 2 feet of clearance is kept between the top of the head and the hanger at all times.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ceiling-Mounted Gym Rings Station
  • Length: 36″
  • Laser cut holes every 2″ on center to attach to a wooden rafter with a lag screw
  • Heavy duty strap mounting studs to position the straps from 12″ to 26″ in 2″ increments
  • Rubber gasket on both edges for added protection
  • Hardware not included
  • Colour: Black

Learn more about the Ring Hanger

Rings Door Strap

Heavy duty strap mounts in almost any doorway for a variety of uses.

Made from the same durable, 1.5” wide nylon as the standard Rogue Gymnastic Ring Straps, this simple accessory can turn virtually any room of your house or office into a functioning ring station.

Just swing the Door Straps between the door and door frame, loop an existing pair of ring straps into the door straps at your desired length, and start working on your ring pushups and rows like you would in the gym.

In terms of convenience, portability, and versatility, this is really one of the top bang-for-your-buck accessories in the Rogue arsenal.

For your safety, the Rings Door Strap is best to use with heavier, newer doors that close or lock tightly and securely. The straps are heavy-duty enough for intense, indoor/outdoor use, and will not damage your door frame.

Please Note: The Rogue Rings Door Strap ships individually and does NOT include the actual gym rings or connecting straps. If you’re looking for a new ring system to use with the Door Strap, check out the full line of Rogue Gymnastic Rings here (LINK).


  • Made in the USA
  • (2) 1.5” wide Heavy Duty Black Nylon Straps connected by carabiner
  • Colour: Black with Rogue Fitness logo in Red and White
  • Applications: Specific ring strength exercises like rows, pushups, etc.

Learn more about the Rings Door Strap.

False Grips

Made from a durable moulded rubber, False Grips are convenient, portable attachments that snap directly onto an existing set of gymnastics rings—creating an improved grip with max stability and reduced risk of skin irritation or tearing.

Rogue False Grips

False Grips are manufactured in the USA, backed by a lifetime warranty, and effective for a wide range of movements, from ring dips, push-ups and rows to high-intensity muscle-up progressions.

The grips hold firmly to any standard gym ring, but are also simple to snap on and snap off without having to take down the ring itself.

Rogue Rings with athlete

Other Key Features of False Grips:

Made for All Skill Levels

From beginners working up towards the muscle-up to experienced pros looking to put together multiple muscle-ups more effectively, False Grips can serve any athlete’s ring regimen.

False Grip Assist Platform

The grips’ patent-pending platform allows for more contact with the surface of the palm and balances the heel of the wrist on the centre of the rings.

The resulting improved grip increases muscle activation of the forearms, biceps, and triceps for a stronger pull.

No-Mess Band Attachment

Patent-pending band cutout allows 0.25″ to 1” rubber bands to be quickly and conveniently attached for specific muscle-up drills.

Easy to Use Drills

Provided drills and videos will progress you through your sticking points to earn your muscle up.


  • Made in the USA
  • Muscle-up gymnastic ring grip attachments
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Heavy-duty durable rubber construction
  • Textured comfort grip
  • One size fits all, with easy snap-on attachment to any standard gym rings
  • Includes drills to gain strength leading to the muscle-up
  • Lifetime guarantee against cracking, breaking, and bending with normal use

WARNING: False Grips are designed to be used with strict pushing and pulling gymnastics movements. Swinging or kipping while using False Grips on rings is NOT advised.

Learn more about False Grips

How to Hang Gymnastic Rings

Select a hanging location that is 8–13 ft (2.4–4.0 m) off the ground.

The straps for gymnastic rings are adjustable so the height doesn’t matter if you’re only doing exercises under the rings, but you need a good bit of space if you plan on lifting your body above the rings or spinning around.

When scouting good locations, look for horizontal surfaces that are at least 8–13 ft (2.4–4.0 m) above the ground so you have plenty of space to work out.

Most people hang the rings up when they want to work out and take them down when they’re done. You can leave the rings up permanently if you’re hanging them from a structure in your yard or driveway, though. It’s really up to you.

Some people use gymnastic rings to do modified pushups and other low-hanging exercises. If this is what you’re using them for, you can hang the straps from anything 4–5 ft (1.2–1.5 m) off of the ground.

How to Hang Gymnastic Rings in a Tree

Use a strong tree branch as a convenient platform for the rings. If there are any large, mature trees nearby, look for a thick branch you can hang the straps from. Branches are a good choice if you don’t want to travel far to workout. They’re also a great option if you have a large tree in your backyard or you live near a park.

If you hang the rings on a branch, pull hard on them and hang with your feet off of the ground to make sure the branch doesn’t sway or buckle. If it can hold your body weight when you pull on the straps, you can use the branch to do any exercise on the rings.

The branch doesn’t need to be perfectly horizontal. The straps are adjustable, so you can compensate for a height difference between two points on a branch. However, the branch can’t tilt at too hard of an angle; the straps may slide down the branch while you’re using them if you hang them on a branch with a slope steeper than 15 degrees.

How to Hang Gymnastic Rings on Monkey Bars or a Pull Up Bar

Find some tall monkey bars at a playground for a stable, easy option.

Tall monkey bars are perfect for gymnastic straps, but they can be kind of hard to find. Most playgrounds don’t have tall monkey bars, but you may be able to find some that hang 8–9 ft (2.4–2.7 m) off of the ground.

Just try to time your workouts so you aren’t running into tons of children.

You can use a pull-up bar at a public park, but most of these bars are designed to be reached from the ground and they may not be high enough if you’re doing any exercises over the rings.

Many pull-up bars don’t have a ton of room on the sides either, which can make them dangerous if you don’t have immaculate balance.


Buy the best quality that your budget allows for.

Personally, I love the texture and natural feel of the wooden rings, but I have also enjoyed training with steel. The latter gives a solid and firm feeling when performing different gymnastic movements.

Best choice on a budget

Best Wooden Rings

Best Steel Rings

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