The 10 Best Helly Hansen Down Jackets

Time to find your pick from our selection of Helly Hansen Down Jackets. So, what is a down jacket? For anyone who knows the term, but has never looked it up, we’ll start with the rundown. Down jackets are so-named because they’re filled down feathers – often the feathers of ducks, or geese.

As with many animals who prefer our planet’s chillier climes, millions of years of evolution have gifted them a few natural advantages. So, the addition of their hard-won feathers (all responsibly sourced) is why these jackets are counted among the warmest outerwear you can buy.

When long-established brands like Helly Hansen get their hands on down jackets, you’re in for some magic. It just takes some time and focus to filter through their offerings to find the one that’s perfect for your next winter sports adventure.

From snugly-fitted down parkas to packable down jackets, we’ve got everything you need for your next snow-blasted ski tour, or even the urban gauntlet of a frosty morning commute…

To make your search a little easier we’ve picked out a selection of Helly Hansen down jackets, curated by our writers and brought to the whirring cogs of our ‘best of’ list machines. Everyone is different, so the right jacket for you, but not find broad appeal among the masses. Your preferences might also depend on whether you step on snowboards, skis… or, neither.

All our picks will stand the test of harsh conditions – down jackets to give you all the warmth and weather protection you need.

From snugly-fitted down parkas to packable down jackets, we’ve got everything you need for your next snow-blasted ski tour, or even the urban gauntlet of a frosty morning commute. Expect an onslaught of performance-ready designs and protective technology, serving up that much-loved blend of cosiness and breathability – jackets to suit all your varying exertion levels.

In this blog, we’ll line-up our favourite Helly Hansen down jackets and cast our focus over all those neat design quirks and secret features, which might otherwise be missed at first glance:

10. Men’s Verglas Hooded Down Hybrid Insulator

This hybrid down is built with a synthetic construction – a stylish insulated jacket that stands the test of long days outdoors. Helly Hansen’s Verglas Hooded Down Hybrid has a wealth of exciting features and three materials to create a superior design that’s breathable and warm as well.

Man in blue Helly Hansen Down Jacket
©Helly Hansen

It comes packed with responsibly sourced down, enhanced by PrimaLoft® insulation, as well as a 20D Nano ripstop fabric. The large panels of breathable softshell combine with sophisticated fabrics to create a comfortable hybrid insulator, which is treated with PFC-free water repellent.

This jacket is made according to stringent manufacturing standards, which is proven by the certified bluesign®.

9. Men’s Urban Lab Down Parka

This protective down parka is made with the modern wearer in mind – styled to outfit the urban explorer and survive the bluster of winter in the city.

Man in Urban Lad Down Parka
©Helly Hansen

The design is definitely unique and will surely make this eye-catching jacket stand out in your winter wardrobe. As the name suggests, the Urban Lab Down Parka is made for the city, but that doesn’t mean it’s been stripped of the expected weather protective features, like trusted HELLY TECH® technology.

It’s also highly waterproof, breathable and windproof as well. You can wrap up warm in a blend of 80% duck down and 20% duck feathers, which is ethically sourced from those who abide by progressive standards of transparency and animal welfare.  

8. Men’s Verglas Polar Down Jacket

This performance-ready down jacket is both warm and lightweight, packed with an 800-fill power that’s suitable for hikers, climbers and skiers alike. The higher fill-power doesn’t restrict mobility, but it does provide some much-needed warmth when it’s needed most.

Man in Verglas Polar Down Jacket
©Helly Hansen

Setting aside the impressive fill-count, you can also enjoy a strategic box-wall construction and a few cosy features, like a down-filled collar and shock-cord to keep the biting wind at bay. In fact, Helly Hansen insist this is their warmest jacket on market, with the exception of a few bespoke jackets made for the Everest expedition team.

7. Men’s HH Reversible Down Jacket

Everyone’s favourite Helly Hansen down jacket is here in all its warm and water-repellent glory! This reversible down jacket comes equipped with all those loveable quirks you need to say cosy this winter.

HH Reversible Down Jacket
©Helly Hansen

The reversible design comes into play for added style points too.

There’s no favouritism in terms of practicality either – no matter which side you choose, the exterior comers with PFC-free, water-repellent treatment that sheds light moisture. The outer fabric is wind-resistant, so you can put up your shield on blustery days. There’s also a combination of 80% duck down and 20% duck feathers stuffed inside for elite levels of snugness.

6. Men’s Isfjord Down Vest

Speaking of snug Helly Hansen creations, this down vest is something a little different to our other selections. Of course, it’s breathable and warm enough to keep you protected on chilly days.

Man in Isfjord Down Vest
©Helly Hansen

The Isfjord Down Vest is built to maximise comfort and insulation, especially designed for the fall and winter season. Again, they’ve used responsibly sourced down and PrimaLoft® Black Eco insulation to keep you extra warm. There’s also a neat storm flap on the front that blocks any oncoming wind.

Then there’s the standard PFC-free treatment, which repels moistures and helps to ensure you’re dry at all times.

5. Women’s Bouvet Down Parka

Not only is this one of Helly Hansen’s best-performing winter parkas it’s also among their best-looking designs.

Of course, they’ve filled it with premium duck down insulation too, which is why it’s become such a longtime favourite of so many wearers (a go-to winter piece for frost-bitten days in the city). What’s unique about the Bouvet Down Parka is its clean and minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic.

Woman in Bouvet Down Parka
©Helly Hansen

You can expect all the usual trusted technologies are involved as well – we’re talking about features like the PFC-free water-repellent treatment, which keeps you dry without losing any respect for the health of our planet. The parka is insulated with responsibly sourced duck down.

4. Women’s Urban Lab Down Parka

Next, we have this warm and protective down parka, which again is built with style in mind and features an adjustable hood and double-entry hand pockets.

Woman in Urban Lab Down Parka
©Helly Hansen

The Urban Lab Down Parka is designed to handle any harsh days in the city – an elegant addition to your winter wardrobe with trusted HELLY TECH® Protection and a 2-layer fabric layer system for all your cold weather needs. Of course, it’s waterproof, breathable and windproof too.

You might notice the warmth and softness that comes courtesy of a blend of 80% duck down and 20% duck feathers as well.

3. Women’s Urban Professional Down Coat

This premium waterproof is another knock-out from Helly Hansen, packed with the extra-warm additions we’ve come to expect from their down coats and jackets.

The minimalistic design keeps you looking sharp in the city, but the Urban Protection Down Coat offers far more than just a simple, clean aesthetic – it’s warm and waterproof, built to last with the cold and rain in mind. You can rely on all those HELLY TECH® additions to keep the moisture out.

Woman in Urban Professional Down Coat
©Helly Hansen

While you also cosy up to insulated wrappings of 80% duck down and 20% duck feathers from Responsible Down Standard (RDS) sources.

2. Women’s Aden Down Parka

Another water-repellent down parka from the trusted folks at Helly Hansen. The Aden Down Parka has a feminine silhouette – it’s elegant and stylish, but cosy and durable too. Don’t ever worry that the Aden will fail to keep you warm.

If the cold sets in, or rain starts to fall, you can put your trust in an effective PFC- water repellent treatment, which never fails to shed light moisture.

Woman in Aden Down Parka
©Helly Hansen

Then there’s that usual duck down insulation and, of course, this parka only contains down feathers from certified farms that meet stringent animal welfare requirements.

1. Women’s Verglas Hooded Down Hybrid Insulator

Last on our list, we’ve come to another smart hybrid down with a synthetic construction. The insulated Verglas Hooded Down Hybrid harnesses the strengths of three different materials, working together for superior warmth.

Woman in Verglas Hooded Down Hybrid Insulator
©Helly Hansen

It’s breathable too, of course, packed with responsibly sourced down and carrying the assurances of Helly Hansen’s PrimaLoft® insulation and 20D Nano ripstop fabric.

The breathable softshell also has large panels to grant this soft and comfortable hybrid insulator the powers of unmatched performance.

It works as a standalone piece, but fits nicely under a shell jacket as well.  


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