Why You Need an ABMAT Box Squat Pad

The ABMAT Box Squat Pad is a specially designed to optimise your Box Squat technique and safety.

What is a Box Squat Pad?

A Box Squat Pad is a piece of exercise equipment that provides added stability and support for box squats. The Abmat Box Squat Pad is designed to fit comfortably between your upper thighs and lower legs, providing mobility as well as stability during this exercise.

What Makes the ABMAT Box Squat Pad Special?

Made in the USA from durable, HD integral skin foam, AbMat’s Box Squat Pad is the first foam-moulded pad optimized specifically for box squats.


Each heavy-duty pad measures 20” L x 22” W x 4.75” H, perfectly suited for 24″ x 24″ squat platforms or a 20″ plyometric box.

The pad exterior has a dimpled, football-style texture grip embossed branding. It is firm enough to withstand the heaviest of squats yet soft enough to kneel upon for accessory work.

How Was the Box Squat Pad Developed?

The Box Squat Pad is tested and approved by legendary powerlifter Donnie Thompson and was created in collaboration with former Highland Games athlete Matt Vincent.


  • Made in the USA
  • Box Squat Pad
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 22″
  • 4.75″ tall
  • Extremely durable, high density integral skin foam
  • Antimicrobial
  • Dimpled texture for grip
  • Embossed logo
  • Colour: Black
  • Inventor: AbMat Team, Matt Vincent
Abmat box squat pad

Who are the Company AbMat?

AbMat is a US company based out of San Diego and have they been manufacturing fitness equipment for many years.

Abmat’s team consists of experienced fitness professionals who use their knowledge to create innovative products that make working out more efficient, effective and enjoyable. Their equipment can be used to improve performance by increasing the effectiveness of training sessions, thus helping you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Learn to Curtsy Squat

“At AbMat we believe a problem is only a problem if you can’t find a solution. What some people see as a problem we recognize as a solution that has yet to be discovered. Our innovative mindset allows our team to look at things from a new perspective and is why our solutions are so Unique in their design.”

Pad for Box Squats

“We are carefully curating a portfolio of Innovative Fitness Accessories from inventors all around the World. Our goal is to be the ‘Big Company for The Little Guy’ by creating a one-stop-shop for all of the innovations that push the fitness industry Forward!”

“Though we pride ourselves on innovating internally, we fully understand that Innovation Can Come from Anywhere. This is why we focus a great deal of our time working with inventors, thinkers, and tinkerers from around the world turn ‘Imagination into Creation.’”

What Other Fitness Equipment Products Do Abmat Make?

Abmat makes several other fitness equipment products, including the Abmat Bar and the Abmat Stability Board.

The Abmat Bar is a bar that can be used for abdominal exercises, as well as for performing arm exercises such as bicep curls or shoulder presses. It’s an excellent option for people who want to work on their upper body strength but don’t have access to weights at their gym or at home.

Adjustable Dumbbells
3 in 1 Sandbag
Sissy Squat Machine

The Stability Board can be used in different ways: it can help improve balance while you’re doing push-ups; it can also be used to strengthen core muscles by making them contract when you’re standing on it; and finally, you can use it for squats by putting one foot up against each side of the board—this is called single leg squatting.

Other Useful Equipment

Safety Squat Bar
Squat Wedges
Hip Thrust Pad

Is a Box Squat Pad Right for Me?

A box squat pad offers several benefits over other methods for performing box squats.

By providing you with support, it can help prevent injury and discomfort in your lower back as well as improve your overall form.