Helly Hansen Merino Base Layers for Men and Women

We’re back with everyone’s favourite Norwegian clothing maker, making some hard picks between the best Helly Hansen Merino base layers. Read on to find out which designs made the final cut.

Headquartered in Oslo, Helly Hansen is a retailer of clothing and sports equipment, as well as being a subsidiary of Canadian Tire. They moved from their home in Moss in 2009 – the company was founded there way back in 1877.

It’s hard to go anywhere in the world without seeing Helly Hansen gear. Professionals who work on oceans and mountains often favour their products. This is the most popular apparel brand for ski professionals too.

Visit any ski resort or alpine guiding operation and you’re likely to see the twin HH letters at least a few times. Estimates state that around 55,000 ski professionals sport this brand in recent years.

So, what’s behind all this hype? Does Helly Hansen clothing really deserve such widespread popularity? Or, are we all caught under the wheels of a rampaging bandwagon?

Does Helly Hansen Live Up To The Hype?

When it comes to Helly Hansen jackets it’s pretty much unanimously agreed that they serve professionals well in harsh conditions. Their all-in-one jackets are suitable for an impressive range of outdoor conditions.

Also, it seems that many customers are drawn to the brand’s evident values of integrity, teamwork and pride in a rich heritage.

Helly Hansen still holds a firm spot in the market, outfitting professional athletes, workmen and even city-dwellers in their padded, protective clothing.

The brand serve customers worldwide and repeatedly delivers on promises of high quality clothing, which carries a slightly less offensive price tag than many other competitors.

The Merino Collection

When it came to looking at Helly Hansen Merino base layers we were spoilt for choice. Following is our selection for Men and for Women.

These base layers are best worn in cold weather and more suited for low intensity activities. These hybrid construction base layers utilise LIFA® for the inner layer, which wicks away moisture.

Merino wool serves as the outer layer and provides extra warmth in challenging conditions. What’s great about these thermals is they’re all easy to care for.

Each design will hold its shape, help you to regulate your temperature and supply effective odour control. They are all suitably worn for activities over multiple days as well.

It’s time to sift through the best winter options we could find. Let’s take a closer look at our favourite product, selected from an extensive range of Helly Hansen Merino base layers:

Men's LIFA® Merino Midweight Crew Base Layer
© Helly Hansen

10. Men’s LIFA® Merino Midweight Crew Base Layer

First up, we’ve picked out this extremely versatile LIFA® Merino Midweight Crew Base Layer. We love this option for how it adapts to all permutations of cold weather.

The 100% merino wool layer is combined with proven LIFA® Stay Warm Technology. It’s also super comfortable with a fitted 2-layer construction.

This Merino Midweight Crew Base Layer delivers breathable warmth with merino wool fibres and unique moisture control from LIFA® fibres as well. Flat lock seams also contribute to outstanding comfort and durability.

Men's LIFA® Merino Midweight Crew Base Layer
© Helly Hansen

9. Men’s LIFA® Merino Midweight Half-zip Base Layer

Fresh from the LIFA® Merino Midweight collection, this Half-zip Base Layer is well-suited for all kinds of cold weather. Again, they have combined a 100% merino wool layer with LIFA® fibre technology as part of a 2-layer construction.

We chose this LIFA® Merino Midweight layer for how breathable it is – you’ll enjoy the natural warmth of the merino wool and moisture management properties as well.

Men's LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Base Layer Hoodie
© Helly Hansen

8. Men’s LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Base Layer Hoodie

This 2-in-1 Base Layer Hoodie is another exceptional addition to the LIFA® Merino Midweight collection. Take on all cold conditions, wrapped in a non-itch, 100% merino wool layer.

Of course, you’ll also be backed by Helly Hansen’s tried-and-tested LIFA® Stay Warm Technology – part of a 2-layer construction, with flatlock seams for additional comfort.

Men's HH® Merino Base Layer Pants
© Helly Hansen

7. Men’s HH® Merino Base Layer Pants

Now for something a little different – the Men’s Merino Base Layer Pants are a high-performance base layer for a wide variety of strenuous winter activities.

Expect superior comfort with an elasticated waistband and flatlock seams. The woven tab branding is discreet and adds to the stylish appearance of an already unique product, which is made from soft ZQ-certified merino wool.

Men’s LIFA® Merino Midweight Balaclava Hoodie
© Helly Hansen

6. Men’s LIFA® Merino Midweight Balaclava Hoodie

This Merino Midweight Balaclava Hoodie is an impressive men’s base layer from the LIFA® Merino series. It’s a 2-in-1 item with moisture control from LIFA® fibres that rest snugly against the skin.

The soft merino wool exterior comes with a little secret – the base layer’s top is fitted with a balaclava for extra warmth protection. Your neck, ears and face will thank you on your next backcountry skiing, hiking or mountaineering adventures.

Women's St. Moritz Wool 2.0 Base Layer
© Helly Hansen

5. Women’s St. Moritz Wool 2.0 Base Layer

Now, we’ve picked our first selection for women, which is this resort ski base layer made from ZQ Merino wool. We really appreciate the chin-guard with a half-zip for much-needed warmth and ventilation.

The flatlock seams are super-soft and comfortable too. This is a fantastic option from the Helly Hansen collection.

Women’s HH Merino Half-Zip Base Layer
© Helly Hansen

4. Women’s HH Merino Half-Zip Base Layer

This Merino Half-Zip Base Layer is an exceptional warm base layer made from natural fibres, ideally designed for backcountry adventures and winter activities.

You can use the high protective collar to fend off the cold and the ZQ-certified merino wool is effective armour against tough conditions. The wool is soft and serves as a perfect natural choice when it comes to moisture control and thermal regulation.

Women's LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Base Layer Pants
© Helly Hansen

3. Women’s LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Base Layer Pants

Not only do we love the look of these stylish LIFA® Merino Midweight Pants, but we were impressed again by the 2-layer combination of a 100% merino wool layer with proven LIFA® Stay Warm Technology.

This lightweight pick offers breathable warmth from merino wool fibres that manage moisture in an effective way. These base layer pants also offer optimal mobility without any unnecessary extra weight.

Other notable features you might fall in love with include flat lock seams for ideal comfort, non-itch fabric and ZQ wool that feels great against your skin.

Women's LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Graphic Half-zip Base Layer
© Helly Hansen

2. Women’s LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Graphic Half-zip Base Layer

Another innovative base layer for women plucked from the LIFA® Merino Midweight collection. This is an ideal choice for cold weather, which utilises a merino wool layer in a 2-layer construction with LIFA® Stay Warm technology.

You can enjoy more breathable warmth, wrapped in non-itch merino wool fibres with properties that enhance moisture management. The top has also been upgraded with stylish graphics and includes flat lock seams for maximum comfort and durability.

Women's LIFA® Merino Lightweight Bra
© Helly Hansen

1. Women’s LIFA® Merino Lightweight Bra

Finally, you can train with absolute confidence in this wicking sports bra, which is comfortable and designed for natural odour control.

The soft 100% Merino wool exterior and wicking LIFA® fibres combine to keep you dry and comfortable at all times. Work out as hard as you want and this combination of fabric technology and unique design always comes to your rescue.

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