Patagonia Shell Jackets for Men: The Gear you Need for Outdoor Life

With hopes that rain clouds might gather to put our picks to the test, we’ve chosen a selection of popular Patagonia shell jackets for men.

Of course, we’re always happy to be back in the arms of our favourite brands. Maybe it’s true that all paths of research into outdoor clothing eventually lead back to Patagonia.

For those who are new to this market, we should explain that hardshells are designed to be waterproof and breathable too. This combination ensures that you always stay dry during your adventures – no matter how much it rains, or how much you perspire in the midst of your exertions.

Unlike lightweight rain jackets, hardshells are built from durable fabrics that can withstand any unexpected blows from the world’s wild places. The rigors of skiing, or other activities, like mountaineering, are made easier in a well-made shell jacket.

Shell jackets should offer you protection against the elements – namely wind and rain. Like any good suit of armour, these jackets are worn over clothing layers, including base layers and other forms of insulation.

When you’re buying a new shell jacket, you should always be mindful of the materials used and whether they’re functional and durable enough for your activities. A light shell jackets is easy to pack away, but more demanding weather necessitates the durability of something stronger.   

In short, you don’t want to go too lightweight if you’re planning to take on tougher trails. Also, keep an eye out for Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating, which causes beads of water to slide off the fabric.

The Do-good Brand

All-day comfort and waterproof durability are pretty much ensured when it comes to the fabrics, membrane and finishes used by Patagonia (without any perfluorinated chemicals). Their products are made in Fair Trade Certified™ factories as well – true to the brand’s strong ethical standards.

The average lifespan of most quality rain jackets is said to be about 3 years. Some brands, like Patagonia, are known for delivering products that can stretch to 7 careworn years of consistent use.

Many of the Patagonia shell jackets we’ve picked will outperform their competitors in key areas. They can keep you bone-dry and sweat-free in a sudden downpour. Of course, each pick is backed by Patagonia’s lifetime Ironclad Guarantee as well.

You always need to feel assured that your purchase will stand the test of the outdoors. Luckily, there are some brands that are simply loved for good reason. Patagonia is one of those brands – it’s pretty much synonymous with quality at this point.

So, before we get lost in wordiness, let’s step out into the slushy cold and explore our picks from the best weather-tested Patagonia shell jackets for men.

Men's Slate Sky Jacket

5. Men’s Slate Sky Jacket

First up, we’ve picked out a minimal option for a waterproof jacket that makes light work of heavy downpours. The Slate Sky Jacket is purposefully built for life on the road – a jacket you can take wherever you travel. Grey sky days be damned, this hard shell is built for all varieties of bad weather.

This particular design meets H2No® Performance Standard requirements, adhering to the highest standards for durability and waterproofing. It is designed to be both multifunctional and unfussy too.

The Slate Sky Jacket is also made of NetPlus® 100% recycled nylon plain-weave fabric – built from recycled fishing nets to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Of course, this pick came from a Fair Trade Certified™ factory as well.

Other notable features include an adjustable hood with visor, slick jersey backer and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, without any perfluorinated chemicals.

Men's Triolet Jacket

4. Men’s Triolet Jacket

This little alpine workhorse is known as the Triolet Jacket – one of Patagonia’s durable designs with 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric that ticks the boxes of being waterproof, breathable and windproof too. The rugged 100% recycled polyester outer is built to last longer in snowy conditions.

Basically, when the wind chill has bite the Triolet Jacket comes on. There’s even a hood with a laminated visor and reinforced brim, which sheds water. The two-way adjustment serves up superior visibility when the conditions turn against you and the hood can be worn with or without a helmet.

To us, the Triolet Jacket offers everything you could want from a Patagonia shell jacket. The fabric, membrane and DWR finish are all made without PFCs in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory as well.

Men's Storm10 Jacket

3. Men’s Storm10 Jacket

So, we’ve armoured you against the cold and now it’s time to take you quickly up into the mountains. The Storm10 jacket is an ultralight option for travelling light in high places. This 3-layer waterproof piece can be stashed inside your pack and whipped out quickly when the weather spins into a frenzy.

Again, this Patagonia jacket was made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory. A few features we appreciated were the external left-chest pocket and front two pockets – these have watertight zippers with welded construction and zipper garages. Trust us, your shivering fingers will thank you.

One other feature to mention is the waterproof centre-front zipper with an internal storm flap and zipper garage, offering next-to-chin comfort and shielding in tough condition. This time, your frost-kissed chin will thank you!

Alpine Suit

2. Alpine Suit

Okay, so this one stands out in our list for looking a little different. It might excite you to learn than this revolutionary outfit has been styled and refined for pinnacle mountain objectives. Under the skin of the Alpine Suit you’ll find the latest material innovations that GORE-TEX has brought to market.

In short, the Alpine Suit is made to protect you from head to toe – think of it as an invincible onesie, built for unrestricted movement and taking on nature when she’s at her moodiest. This pick was made from 100% recycled 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric, which is noticeably breathable.

Of course, it’s waterproof too and packed with alpine-centric design solutions, including the usual fabrics, membrane and DWR finish – made without PFCs/PFAS in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory.

Notice how the gusset, knee and elbow articulation are each patterned for limb extensions and mobility. You might be surprised how comfortable the fit is when you don this unique mountain suit.

Men's Boulder Fork Rain Jacket

1. Men’s Boulder Fork Rain Jacket

Finally, we’ve drawn to the end of our time with Patagonia’s best hard shell jackets. Whether you’re scrambling over boulders, or hiking to alpine views, this low-profile jackets gives you everything you need for an easy time in the wilds.

It’s waterproof with superior rain protection and array of interesting features that are tailored for rough trails and backcountry adventures. That rigorous H2No® Performance Standard is met by this 3-layer shell, which offers exceptional waterproof and breathable protection.

Notice that the design has an anti-corrosive and waterproof centre-front zipper, which is exposed and easy to access. The zippered handwarmer pockets are snug friends for chilly fingers. The space can even store a map and notebook when you’re on the move as well.

We’ll wrap this one up by saying that the last of our Patagonia picks is made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory. The design features fabrics, membrane and a DWR finish – without the use of any unwanted chemicals.

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