Take Your Camping Adventures To The Next Level With Outdoor Research Bivy Bags

Freedom is what you gain from Outdoor Research bivy bags – a new way to march under the stars or hike at sunrise, carrying a lightweight home on your shoulders.

For over 30 years, Outdoor Research has operated from US factories in Seattle and El Monte. They have provided generations of innovative and robust products for the military and first responders at home. In doing this they have established themselves as a brand to trust and root for.

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Of course, the market is competitive and Outdoor Research founder, Ron Gregg, has needed to adapt and invent solutions under growing pressure. It helps that Rob is a unique thinker – a nuclear physicist who is no stranger to the trackless regions of careworn maps.

In fact, Rob has long referred to the outdoors as ‘The Big Office’ and he has cleverly taken his research into the backcountry whenever possible. Versatility has been crucial to the brand’s success over the years, stoked by a genuine passion for adventure.

In a bid to escape the chains of his previous job, Ron carved out a more enjoyable future at the helm of Outdoor Research. He knew that life is an adventure and that the right gear makes this challenging journey smoother.

The Journey Starts At Home

In 1980, Ron saw the harrowing image of his frostbitten partner being airlifted off a glacier on Denali. The pair were halfway to summit when their trip was ended by a faulty pair of gaiters.

Eager to process what had happened, Ron refused a seat on the helicopter. Instead, he spent the next two weeks descending the mountain alone.

Since 1981, the brand has been making protect equipment in Seattle. They have helped to stimulate American employment and kept production as local as possible along the way.

‘If you know a little about Ron’s history it’s easy to understand why he is so devoted to bringing gear to market that doesn’t let you down…’

The apparel made by Outdoor Research has been defined by evolution. It seems to be integral to their popularity that they continuously refine the fits, features, and functionality of their best-loved products.

Today, Outdoor Research still operates out of two factories based in the US, including one that shares their corporate headquarters in Seattle.

If you know a little about Ron’s history it’s easy to understand why he is so devoted to bringing gear to market that doesn’t let you down. Outdoor Research was founded the following year.

Adopting a research-led approach, Ron made it his mission to fix the problem of faulty gear. His solutions are tested to withstand the toughest challenges and he only brought his products to market after they proved themselves. One example is the insulated X-Gaiter™, which fit a variety of boots.

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What Is A Bivy?

From the 1980s onwards, Outdoor Research established itself as a brand that doesn’t cut corners. They produce functional and quality outdoor gear that has been pushed to the limits.

Ron always wanted to enable adventurers to safely explore the wilds around them. Their gear has always stood the test of time and withstood the challenges of the outdoors. Now, their bivi bags give testimony to this lasting desire to offer shelter when the elements turn against you.

For those of you who are new to the idea of a ‘bivies’, we should explain what they are. First developed as a simply solo shelter, these shells are use to reduce the weight of your pack, without sacrificing your weary comfort.

Bivouac sacks (as they’re known in their unabbreviated form) are weatherproof covers for your sleeping bag with a breathing hole. Imagine yourself wrapped in a water and wind resistant burrito and you’ve pretty much picked up the idea.

Some use these inventions as insurance against sleepless nights roughing it in the outdoors. Others skip the sleeping bag and lie supine under the bivy shell to gain a greater appreciation for the wilderness. There’s no denying the elegant simplicity they provide.

Whatever your needs, we’ve picked out three Outdoor Research bivy bags that offer a home beneath the stars:

Outdoor Research Alpine AscentShell Bivy

3. Outdoor Research Alpine AscentShell Bivy

First up, let’s start with something for solo adventurers. The Alpine AscentShell™ Bivy is built for fast-and-light exertion – made for the mountains and constructed for ease of exploration.

The reputation was already set by the Alpine Bivy, which many know as a cult classic. This new version has been updated with AscentShell™ x Pertex® technology. That means the breathability has been hugely improved. You’ll suffer less condensation and enjoy a less disturbed night of sleep.

After a long day, you can quickly use the step-in opening to wrap yourself up in bed in seconds. There’s no need to shimmy into this bivy. Late night wrestling matches are a thing of the past.

Also, there’s plenty of headspace to store extra gear and mesh protection to keep the bugs away. The AscentShell Bivy is a breathable and lightweight companion for your next escape to alpine pursuits.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

2. Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

Next, we’ve picked out the award-winning Outdoor Research Helium Bivy. This pick is known for its ultralight prowess and durable Helium fabric, which is super lightweight too, with Diamond Fuse technology.

You don’t have to worry about being ripped out of your bed at night by the elements. The clamshell opening is ideally suited for anyone who wants to shed their burdens and travel fast on the trail as well.

In fact, the Helium Bivy is the lightest and best-selling bivy sack of all time – it’s also won the most awards for its unique technical features. It’s easy to set up and break down. It’s 14% lighter than the last generation. In short, it offers everything an outdoor minimalist could ever want.

If you’re someone who favours speed, agility and performance than you might want to end your search with the Helium Bivy. This is a great option if your patience fades quickly when it comes to wrestling with tent pegs and guylines.

Outdoor Research Bug Bivy

1. Outdoor Research Bug Bivy

If you hate nothing more than the sound of a mosquito in your ear, the Bug Bivy could just be your new best friend. This pick offers complete insect protection throughout the note. It utilises a single pole to keep the mesh away from your face. That means any pesky bugs are kept at a distance too.

The zipper opening serves its purpose to repel mosquitoes and any other buzzing nuisance that creeps too close. While the waterproof floor – it’s durable, waterproof and hydroseal coated – stops moist ground from soaking up through your bag.

There’s plenty of space on offer when it comes to the Bug Bivy’s design. You can fit inside in a long sleeping bag and rest easy knowing that no spiders, mice, snakes, or any other ground-dwelling critters, will be joining you as you sleep.

One thing to consider is the location of the guylines. A few customers have noted that these need to be attached to a high point (not just a stake in the ground) to keep the netting off your body.

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