Velocidor vs Matador – What is the Best Rogue Dip Station?

A Rogue Dip Station is an excellent investment for any home or commercial gym. But which one is the right choice for you?

Dip stations provide a versatile, space-efficient, cost-effective, and beginner-friendly option for individuals looking to incorporate upper body exercises into their fitness routine, regardless of whether they are setting up a home gym or running a commercial fitness facility.

Rogue Dip Stations – What Sets them Apart?

Where to PurchaseVelocidor Dip StationMatador Dip Station

Rogue Velocidor

The Rogue Velocidor is the next evolution of the popular Matador dip handle attachment.

Available in both a Monster Series and Monster Lite compatible format, this rack-mounted design introduces removable handles that enable the user to select both the width and angle at which they perform their dips.

3 Handle Spacing Options:

  • Narrow: 13.5”
  • Standard: 17.25”
  • Wide: 21”

4 Handle Angle Positions:

  • Standard: 14 degrees (parallel to floor)
  • Straight: 0 degrees (parallel to each other and the floor)
  • Downward: Downward and outward angles of 7 degrees
  • Upward: Upward and outward angles of 7 degrees

In total, these new customization features create 12 different potential configurations of the Velocidor (far more if you include mounting height), with each offering its own benefits.

Dips on parallel handles, for example, mimic a traditional gymnastics grip, while the downward set-up shifts the torso into more of a horizontal angle, placing greater emphasis on the pectoral muscles, particularly with a wider grip.

Using the included Monster Knurled Knob, handle adjustments can be made quickly and easily from one athlete to the next. The 1.9” diameter handles offer 16” of usable length, and are available in two finish options: Textured Black Smooth (same as the Matador) or Texture Black Knurled.

The upgraded Knurled option includes convenient knurl marks approximately every 4” along each handle to help the user find and repeat a comfortable starting position from workout to workout.

The Rogue Velocidor is manufactured in the USA and equipped with UHMW channels and new stainless steel frame guards to protect the finish on both the rack and the Velocidor itself.

Injection moulded endcaps are incorporated into the handles and on the outside of the 3×3” tube of the main frame, and a plastic lining on the underside of the frame allows users to flip a mounted Velocidor into a vertical, storage position (using the same detent pin) without the risk of metal-to-metal contact.

Quality Rogue Manufacturing

Made in the USA, the Velocidor features a 3×3” 7-gauge steel mounting tube and a ¼” thick welded steel frame with a Texture Black finish. The 16” removable handles, as noted, are produced in the customer’s choice of a Smooth or Knurled Texture Black finish.

Injection moulded endcaps are incorporated into the handles and on the outside of the 3×3” tube of the main frame, and protective UHMW channels and stainless steel frame guards help prevent unwanted metal-on-metal contact as adjustments are made.

The look is completed with a laser-cut Velocidor logo.

Convenient Built-In Storage

When not in use, the Velocidor can be quickly “flipped” into a storage position simply by turning the handles vertically and mounting the attachment to the rack with the same detent pin.

Again, they’ve included plastic on the underside of the frame so that there is no metal-to-metal contact even when storing the unit. When you need your dip station again, setting the Velocidor back into position takes only a few seconds.

Monster Matador

Compatible exclusively with Rogue’s 3×3” Monster Racks and Rigs, the Monster Matador enables the instant set-up of a sturdy, fully adjustable dip station.

This versatile rack add-on is manufactured in the USA from 3 x 3″ 7-Gauge Steel and includes welded joints and a lock-in anchoring system for maximum stability throughout a workout.

The two comfort-grip handles measure 1 7/8″ in diameter and are set at an angle to allow a greater variety of grip width options.

Regular dipping exercises can offer substantial benefits for athletes looking to improve their gymnastic strength and endurance. And because the Monster Matador can be easily mounted at a user’s preferred height and stowed away afterward, it’s an equally useful addition to a small garage gym or larger training facility.


  • Made in the USA
  • Matador: 3 x 3″ 7-Gauge Steel
  • 1 7/8″ Diameter Handles, angled for different grip widths
  • Anchoring system keeps unit sturdy, secure
  • Will mount to the uprights of any Rogue Monster Rack or Rig
  • Compatible ONLY with the Rogue Monster Rig or Rack*, NOT compatible with SM-1
  • Distance between handles range from 17.75″ to 24.75″ centre to centre

Monster Lite Matador

Easily mounted to the upright of a Rogue Monster Lite Rig, the Monster Lite Matador instantly adds a heavy-duty, fully adjustable dip station to your strength training arsenal.

An invaluable accessory for both a small garage gym and full scale fitness centre, the 3×3″ 7-Gauge Steel Monster Lite Matador features the ultra-sturdy Rogue anchoring system and angled, comfort-grip handles for a range of grip width options.

Dipping exercises can prove hugely beneficial to any athlete looking to improve his or her gymnastic strength and endurance, and with its friendly price tag, simple installation, and reliability, the Monster Lite Matador is basically a no-brainer addition to your existing Rogue Monster Lite Rig.


  • Made in the USA
  • 1 ⅞” diameter handles
  • Handles angled for different grip widths
  • 3×3” 7 gauge steel
  • Compatible ONLY with the Rogue Monster Lite Rig or Rack*, NOT compatible with SML-1
  • Distance between handles range from 17.75″ to 24.75″ centre to centre

Rogue Infinity Matador

The Rogue Infinity Matador gives gym owners the versatility of a secure, fully adjustable dip station—compatible with R-Series power racks, the S-2 Squat Stand, and all Infinity Rigs and Wallmount systems.

The Infinity Matador is manufactured in the USA from 2×3″ 7-gauge steel, and features welded joints and a lock-in anchoring system to maintain max stability throughout a workout.

The two comfort-grip handles measure 1.875” in diameter and are set at an angle to allow a greater variety of grip width options.

Because it’s easy to both install and stow away, the 26LB Matador is an extremely useful add-on for small garage gyms and larger training facilities, alike.

Multiple athletes can quickly mount the Matador at their own preferred height, creating a customized dipping station for developing greater gymnastic strength and endurance.


  • Made in the USA
  • 2 x 3″ 7 Gauge Steel
  • 1.875” Diameter Handles, angled for different grip widths
  • Anchoring system keeps unit sturdy, secure
  • Will mount to the uprights of any Rogue S2 or S3 Squat Stand, R-3, R-4, or R-6 Rack, and any Infinity Rig or Wallmount system.
  • NOT compatible with Rogue S1 or S4 Stands or any Monster or Monster Lite units
  • Distance between handles range from 17.75″ to 24.75″ centre to centre

What Exercises Can You Perform on a Dip Station?

A dip station, also known as parallel bars or dip bars, is a versatile piece of exercise equipment that can be used to target various muscle groups. Here are some exercises you can perform on a dip station:


Dips are the most common exercise performed on a dip station. They primarily target the chest, triceps, and shoulders. To do dips, grip the bars with your hands shoulder-width apart, lift yourself up, and lower your body by bending your elbows. Push yourself back up to the starting position.

Knee Raises/Leg Raises

This exercise targets the abdominal muscles, specifically the lower abs. Hang from the dip bars with your arms fully extended. Lift your knees toward your chest or extend your legs straight out in front of you to work your lower abs.


L-sits are a challenging exercise that targets the core, hip flexors, and triceps. Sit on the dip bars with your hands placed next to your hips. Lift your body off the bars and extend your legs out in front of you, forming an “L” shape with your body. Hold this position for as long as you can.


You can modify the traditional push-up by placing your hands on the dip bars instead of the floor. This variation engages the chest, triceps, and shoulders to a greater extent.

Bulgarian Dips

Bulgarian dips place more emphasis on the triceps and shoulders compared to regular dips. To perform Bulgarian dips, place one foot on a raised platform behind you while gripping the dip bars. Lower your body as you would in a regular dip, maintaining the position of your elevated foot.

Inverted Rows

Inverted rows are a horizontal pulling exercise that targets the back muscles, including the lats and rhomboids. Lie underneath the dip bars, grasp them with an overhand grip, and position your body at an angle. Pull your chest up towards the bars while keeping your body straight.

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips isolate the triceps muscles more than regular dips. Position your hands close together on the dip bars, with your fingers facing forward. Lower your body by bending your elbows and push yourself back up.

Remember to warm up properly before attempting any exercise and to use proper form to avoid injury.

If you’re new to these exercises or the dip station, start with assisted variations or seek guidance from a fitness professional.

What Muscles are Worked by Training on a Dip Station?

Training on a dip station targets multiple muscle groups throughout the upper body. Here are the primary muscles worked by exercises performed on a dip station:

Chest (Pectoralis Major): Dips on a dip station are particularly effective at targeting the chest muscles. They engage the pectoralis major, which is responsible for horizontal adduction and shoulder flexion.

Triceps Brachii: Dips are excellent for targeting the triceps muscles, located on the back of the upper arm. These muscles are heavily involved in elbow extension.

Anterior Deltoids: The anterior deltoids, the front portion of the shoulder muscles, are worked during dips. They assist in shoulder flexion and contribute to the pressing movement.

Rhomboids: The rhomboids, situated between the shoulder blades, are activated during various dip exercises. They are responsible for scapular retraction, which occurs when you pull your shoulder blades together.

Latissimus Dorsi: The latissimus dorsi, commonly referred to as the lats, are involved in exercises like inverted rows on a dip station. They are the largest muscles of the back and contribute to movements like shoulder extension and adduction.

Trapezius: The trapezius muscles, commonly known as traps, play a supporting role in exercises on a dip station. They assist in scapular elevation, retraction, and depression.

Core Muscles: Several exercises on a dip station engage the core muscles to maintain stability and proper body positioning. Exercises like knee raises, L-sits, and Bulgarian dips target the abdominals, hip flexors, and lower back muscles.

While these muscle groups are the primary ones targeted, other muscles such as the biceps, forearms, and serratus anterior may also be involved to a lesser extent depending on the exercise and technique used.

It’s important to note that the specific muscle activation may vary based on your body position, grip width, and the exercise performed on the dip station.

What Things Should You Consider When Buying A Rogue Dip Station?

When considering buying a Rogue dip station or any exercise equipment, there are several factors you should take into account.

Here are some key considerations when purchasing a Rogue dip station:

Quality and Durability: Rogue is known for producing high-quality fitness equipment. When buying a Rogue dip station, you can expect sturdy construction, durable materials, and excellent craftsmanship. Consider the weight capacity of the dip station to ensure it can support your body weight and any additional loads you may add.

Size and Space: Determine the available space in your home or gym where you plan to set up the dip station. Measure the area to ensure the dimensions of the dip station you’re considering will fit comfortably without being too cramped. Rogue offers different dip station models with varying sizes, so choose one that suits your space requirements.

Stability and Safety: Look for a dip station that provides stability during use. It should have a solid base and secure connections to prevent wobbling or tipping. Check for features like non-slip foot pads or rubberized feet to enhance stability. Additionally, ensure that the dip station has ergonomic handles with good grip to promote safety during exercises.

Adjustable Features: Some dip stations offer adjustable height settings or width options. Adjustable features allow you to customize the dip station to your body size and exercise preferences. Consider whether adjustability is important to you and choose a dip station accordingly.

Ease of Assembly: Check if the Rogue dip station comes with clear assembly instructions and whether the required tools are included. Some models may require more complex assembly, while others come pre-assembled or require minimal effort to set up.

Portability and Storage: If you have limited space or need to move the dip station around, consider its portability. Some dip stations are designed to be easily disassembled or folded for storage or transportation.

Customer Reviews and Reputation: Before making a purchase, read customer reviews and consider Rogue’s reputation as a brand. This can provide insights into the quality, performance, and overall satisfaction of other users.

Price and Budget: Determine your budget and compare the prices of different Rogue dip station models. Consider the features and quality offered for the price to ensure it aligns with your expectations and investment.

Remember to consider your specific fitness goals, workout preferences, and any additional requirements you may have when selecting a Rogue dip station.

Why are Dip Stations Suitable for Both Home and Commercial Gyms?

Dip stations are suitable for both home and commercial gyms due to several reasons:

Versatility: Dip stations offer a wide range of exercise options, targeting multiple muscle groups. They can be used for various exercises such as dips, knee raises, push-ups, inverted rows, and more. This versatility makes dip stations valuable in both home and commercial gym settings, catering to different fitness goals and workout preferences.

Space Efficiency: Dip stations generally have a compact and space-saving design. They don’t occupy much floor space compared to larger gym equipment like weight machines or benches. This makes dip stations suitable for home gyms with limited space and commercial gyms where space optimization is crucial.

Cost-Effectiveness: Dip stations are relatively affordable compared to larger gym equipment. This makes them an attractive choice for individuals setting up home gyms on a budget. Commercial gyms can also benefit from dip stations as they provide a cost-effective option to offer a variety of upper body exercises to their members without requiring a significant investment.

Minimal Maintenance: Dip stations typically have a simple design with fewer moving parts compared to complex machines. This means they require minimal maintenance and have a lower chance of mechanical issues. This makes them suitable for both home and commercial gyms, as they can withstand consistent use without frequent repairs or maintenance.

Beginner-Friendly: Dip stations are often considered beginner-friendly because they offer bodyweight exercises that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different fitness levels.

Beginners can start with assisted variations, gradually increasing their strength and progressing to more challenging exercises. This adaptability makes dip stations appealing for individuals who are just starting their fitness journey, whether at home or in a commercial gym setting.

Portability: Some dip station models are designed to be portable, allowing for easy movement and storage. This feature is beneficial for home gym users who may need to rearrange their workout space or store the equipment when not in use.

Commercial gyms can also benefit from portable dip stations as they offer flexibility in configuring their gym layout and accommodating different training needs.

Why are Rogue Fitness Dip Stations Such Good Quality?

Rogue Fitness is well-known for producing high-quality fitness equipment, including their dip stations.

Here are some reasons why Rogue Fitness dip stations are of excellent quality:

Material Selection: Rogue Fitness pays great attention to the materials used in their products. They choose durable and robust materials that can withstand the demands of intense workouts and regular use. Rogue dip stations are often constructed using heavy-duty steel, which provides exceptional strength and stability.

Sturdy Construction: Rogue dip stations are designed with a focus on stability and durability. They employ solid and reliable construction methods, including reinforced joints, welds, and connections. This attention to detail ensures that the dip station can handle heavy loads and vigorous movements without compromising its integrity.

Rigorous Testing: Rogue Fitness is known for its stringent quality control processes. Their dip stations undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the company’s high standards. This includes load testing, stress testing, and assessing the overall performance of the equipment. The testing process helps identify any potential weaknesses or flaws, ensuring that only the highest quality products reach the market.

Expert Craftsmanship: Rogue Fitness takes pride in the craftsmanship of their products. Their dip stations are meticulously designed and manufactured by skilled professionals who understand the importance of precision and attention to detail. This craftsmanship contributes to the overall quality and durability of the dip stations.

Customer Feedback: Rogue Fitness actively listens to customer feedback and incorporates it into their product development process. They consider the experiences and suggestions of their customers, making improvements and refinements to their equipment based on real-world usage. This commitment to customer satisfaction helps Rogue Fitness continually enhance the quality and functionality of their dip stations.

Established Reputation: Rogue Fitness has built a strong reputation in the fitness industry for delivering high-quality equipment. They have gained the trust and loyalty of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and gym owners around the world. Their commitment to quality has earned them a solid reputation, making their dip stations a preferred choice for many fitness enthusiasts.

By focusing on material selection, sturdy construction, rigorous testing, expert craftsmanship, customer feedback, and their established reputation, Rogue Fitness ensures that their dip stations meet and exceed the expectations of their customers in terms of quality and durability.

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