Inspiring Fit Athletes from Europe to Learn from and Follow (The Men)

These fit athletes have been specially chosen as great examples of sporting and athletic excellence.

Selected from across Europe, they come a wide variety of countries and take different approaches to their fitness, goals and health, but what unites them is a shared commitment to excellence at the highest levels.

We have also handpicked each athlete because they give great tips and tricks that will help you to enhance your skills, strength, nutrition, health.

Jonne Koski

Rogue athlete Jonne Koski exploded onto the international stage in 2014, winning the Euro Regionals at just 19 years of age. A year later, he took 1st place at the expanded Meridian Regional and raised plenty of eyebrows with his 9th place finish at the CrossFit® Games.

After having to withdraw due to injury in 2016, Jonne stormed back with another Top 10 finish at the ‘17 Games, notching 2nd place in the “Run Swim Run” and “Triple G Chipper” events. Last year he finished in 7th place.

Koski’s athletic background includes six years of competitive youth swimming in his native Finland. By 16, he had shifted his attention to CrossFit®, eventually coming under the wing of fellow Finn and Rogue athlete Mikko Salo—the 2009 CrossFit® Games champion.

Country: Finland


Zack George

Zack George is one of the world’s top CrossFit® athletes, a fitness influencer and officially the UK’s Fittest Man 2020. Born and raised in Leicester UK, Zack George’s story is one of dramatic change, resilience and hard work.

“My reason for entering the world of fitness is a personal one as, when I was younger, I was overweight and led a very unhealthy lifestyle. One day, my dad told me he would buy me a PS2 if I lost weight and, as you’d expect for a 12-year-old, this was a very enticing proposal!

After implementing various lifestyle changes and embarking on numerous fitness regimes, I eventually got the PS2 as a reward for my efforts and weight loss.

It didn’t stop there though as my love of sport and fitness evolved, leading me to play for Leicestershire in Table Tennis, Squash and Rugby.

As I got older, I continued to lose weight, become fitter and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle, with a career in fitness being a huge attraction. With this in mind, I completed my PT course at Loughborough College and it has progressed from there!

Now, my online exercise and nutrition courses are designed to use my experience to help others in their quest to be fit and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle.”

Country: UK


Lukas Hogberg

Swedish athlete Lukas Hogberg is multiple Regional and CrossFit® Games Athlete that has won the Nordic Showdown, Turkish throwdown, CrossFit® Invitationals and Athlete games.

He lives, practices and teaches CrossFit®®. At the age of 10, Lukas started training KungFu which led him into Thai boxing, MMA and boxing – and it was through martial arts Lukas found CrossFit®. During his long career Lukas has proved himself to be one of the best athletes in the world with a podium finish in 2018.

He is an exceptional runner and endurance athlete, acting as a living example for the combination of strength, skill and engine.

Country: Sweden


Jeremy Reijnders

Elite Athlete Jeremy Reijnders is living proof that a vegan diet supports athletic performance at the highest levels.

Hailing from the Netherlands, this former Judo player has competed twice at the CrossFit® Games with team Vondelgym and demonstrates the effectiveness of an ethical plant-based lifestyle.

Country: Netherlands


Fit Athletes from Europe – Obie Vincent

Obie Vincent has transformed himself from being an overweight teenager to a professional bodybuilder. He has become an icon in the fitness industry, motivating others to achieve their dreams through his journey.

He combines CrossFit® and Bodybuilding into a hybrid training methodology that offers both functionality and aesthetics.

Country: UK


Karar Magrander

“I’m not in competition with anyone but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance.”

In 2020 Karar Magrander finished the Open in first place in Germany. He has competed in Iceland at the Reykjavik CrossFit® Championship and Dubai at the Dubai CrossFit® Championship.

Country: Germany


Klaus Uggerhøj

Klaus Uggerhøj is the two time CrossFit® national champion of Denmark.

He played many sports including Kickboxing and MMA before moving into CrossFit®®. In 2013 and 2014 he was a CrossFit® Games® team athlete then from 2015 onwards he qualified as an individual.

Country: Denmark


Nicolay Billaudel

His career highlights include a 40th place at the 2019 CrossFit® Games®, 9th at the 2020 CrossFit®® Strength in Depth and 4th at the 2020 Norwegian CrossFit® Championship®.

He works as a Firefighter.

Country: Norway


Fit Athletes from Europe – Elliot Simmonds

Showing tremendous improvement year on year, Elliot ended the 2019 season as the UK National Champion, placing 19th in the world in his category.

  • 19th at the 2019 Games
  • 26th at the 2018 Games
  • 3rd at 2016 Games as part of CrossFit® Yas

In addition to training full time, Elliot also spent time as Head Coach of CrossFit® Yas in Abu Dhabi UAE.

“If you want something. Go get it. Period.”

Country: UK


Adrian Mundwiler

Adrian Mundwiler is a Swiss CrossFit® athlete and the 2019 National Champion of Switzerland. Mundwiler placed 8th at the 2019 CrossFit® Games, his third appearance at the annual competition.

Country: Switzerland


Lukas Esslinger

Lukas Esslinger is a Swiss CrossFit® Games athlete from CrossFit® Kreis 9.

His 34th-place finish in the 2019 CrossFit® Games was his fourth-consecutive CrossFit® Games appearance. Esslinger’s best finish was in 17th-place in the 2018 CrossFit® Games.

Country: Switzerland


Fit Athletes from Europe – Arminas Balevicius

The Lithuanian athlete finished 43rd at 2019 CrossFit® Games, and has been crowned twice as the National Champion of Lithuania.

Country: Lithuania


PD Savage

Ireland’s Fittest Man in 2019 and 2020, PD Savage is known for his grit, skill and drive. In 2018 he competed at the Europe Regional and finished in 10th place.

Country: Ireland


Fit Athletes from Europe – Victor Schroeder

Victor Schroeder was the fittest man in Austria in 2020 and 2021. Strong and dedicated, he has great training tips for anyone that wants to raise their game.

Country: Austria


Jelle Hoste

Jelle Hoste is a former judoka and fell in love with functional fitness only a few years ago.

His great mindset and work attitude payed off and he became Belgiums fittest man in 2020. He won his ticket to the CrossFit®® Games, but due to corona the format has been changed and he was not allowed to go. This didn’t change his mood or motivation. He is still working very hard and keeps believing in his dream to be a CrossFit®® Games athlete.

Advice from Jelle Hoste:

“Master all the movements before pushing the limits. If you cannot break the parallel in your squat as a natural movement don’t force yourself to do it with heavy weights. Mobilize it to unlock your full ROM. Been there done that, you will pay the price.”

Country: Belgium


Fit Athletes from Europe – Willy Georges

CrossFit® athlete who finished 2017 as the top men’s CrossFit® competitor in France, a title he has maintained for four years. He has finished in 9th (2018) and 21st (2019) position at the CrossFit® Games.

Willy Georges played rugby before dedicating himself to CrossFit®. He is an exceptionally strong and skilled athlete, capable and competitive at the highest levels of fitness.

Country: France


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