Wall Tents: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Gather round campers, it’s time to introduce first time buyers and recent converts to the winning features of wall tents. You can really sum up what these designs offer in three words: versatility, space and durability.

Learning from years of feedback, wall tents have evolved and gained benefits from advisors who pretty much live outdoors. The Alpha Wall Tent, for example, has been transformed into a home away from home.

Every tent they offer is built to brave any season, sized for large families or hunting groups. Even the glampers out there will be delighted by these spacious designs, which always put your comfort first.

What Sets White Duck Outdoors Apart?

You can easily recognise a wall tent because of their vertical, four-wall designs. Canvas wall tents are also known as ‘safari tents’, ‘outfitter tents’ or ‘hunting tents’.

These are arguably the most durable style of canvas tent you can buy. White Duck Outdoors specialise in making the best wall tents. They rely on consistent feedback from loyal customers and ambassadors, as well as the larger outdoor community.

Alpha wall tents are made with DYNADUCK fabric – that’s 100% double-fill army duck cotton canvas. This is then treated with a PFC-free finish, which is fire, water, mould, mildew and UV resistant.

You name it and this tent material fends it off! There are also fire retardant fabric options for those who want to use a wall tent stove.

There’s a reason White Duck Outdoors established themselves as an industry-leading wall tent manufacturer. Note their wall tents arrive outdoor ready too. So, your new canvas wall tent comes with all the poles, frame, angle kits, stakes, pins, guylines and a tool kit you need to pitch up.

These necessary components are often neglected – there’s nothing more annoying than unpacking your new purchase to find you don’t have everything you need.

When it comes to these wall tents, customers don’t need to purchase anything separately. This sets White Duck Outdoors apart from other competitors. It’s a wall tent shop that holds a unique spot in the industry.

Wall Tent Features

Alpha Wall Tents are made to last a lifetime. The frame is galvanized aluminium so it stands up in the harshest weather. In fact, every wall tent offers the functionality needed to get outdoors right away.

You can take the stress out of camping, housed in canvas wall tents that have built-in stove jacks, storm windows and premium bug mesh on doors and windows – no critters can join you as you sleep. Pocket organisers are another neat addition snuck in for no additional cost as well.

Rest assured that these canvas wall tents stand out for their wealth of features and functionality. When you investing in these tents, you’ll have all the necessary components, add-ons and features you need to make the outdoors more manageable and exciting.

Remember, when you pick up a wall tent it should also come with:

  • A lightweight tent frame made of galvanised aluminium. This is what gives the canvas wall tent its shape and keeps it sturdy in all conditions.
  • A stove jack that you shouldn’t have to pay extra for. This is an essential component and Alpha Tents all have stove jacks, so there’s no need to cut a hole for the stove pipe.
  • Three-layer storm doors and windows will ensure your canvas tent can last in all season. It’s easy to stay in your wall tent through summer if you have a canvas layer, PE layer and bug mesh over your windows and doors. Then close up those layers for the wintry bluster.
  • Pocket organisers fitted inside your canvas wall tent to ensure your space is always organised. You should never leave valuables or electronics lying around.

Now we know what we’re looking for, let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite Wall Tents from White Duck Outdoors:

16'x24' Alpha Wall Tent
©White Duck Outdoors

5. 16’x24′ Alpha Wall Tent

House yourself outdoors in the Alpha Wall Tent and sleep well each night under the only roof you will ever need. You’ll be sealed in DYNADUCK fabric with army duck cotton canvas and a finish that is water, mould and UV repellent.

This product arrives outdoors ready, with all the poles, angle kits, frame, floor and toolkit included in each purchase. You can enjoy the added strength of double-stitched seams and reinforced corners as well.

You can always sleep soundly inside a heavy duty frame with galvanised aluminium poles and shock-absorbing bungee cords that survive any weather conditions. Note the important addition of a silicone-coated stove jack.

12'x14' Alpha Wall Tent
©White Duck Outdoors

4. 12’x14′ Alpha Wall Tent

This Alpha Wall Tent arrives outdoors ready as well. You don’t need to seek out any additional poles or angle kits to supplement your purchase. Everything you need is here in the package when it arrives.

Again, the product has been reinforced with double-stitched seams for extra strength. The heavy duty frame is fitted with galvanised aluminium poles and a shock-absorbing grounding system.

This is another product that withstands the harshest weather and also comes with a heat resistant stove jack, which arrives pre-installed and is silicone coated.

Inside the tent you will always be protected by the storm door and three-layer storm windows. This shields you from the elements and a standard bug mesh helps to facilitate a bug-free life.

10'x12' Alpha Wall Tent
©White Duck Outdoors

3. 10’x12′ Alpha Wall Tent

Like every Alpha Wall Tent, this one arrives outdoors ready and accompanied by poles, angle kits, frame, floor and toolkit, which are included with your purchase.

It’s true that this is the only tent you will ever need. The corners are reinforced for extra stretch and sealed with double-stitched seams around a heavy duty frame.

You’ll be kept safe and warm, covered by DYNADUCK fabric, with army duck cotton canvas and a water repellent, mould and UV resistant finish.

8'x10' Alpha Wall Tent
©White Duck Outdoors

2. 8’x10′ Alpha Wall Tent

This spacious Alpha Wall Tent comes with a free-floating 16 oz. PVC groundsheet, which is easy to clean and carry. The standard buy mesh covers the doors and windows to keep the interior bug-free.

The product arrives ready for the outdoors, equipped with the poles, angle kits, frame, floor and toolkit you need to start your life outside. You can rest up shield by double-stitched seams with reinforced corners and three-layer storm windows.

The elements are no match for a heavy duty frame and shock-absorbing bungee cords, which are integral to the design of this tent.

16'x20' Alpha Wall Tent
©White Duck Outdoors

1. 16’x20′ Alpha Wall Tent

Finally, the 16’x20’ Alpha Wall Tent is large and durable, built to be the only tent you could ever want when the weather turns against you.

As you might expect by now, this product arrive outdoors ready, accompanied by all the poles and camping additions you’ll need to start your life in the wilds.

The PVC groundsheet is easy to clean and carry and the three-layer storm windows and storm door are just what you need when the wind starts blasting at your walls.

White Duck Outdoors specialise in wall tents that withstand tough conditions and this pick is the perfect example of just how capable their designs are – even when you’re pitched in the open and exposed to a wintry beating.

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