Bell Tents: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 

One thing you need your bell tents to do is hold up in harsh weather. This is your refuge in torrential downpours – the place where you hunker down when nature turns against you.

Secondary to that it’s also important that your tent looks cool. So, we’ve picked out a selection of glamping bell tents that are both stylish and durable in equal measure.

These picks are made from durable dye-free cotton canvas, which is double-stitched at the seams, so it can withstand what the weather throws at it.

These designs are ideal for wedding venues, adventure seekers and glamping companies alike. You can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying the finest outdoor hospitality from the folks at Life In Tents.

Happy campers inside tent
© Life In Tents

A Little More About Life In Tents

Life In Tents has produced bell tents that feature waterproof enclosed floors, mesh side and the highest quality craftsmanship throughout.

Good news for anyone who’s ever wrestled tent poles before, these bell tents are easy to set-up in 20 minutes or less. You’ll be laid in your tent in no time, surrounded by the audible wilds.

Of course, these canvas bell tents are all fully waterproof, so you don’t have to wake up in a puddle. Life In Tents has also catered for adventurers who aren’t afraid to rough it beside backcountry trails.

In fact, the brand was born during a tour around the world, over slurped bowls of noodles in Bangkok. The founders described themselves as ‘wayward gypsies’ who relished the freedom of life on the move. 

Do What You Love And Do It Often

Ultimately, these bell tents are really designed with exciting journeys in mind. Disconnection from the comforts of daily routines can be essential in life. This brand embraces that as part of a journey down uncertain paths.

Life In Tents interior
© Life In Tents

The ethos behind Life In Tents has pivoted around a simple mantra – “Let’s keep doing this as much as we can, whenever and wherever.”

Therefore the brand Life In Tents is about the campfire life on the road and under the stars. These bell tents are made to inspire you to fulfil those quiet ambitions we don’t disclose.

The company also takes pride in being responsible, responsive and, most of all, fun!

A Quick Guide To The Collection

Following is a short-form catalogue of exactly what designs are on offer at Life In Tents:

  • 16′ Fernweh Bell Tent: This is the original tent from Life In Tents, referred to as the gold standard of canvas bell tents. The double wall is made from canvas and mesh and it also has 4 windows for plenty of natural light.
  • 20′ Fernweh Bell Tent: Like the origin Fernweh bell tent, but much larger, this design features a double wall with canvas and mesh. It also have 4 windows and a stove jack on the ceiling.
  • 13′ Stella Stargazer: This compact version of the Stella design allows for an exciting stargazing experience during camping road trips. It is easy to pack up and store when you move on as well.
  • 16′ Stella Stargazer: According to Life In Tents this is their most popular tent. The original stargazing bell tent has transparent PVC ceiling panels and a ceiling curtain fitted for easy closure.
  • 20′ Stella Stargazer: This is the largest stargazer tent available at Life In Tents. The Stella has large 360 degree roof top panels, which are transparent (hence the name). A ceiling curtain is also included for sunrise.
  • 20′ Timberline Exchange Bell Tent: This is really the premium glamping tent which is ideal for a longer term set-up. It is the only bell tent with a replaceable door and also has 6 windows.
  • 6-Person Tents: These smaller 6-person cotton canvas tents are built with 133 square feet of space, which is room for 6 campers in sleeping bags.
  • 8-Person Tents: For larger parties and families, this 8-person design has 212 square feet of space and comfortably houses 8 campers, sprawled out in sleeping bags.
  • 12-Person Tents: 12-person tents have a 19.5 foot diameter with 289 square feet of space. That’s room enough for 2 King beds, or 12 friends stretched out in sleeping bags. It is made from waterproof cotton canvas which is also fire retardant and mildew resistant.
  • A-Frame Tent: Designed for scouting about, this A-Frame design has lots of room to keep 3-4 adult campers happy. It’s spacious, portable and easy-to-set-up – a suitable sidekick for any backcountry adventure.

For more information on any of the above designs, please refer to the Tent Selector Guide on the Life In Tents website.

Next up, let’s take a look at some of our favourite picks from their extensive selection of bell tents:

Timerline Exchange Bell Tent
© Life In Tents


First, we’ve chosen the Timberline Exchange™, which is a luxurious 20-foot bell tent. This tent has truly been styled and crafted for the ultimate glamping experience.

Of course, it’s weather-resistant and made from cutting-edge materials so as to always be reliable. The design features a removable door, which is handy if it ever gets dirty or damaged.

Also, you don’t have to close yourself off from the outdoors and can still appreciate a hilltop view through 6 airy screen windows. There’s even ceiling and wall stove jacks for an AC exhaust, as well as 3 power cord ports to stay connected.

Zephyr Bell Tent
© Life In Tents


They call this one the ‘7th wonder of nature’. Why? Well, it might have something to do with the vented picture window that lets in cooling breezes and frames far-reaching views.

The welcome addition of 6 screen windows also invites natural light and late night stargazing too. There’s ceiling and wall stove jacks for an AC exhaust and 2 ports to keep your gadgets powered up.

This 4-season tent is durable, reliable and perfectly made to take your zephyr camping to the next level!

Stella Stargazing Tent
© Life In Tents


For those who love to lay out and stare up at the Milky Way, we introduce the Stella stargazing bell tent. Rest easy, you no longer have to get cold or damp as you sprawl on dewy grass.

This bell tent has the unique benefit of 360 degree transparent roof top panels, which are sewn into the cotton canvas ceiling. You can wake up under moonlight and gaze up for hours at the stars in the comfort of your sleeping bag.

The sturdy construction is completed with thick-plied double weave cotton canvas, which offers military grade protection from the elements.

This bell tent will last for generations and there’s even a stove jack allowing you to install a wood stove to the tent if you wish.

Fernweh Bell Tent
© Life In Tents


Finally, we’ve picked out this 16-foot Fernweh canvas bell tent to take a closer look at. This one is a combination of both beauty and beast – we might add a handsome beast at that!

You can easily pop this naturally-coloured beauty up in your backyard. Pitch it on your property for a cosy season of outdoor living in waterproof cabin confines.

This design is made with the heaviest canvas on the market (now, the beast comes in), supplying extra strength from thick-plied duck cotton canvas. So, the tent holds up in all seasons and can be passed down through generations of campers.

The wonderful name is actually German for ‘farsickness’, which is a longing to travel and the opposite of homesickness. A life of adventure awaits!

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