10 Best Helly Hansen Shell Jackets For Men And Women

Helly Hansen shell jackets come in various colours, styles and with more technical features than we could ever include in a single blog. Mind you, that’s not say we won’t give it a go!

Many things happen on the mountains and for all the various turns and misadventures you might have, we’ve picked out a distinct design to keep you happy. 

Challenges and excitement abound in wild places and there’s plenty to look forward to. With our selection of Helly Hansen shell jackets, you can take those trails less travelled and know you’re dressed for the job.

We plan to take you from the weary first light to that calf-aching final descent, leaving tracks that describe a bold willingness to adventure. The open mountain waits, so let’s first learn a little more about the brand we have in front of us.

Behind The Brand: Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is one of those brands that is easily identified. It’s like the Golden Arches of those old Illinois burger flippers, you just need to see two letters (HH) and you know which company it is.

Unlike the global fast food industry, you might say this Norwegian manufacturer has to less to answer for in terms of negative proliferation. When you see Helly Hansen, you tend to think of activity in the outdoors.

While that’s true, Helly Hansen is also found in urban environments around the world. The application of linseed oil to cotton canvas might improve their waterproof apparel, but most buyers wear their jackets for how they look.

Right now, Helly Hansen is headquartered out in Oslo, having moved from Norway in 2009, where it was founded back in 1877. They’ve come a long way since Helly and his wife made oilskin jackets and pants.

Today, Helly Hansen is known for being well-loved by ski professionals. The urban youth might’ve embraced the brand in the lates 1990s, but that doesn’t mean this specialised clothing has been stripped from the mountain.

‘They’ve come a long way since Helly and his wife made oilskin jackets and pants…’

The mission continues: to create high quality outerwear that withstands tough conditions. What started out as the dream of a Norwegian Sea Captain has turned into apparel for adventure-seekers worldwide.

The Best Of Helly Hansen’s Range

With the following selection, we’ve included both men’s and women’s shell jackets. We’ve gone from breathable softshell jackets to professional-grade hardshell jackets, seeking out various unique designs.

We know Helly Hansen outerwear performs in all conditions. We’ve also learned how versatile this range is – packed with award-winning features and windproof, waterproof and breathable designs.

We’ve prioritised comfort and mobility, keeping in mind those more strenuous hikes that truly test your shell jacket. Whether you’re climbing or back country skiing, we’ve got a jacket for you.

Let’s take a closer look at our picks from the best Men’s Shell Jackets and Women’s Shell Jackets that Helly Hansen has to offer:

Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Outdoor Shell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

10. Men’s Odin 9 Worlds 2.0 Outdoor Shell Jacket

Helly Hansen’s best-selling hardshell jacket has a professional-grade design that focuses on durability and comfort in the mountains.

This award-winning jacket has been upgraded with the HELLY TECH® Professional 3-layer system, which maximises those three key features of being waterproof, breathable and windproof.

You might also like to know that this jacket has been responsibly made and bears the certified bluesign® of fairer textile manufacturing processes and a reduction of waste in the supply chain.

Verglas Backcountry Ski Shell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

9. Men’s Verglas Backcountry Ski Shell Jacket

Next, we’ve picked out this durable shell jacket that spares no detail in terms of performance – a perfect companion for your next backcountry ski trip.

Enjoy the trusted 3-layer HELLY TECH® PROFESSIONAL layer system and fend off the elements. While you can also appreciate the 2-way stretch fabric, allowing for greater freedom of movement.

Elevation Infinity 3.0 Ski Jacket
© Helly Hansen

8. Men’s Elevation Infinity 3.0 Ski Jacket

Powder days are crying out for a waterproof ski jacket like this one. In fact, the Elevation Ski Jacket was designed with input from professional ski patrollers, who know plenty about life on snow-beaten slopes.

This technical snow jacket won’t let you down – it delivers protection from harsh weather, without sacrificing on mobility and comfort.

There are so many ski-specific features in this design, which was engineered for a high level of water-repellent performance and hard days at high altitude.

Odin 9 Worlds 3.0 Shell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

7. Men’s Odin 9 Worlds 3.0 Shell Jacket

Named for the All-Father Himself, this Odin Shell Jacket is another best-selling pick from the Helly Hansen collection. It compromises nothing in terms of weatherproofing and durability.

Note the use of Ocean Bound recycled fabric and the fact this is an upgraded design, which is more lightweight than its predecessors. Exceptional performance is all but guaranteed when you wrap yourself up in this one.

Odin 1 World Infinity Shell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

6. Men’s Odin 1 World Infinity Shell Jacket

This shell jacket, like many of our other picks, is extremely weatherproof – it’s almost next level in terms of the sustainable technology incorporated into its design.

Your next mountain trip will seem like a breeze once you embrace this jacket’s LIFA INFINITY™ technology and highly waterproof and breathable membrane.

Odin 9 Worlds Infinity Shell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

5. Women’s Odin 9 Worlds Infinity Shell Jacket

Take on the rugged wilderness and duck your head into rough weather in this iconic Helly Hansen shell jacket for women, which is backpack-compatible too.

You can enjoy the perks of the LIFA INFINITY™ membrane, engineered to make short work of any wayward drops of moisture. Also, you might appreciate pit zips for ventilation and roomy pockets.

Odin 9 Worlds 3.0 Shell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

4. Women’s Odin 9 Worlds 3.0 Shell Jacket

This pick is one of the best-selling options for women – a professional-grade shell jacket that was made with Ocean Bound recycled materials. It’s waterproof, durable and lightweight too!

The helmet and backpack-compatible design will complement any additional gear you need on the mountain. There are also ventilation zippers for extra breathability and a RECCO® rescue system transponder in case of emergency.

Paramount Hooded Softshell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

3. Women’s Paramount Hooded Softshell Jacket

This softshell jacket is hooded and breathable to make easy work of any athletic output. It was responsibly made and carries that certified bluesign® to prove it.

We loved this one for how warm and flexible it is as well – a multifunctional option, with fleece backing and plenty of weather resistance.

Verglas 2L Shell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

2. Women’s Verglas 2L Shell Jacket

This technical 2-layer shell jacket is built for long hikes in the mountains. It’s waterproof, breathable and won’t let you down – a welcome companion in high places, with HELLY TECH® Performance construction.

Note the integrated RECCO® reflectors that offer extra safety in challenging conditions. Also, articulated elbows bolster your efforts with greater mobility and ventilation openings for heat regulation.

Odin Backcountry Softshell Jacket
© Helly Hansen

1. Women’s Odin Backcountry Softshell Jacket

Finally, our list of picks closes with this women’s softshell jacket that was specifically made for backcountry skiers and their various adventures.

This three-fabric jacket is unique and design with high-intensity sport in mind. Every detail has been refined to optimise performance and the combined triple-threat fabrics offer a body-mapped combo of stretch, breathability and strength.

There’s even an inside stow mesh pocket, which is large enough to carry a beacon. While a dual chest pocket is include for easy easy access – even when you’re also wearing a backpack.

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