Kari Traa Hiking Jackets: Buyer’s Guide

Kari Traa hiking jackets are available in a variety of styles and designed with more exciting features than we could ever include in a single blog. Let’s explore exactly what they offer and choose our favourites for first-time buyers.

Firstly, know that this is absolutely a brand you can trust. Kari Traa is a leading European sportwear company that has established itself in the US, gaining popularity with impressive momentum.

These past few seasons the brand has expanded its already wide selection. You’ll find their products at most major retailers, including Backcountry and REI. Also, they are well represented at industry events.

The layers they’ve released are quick to become instant favourites, but let’s focus on the jackets in detail and pick out a few of their newer items. These clothes offer a broad variance of fits for all body shapes and sizes as well.

This is apparel designed for women that looks great and sacrifices nothing in terms of functionality. Just bear in mind that you should try their clothing on first if possible – be sure you’ve chosen the right fit before you buy.

New Outerwear That’s In For 2023/24

In a recent review, the Senior Designer at Kari Traa, Hanna Haring, gave her thoughts on what to expect for the 2023/24 outerwear range in general. It’s interesting to learn more about the inspiration behind the products they’ve laid out for us.

In her interview, Hanna spoke of ‘graceful white Nordic landscapes’ and ‘colourful skies’, referring to the way in which the outdoors can settle the mind.

The aesthetic for Kari Traa’s latest collections is inspired by this scenery and the feeling of oneness that nature has in store for us – all we have to do is go looking for it.

Winter sports continue to thrive around the world. While the brand’s skiwear and apres-ski clothing carves a path through niche sports, which some women might’ve previously been too intimidated to try.

The brand’s inclusive silhouettes are now well known and designs are being fine-tuned all the time to appeal to both pros and beginners. There’s never been a better time to pick up your first Kari Traa jacket.

‘The aesthetic for Kari Traa’s latest collections is inspired by this scenery and the feeling of oneness that nature has in store for us…’

With this in mind, we want to help you navigate the crowded aisles of an unfamiliar store, keeping in mind those special features needed for forays into the wild and adventures outdoors.

So, let’s dive into our favourite examples of the brand’s female focused technology and multipurpose products. Made for multi-day outdoor activities, with plenty of rest thrown in, these Kari Traa hiking jackets are sure to turn heads when you hit the hiking trails.

KARI TRAA - Women's Rong Parka - Parka
©Kari Traa

5. KARI TRAA – Women’s Rong Parka

Our first selection for new Kari Traa enthusiasts is this Rong Parka that complements all your favourite leisure activities. With 100% down insulation, this is a warm and comfortable option for the winter months.

This might not be the most durable hiking jacket, but it certainly delivers when it comes to resort relaxation and urban exploration. You’ll look and feel great after your activities, wrapped up in the kind of comfort Kari Traa is now famous for.

It’s well insulated, breathable and water-repellent too – a quick-drying product with a fill weight of just 250 g. The full length front zip, hood and elastic sleeve cuffs welcome additions for versatility and weather protection as well.

KARI TRAA - Women's Røthe Midlayer
©Kari Traa

4. KARI TRAA – Women’s Røthe Midlayer

This midlayer fleece jacket has a nice cut and features – it’s lightweight and durable, bringing together those two key elements that make Kari Traa stand out in the market.

Kari Traa are masters of bringing us hiking jackets that do more than what we bargained for. This particular example is highly effective at surpassing your expectations. It certainly won’t let you down when inclines steepen and the going gets hard.

This is a recommended option for skiing adventures. The jacket brings all the warmth you’d expect from an expertly made fleece, with chin guard, full length front zip and zipped pockets for everything you need on the move.

There’s so much more we could say and a few neat features we’ve left for you to discover – we don’t want to spoil all of the surprises. Just know that if seasonal warmth is the key thing you’re missing in your life, this fleece jacket might just be your new best friend.

KARI TRAA - Women's Tirill 2.0 Jacket - Synthetic Jacket
©Kari Traa

3. Women’s Tirill 2.0 Jacket – Synthetic Jacket

Consider this synthetic jacket for the next time you venture out cross-country skiing or hillwalking. This pick offers exceptional insulation – it’s also water-repellent, stretchy and breathable too.

Other important features include wrist gaiters, a drop back hem, reflective details and raglan sleeves. The flattering cut wins a few extra style points as well.

This option is super stylish and it sacrifices none of the qualities you rely on for more arduous hikes. Travel further and for longer in an elegant solution for that ever-present interest in both fashion and functionality.

This is a great jacket for anyone who wants to be active outdoors while looking good at the same time. Notice the elegant silhouette and additions included with freedom of movement in mind. While water repellent patches on the shoulders and hood shield you from falling moisture overhead.

KARI TRAA - Women's Eva Down Jacket
©Kari Traa

2. Women’s Eva Down Jacket

Another one we love for its powers of heat retention, this effective down jacket is filled with 100% down and has water-repellent and breathable qualities as well.

Notice the zipped front pockets, elastic sleeve cuffs and reinforced seams – features that work together to prioritise your comfort and cosiness.

Norwegian brand Kari Traa is really showing off with this one. It’s lightweight, warm and versatile, willing to stay with you wherever you go, with a water-repellent finish to keep you dry at all times.

We could go on forever about Kari Traa’s suitability when it comes to choosing the right hiking jacket. Just know that the Eva Down Jacket is one of many options that will help you to overcome the obstacles hikers encounter outdoors.

KARI TRAA - Women's Sanne Down Jacket
©Kari Traa

1. Women’s Sanne Down Jacket

Finally, for all you hillwalkers and seekers of leisure, this down jacket comes with all the insulation you could ever want. It’s water-repellent and breathable too, so you won’t hold too much sweat when you’re working hard.

In short, this is a very versatile down jacket that can take you anywhere. Kari Traa’s Women’s Sanne Down Jacket has a quilted design with down fill that ensures you’re always snug and cosy.

The synthetic material maximises the design’s breathability and other properties you’ll be thankful for if you’re walking far. Notice the adjustable hood to help you repel the elements as well.

Bear in mind that this women’s down jacket packs down small – it’s lightweight and easily accessible, without adding any unwanted weight to your backpack.

While we’re on a roll, we also wanted to mention how much we love the fitted cut and elastic details. Freedom of movement is an underestimated asset in hiking and this versatile jacket never seems to forget that.

There you have it! We hope you found this article helpful. For other recommendation and features that relate to this subject, please refer to the links below.

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