Why You Should Train with the Rogue 3×3 Echo GHD Glute Ham Developer

The Rogue 3×3 Echo GHD is a top quality, affordable and effective alternative to the full-scale machine.

Rogue 3×3 Echo GHD – Glute-Ham Developer

Rogue’s Echo GHD is a completely new take on this machine—using a little DIY resourcefulness to give athletes and gym owners a more affordable, space-efficient alternative to the traditional freestanding unit.

Rogue 3x3 Echo GHD in the gym

This 3×3 version of the Echo GHD is compatible exclusively with the Rogue Monster Lite Series Rigs and Racks.

How Does it Work?

The Echo GHD comes standard with a 30″ x 24″ (Pad) vinyl GHD pad and a durable foot roller assembly, with the option to add a Rogue Games Box and/or an Echo GHD Stabilizer Kit* to your order.

Straps and the box

For set-up, simply strap the GHD pad to the Games Box or an existing plyo box, and mount the roller to any 3×3″ Rogue Monster Lite upright (we suggest a rig or rack that’s securely fastened to the floor). A convenient detent pin is used to mount the foot roller, making it easy to adjust the height for different users or exercises.

Rogue 3x3 Echo GHD gripping fabric

For added security, both the underside of the GHD pad and the webbing of the seatbelt-style straps feature a non-slip, “grabber” fabric that helps prevent unwanted movement or sliding of the unit on a slick floor.

Why is GHD Training Good?

Many athletes already know the benefits of GHD training– from building stronger glutes and hamstrings to promoting midline stability, powerful abdominal muscle recruitment, and the safe, active development of the spinal erectors.

Rogue 3x3 Echo GHD foot grips

The challenge was always budgeting for the machine or finding room for it in a garage gym. The 3×3 Echo GHD destroys those obstacles with a budget price, easy set-up and storage, reliable American craftsmanship, and a performance level to rival most freestanding machines. If you’ve wanted a genuine GHD in your gym, there are no further excuses.

Rogue 3×3 Echo GHD Specifications

  • Made in the USA

What Exercises Can You Do with the Rogue 3×3 Echo GHD?

You can perform all of the following:

  • Glute/Ham Raises
  • Hip Extension
  • Back Extension
  • GHD Sit-Ups
  • Russian Twists
  • GHD Sit Ups
  • GHD Isometric Holds

What Are GHD Sit Ups?

GHD, which stands for the glute-ham developer is a piece of equipment used to increase core stabilization, strength, and improve hip mobility.

parts and pads

GHD sit ups activate your core with static contraction. Static meaning in place, without movement. The GHD sit up also heavily recruits the hip flexors, however, the core is the main stabilizing section in the movement.

GHD Sit Up Muscles Worked

The GHD primarily works the anterior core muscles, the rectus abdominas and your posterior core muscles, such as your erector spinae and transversospinales.

The GHD also employs your hip flexors, which account for some of the power generated throughout the movement, and your gluteus maximus, which also exerts significant force.

GHD Sit Ups Benefit Your Mobility

GHD sit ups require a great deal of hip mobility. Including GHD sit ups in your programming, will inevitably improve hip mobility over time, which is used across a wide range of exercises movements within high-intensity functional training and CrossFit.

Backboard and grips in black

Better hip mobility will improve compound movements such as your squat cleans, deadlifts, snatch, clean and jerk, and accessory movements. Therefore, correctly training GHD sit ups will translate to an overall improvement in core stability and hip mobility.

Important Information about The Rogue 3×3 Echo GHD

The foot roller assembly is currently only compatible with our Monster Lite Series uprights, or The Strip®. Do not attempt to mount the roller on any other type of upright.

Back clip

By adding the optional Echo GHD Stabilizer Kit to an order, you will have an additional method for reducing any unwanted movement or rocking of the Echo GHD during use.

The adjustable kit can be mounted to any Monster Lite upright, or to a wall using the Rogue mounting accessory The Strip®. There are 12 adjustment settings 1″ on centre, but the angle at which you set up the kit can allow for many more custom adjustments. A detent pin is included.

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