Houdini Sportswear Jackets for Women and Men: Buyer’s Guide 

In this blog, we’re looking at Houdini sportswear jackets and helping out on the buyer’s journey to complete satisfaction. Our aim is to sift through their collection to give you an overview of what’s on offer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leisurely Sunday ambler, or the kind of hiker who isn’t happy unless you’ve summited a mountain. There’s something for everything, from Double Dunfris to classic One Parkas.

We’ve been deep into their extensive offerings of Men’s Jackets and Women’s Jackets. What we found is an array of technical clothing to rival your favourite sportswear brands.

Houdini atmospheric walk

You don’t have to face discomfort when the weather turns. Not only have we found designs to suit various needs, we’ve also delved into research on ways to extends the lifetime of your favourite apparel.

More adventures and more comfort while you’re on them – this has been our focus as we uncovered the most appealing Houdini sportswear jackets.

Love The Clothes You Wear

Product care and sustainability are terms you’ll here a lot in the modern fashion industry. Gone are the days of throwaways and uncared for garments, banished to the mouldy depths of wardrobes.

Houdini jacket detailing

We all know we should care for what we wear and an important part of our clothing’s quality relies on the reduction of its environmental impact. It’s no longer acceptable to overlook this impact in light of what science has taught us about the state of our planet.

Of course, one thing we can do is choose clothing that takes a long time to be worn out. Brands like Houdini place an emphasis in the quality and longevity of their products.

Ideally your clothes would be made from recycled or recyclable fibres. It also helps if we can cut back on our use of washing machines. Some certified detergents and cleansers will even reduce the strain of washing on the world around us.

It is appropriate for us to minimise our consumption of energy and water for the benefit of future generations. Yet smaller households might struggle to fill a machine and the instructions can force us to wash our clothes separately.

How To Take Care Of Houdini Clothing

When it comes to Houdini’s role in all this, they offer in-depth advice on how to care for your clothes so they last for a long time. You can also reach out to Houdini online to enlist their help in repairing your garments, or return them to be recycled.

When it comes to washing your Houdini clothes, be mindful made of synthetic fabrics, the use of a washing bag becomes even more important: it prevents microplastics from entering into rivers and oceans.

Houdini clothing and scenic landscape

Thing we can do to be environmentally conscious include airing clothes instead of washing them – this saves water and energy, as well as ensuring our clothing survives in a good condition.

Washing bags protect clothes and prevent any fibres from leaking. Environmentally certified detergents (used sparingly) are a popular alternative. We should avoid fabric softener, which weakens the performance of our clothing.

Tumble dryers can also cause unnecessary wear and tear – polyester clothes tend to dry quickly anyway.

Be mindful that Houdini’s padded garments use a synthetic insulation from Primaloft. One advantage of synthetic padding (instead of down) is that you don’t have to use a tumble dryer. It dries fast and doesn’t smell if damp.

The Houdini website offers plenty of advice on how to stand out in a greedy world of mass consumption. Quality and good design are integral to the brand’s core philosophy.

Houdini Enfold jacket

Natural Vs Synthetic

Natural materials are used in many different ways in clothing, from the cotton in your denim jeans to the wool that fills your base layer. These materials are natural, but all distinct.

Sometimes, natural fibres are great for performance, but other times the materials fail you when you need them most. They are produced in sustainable ways, but can also be harmful to the environment as well.

One thing all natural materials have in common is that they are biodegradable. Houdini jackets are wearable multitool, designed with a minimalist’s attitude, using technical fabrics that are ideally suited for outdoor adventures.

Let’s learn more from the collection of Houdini sportswear jackets.

The Houdini Collection: Dunfri Jackets

One good example of a cutting edge insulation jacket is the popular Men’s Dunfri jacket, which is as miraculous as Houdini himself and entirely free from feathers.

The designers used Primaloft Gold for synthetic padding and the result a warm and lightweight product that is also water resistant.

The Women’s Dunfri jacket is also padded with Primaloft Gold and, again, notable for its use of synthetic padding for warmth and water resistance. This option is exceptionally lightweight and can be easily stashed in a backpack for insulation on windy trails.

Houdini Dunfri jacket

The Dunfri range represents Houdini’s classic designs, with adaptive qualities in terms of style and functionality, which is why they’re referred to as ‘chameleons’.

The minimalist Dunfri look belies their use of cutting edge technology to bring you a highly packable jacket that’s full of surprises.

Take a closer look at the warm and lightweight Men’s Double Dunfri, which is a reliable insulation shell jacket for winter escapes. This pick is wind and water resistant, with a smooth design befitting city walks as well.

The Women’s Double Dunfri is just as warm and lightweight – a performance shell jacket that’s both wind and water resistant. Staying warm has never felt so easy and comfortable!

The Houdini Collection: Parkas

Next up, we had to include Houdini’s stylish One Parka, which is guaranteed to keep you dry in every season. This breathable shell parka has a longer cut that you’ll learn to love on those rainy city days.

Of course, we don’t focus on urban outerwear, so these parkas are suited for cold days on the mountains too. You can layer this parka to keep you warm when the elements truly turn against you.

Houdini parka jacket

When in came to choosing our favourite examples, we settled on the Men’s One Parka, which we love for the simple fact it’s an uncomplicated, classic parka.

The design is tailored to be light and waterproof, with a breathable shell fabric, so you’ll stay dry in downpours.

Alternatively, we have the Women’s One Parka, which is similar in style and functionality. Note that this is a longer cut parka, wrapped in a waterproof and breathable shell fabric. Again, this design caters for those who like to stay dry when the rain drums down.

The Houdini Collection: Enfold Jackets

Houdini’s Enfold Jackets are made from recycled and recyclable fibres. They are favoured for their warmth and breathability, styled with a minimalist design to serve as a warm, airy mid-layer.

Stylish Houdini Enfold jacket

We love the timeless look of the Women’s Enfold Jacket – a stylish insulation jacket for everyday use. Don’t worry if you’re set on big adventures, this jacket is padded with Primaloft Gold Active+. That means it’s light and breathable, but warm and highly versatile too.

The Men’s Enfold Jacket offers that same lightweight feel while also being durable and airy. This mid-layer is exceptional in terms of the comfort and breathability it offers. Then you have the Primaloft Gold Active+ padding to keep you warm.

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