Why You Should Train with Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags

Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags are the brand new must have Sandbag for any serious functional fitness and strength enthusiast.

They recently made an appearance at the 2021 CrossFit® Games and have been quickly adopted by many gym owners and athletes looking to test and improve their strength and fitness in new and exciting ways.

Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags

Rogue’s exclusive Husafell Strongman Sandbags are another addition to their line-up of funnel-filled, portable sandbags for strongman training (see also: the “Cube,” the “Block,” the “Cyclone,” the “Tombstone,” and the original cylindrical model).

Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags in action
Push your limits

This patent-pending design is inspired by and named after the famous Icelandic lifting stone (as seen in the Rogue documentary FULLSTERKUR).

Available in three size options, each Husafell Sandbag is made in America from 1000D MIL Spec Cordura with reinforced, double-stitched seams.

Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags in diffenret sizes.
Choose your size

The back and side panels feature the same special grabber fabric used on their Thompson Fat Pad, providing additional stick/grip for carrying.

To add sand (not provided), athletes can simply use the built-in hook-and-loop funnel filler, which folds into a zipper closure covered by another hook-and-loop flap for triple protection against leaks.

While other Husafell Stone replicas have been produced for strongman training, most are made from unforgiving materials that can lead to injury if not dropped carefully.

This customisable sandbag interpretation of the Husafell’s shape allows Strongmen and Strongwomen to get a similar training experience without risk of injuring a foot or damaging their training surface on a drop.

Man training in gym with sandbag.
Build powerful strength

Because the sandbags can be emptied and then re-filled at another gym, field, beach, park, etc., they’re also far more transportable than an actual lifting stone.

Benefits of Training with Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags

This particular form is excellent for building:

  • Core strength
  • Grip strength
  • Arm strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Mental endurance
  • Back strength
  • Prepping for big lifts or competitions

Key Features of Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags

Learn more about Rogue Husafell Strongman Sandbags.

Modelled after the Icelandic Lifting Stone

Named for the west country farming estate on which it resides, the original Húsafell Stone dates back some 200 years, when a local pastor named Snorri Björnsson adopted it as the door to his goat pen.

Once passing travelers started using the stone as a test of strength, Snorri gave it a nickname: Kviahellan, or “the pen slab.”

Train with th AbMat Zercher Pad

Today, Strongman athletes from around the world still make a pilgrimage to Iceland to attempt to carry the famed 409 LB rock, and replicas have been used in international competitions for years, including the Arnold Strongman Classic.

Our sandbag model of the Husafell offers a lighter, portable version of the distinctive shape, with far less risk of injury on a drop.

Comes in Multiple Size Options

The Husafell Strongman Bag is available in 3 different sizes, with approximate maximum load capacities of 100, 150 and 200 LBS. The exact loadable weight of each bag depends on the density and size of the media being used.

Rogue highly recommends using sand rather than crumb rubber with this design, as the interior mesh liner allows sand to flow through easily, but may not do so for crumb rubber, due to its variance in size. No filler material is included with the bags themselves.

Top Quality Construction and Rogue Craftsmanship

All three sizes of the Husafell Strongman Bag are Made in the USA from 1000D MIL Spec Cordura with reinforced, double-stitched seams and grabber fabric panels for a firm grip.

A built-in funnel filler bag makes it easy to add your exact desired amount of weight, and a convenient zipper and hook-and-loop closure ensures that any filler material stays fully contained as you work through your regimen.

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