Patagonia Hard Shell Jackets for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Fear not, first time buyers, we’ve picked out our favourite Patagonia hard shell jackets for women as part of this introductory guide. We’ll explore the features of hard shell jackets and give a general overview of what you should be looking for.

Firstly, a hard shell jacket is completely waterproof. It’s the protective layer you need when monsoon season presents you with a downpour. That’s why backpackers and outdoor explorers love these jackets so much.

In short, a hard shell is an impermeable layer of plastic with a breathable membrane to keep you cool and dry at all times. Even a thin hardshell jacket is suitable for wet and warm conditions. Many say it’s the better option and arguably more comfortable than a softshell jacket.

A hard shell jacket is an investment that can take care of you for a decade or more. These jackets withstand all kinds of adventures as long as you look after them and don’t take their durability for granted.

It’s true that hard shell jackets are really designed for mountains. When alpine conditions hurl the elements at you, hard shell jackets shield you and offer ultimate protection.

These jackets are uniquely windproof, waterproof, breathable, and durable too. Wrap up in an outer layer that favours a range of outdoor activities, like backcountry skiing, climbing, mountaineering and hiking in all seasons.

Ultimate Weather Protection

Hard shells and weather protection are pretty much synonymous at this point. Rain and wind combine to do their best, but the bluster wilts in the prescence of hard shell jackets.

Rest assured you’ll have reliable protection when you’re skiing or mountaineering. Contact with snow and ice is made so much easier in these jackets, which are a little fancier than your standard rain jacket. That mean’s they’re slightly more expensive, but the materials are more reliable.

Don’t let the price tag throw you off, hard shells are lightweight and breathable, with the ability to make light work of summer thunderstorms and springtime showers.

There’s also the option to wear hard shell jackets over a soft shell jacket for even more protection. This warmth is ideal in frigid temperatures and the lightweight construction complements an additional jacket.

‘Don’t let the price tag throw you off, hard shells are lightweight and breathable, with the ability to make light work of summer thunderstorms and springtime showers.’

The Cost Of High Performance

High performance comes at a cost – extreme athletes know that from the years of sacrifice that pave the way to their goals. The same is true for hard shells, but the cost is paid in pennies not sweat or toil.

Hard shells are more expensive because of their suitability for seasonal extremities. These jackets keep you dry and provide insulation and expensive materials that never let you down.

In tough condition, these features (that come at a cost) will stand between you and the elements. That’s why these jackets sap the misery from outdoor adventures in unforgiving places. They are noticeably warmer than other species of jackets.

How To Wear A Shell Jacket

The question of how to wear a hard shell jacket is often asked and easily answered. The advice that’s often given is to size up, especially if you’ve bought your shell as a cosy companion for winter months.

There’s often enough room under your shell to wear insulated jackets when you’re skiing. Event the puffier variety can be worn comfortably when you’re skiing, mountaineering and camping out in the cold.

A hard shell quickly becomes the best friend of adventurers. These jackets are noticeably rigid and stiff as the name suggests. They are built to be your primary layer and first defence in the kind of wind and precipitation that keeps most of us on the warm side of our front door.

Below we break down the best Patagonia Hard Shell Jackets for women. We’ve picked out minimalist and compressible models for those who need to travel fast and light. We also have stronger jackets for hard hikes, which are practically wasted on everyday use:

Women's Storm Shift Jacket
© Patagonia

5. Women’s Storm Shift Jacket

First we’ve picked this Storm Shift Jacket made from GORE-TEX material, which is windproof too. No perfluorinated chemicals were used in the fabrics, membrane or durable water repellent finish. The liner is warm and wicks moisture and body-mapped fleece keeps you warm at all times.

The name says it – this one is made for storm protection, designed to be comfortable for skiers and boarders in varying conditions. You’ll find yourself wrapped in a refined fit with elegant styling and all the technical features you could ever want.

The Storm Shift Jacket complements the natural flow of a rider’s movement on the slopes. You can rely on the tough 2-layer GORE-TEX fabric that is durable, waterproof and breathable as well.

Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, the Storm Shift Jacket is a great waterproof option for your next adventure outdoors.

Women's Triolet Jacket
© Patagonia

4. Women’s Triolet Jacket

This little alpine workhorse is made to last in snowy conditions. The Triolet Jacket thrives in harsh environments, wrapped in 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric, which durable, waterproof and windproof.

You might be surprised by how breathable the material is as well. Again, this product was made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory without any perfluorinated chemicals.

Notable features include the twin Napoleon chest pockets with watertight zips and an interior drop-in pocket. Extra ventilation is provided by two-way pit zips, which don’t raise the body of the jacket.

Women's Stormstride Jacket
© Patagonia

3. Women’s Stormstride Jacket

Next we have one of Patagonia’s most active waterproof shells – the Stormstride Jacket is built for backcountry adventures with a lightweight 3-layer 100% nylon plain weave.

This jacket was made for ski tourers with H2No® Performance Standard protection. The Stormstride takes on unpredictable weather and never shies away from high-output pursuits. The stretch fabric is soft, supple and waterproof too.

A few other features we noticed are the adjustable fixed hood with laminated visor, secure zippered chest pockets and handy internal chest pocket, which is zippered to hold your device.

Women's 3-in-1 Powder Town Jacket
© Patagonia

2. Women’s 3-in-1 Powder Town Jacket

This 3-in-1 Powder Town Jacket represents versatility at its best. We loved the H2No® Performance Standard protection, which is waterproof and breathable.

The 3-in-1 system can also be worn as a shell for light insulation, or as a waterproof when the rain falls. The two-way-adjustable hood has a visor that enhances visibility in tough conditions. There’s also a soft microfleece panel for your chin and neck for additional comfort and to eliminate chafing.

Women's Torrentshell 3L Rain Jacket
© Patagonia

1. Women’s Torrentshell 3L Rain Jacket

Finally, we’ve come to least pretentious of the bunch. This 3L Rain Jacket is a trusted example of Patagonia’s H2No® Performance Standard that makes their exceptional waterproof and breathable designs stand out.

The Torrentshell is your best friend in a downpour, styled for all-day comfort with the kind of waterproof durability you need if the elements turn against you.

There are several features we feel are worth mentioning, like the two-way-adjustable hood with a laminated visor, which rolls down and can easily be stowed with a cord-and-hook system. The microfleece-lined neck also adds cosiness and serves as a barrier against any intrusive raindrops.

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