What is the Best Sissy Squat Machine to Buy?

The Sissy Squat Machine is a great way to build leg strength and muscle, but which model should you choose?

Our favourite Sissy Squat Machine

What is a Sissy Squat?

The Sissy Squat is a functional squat variation exercise that builds lower body and core muscle, strength and endurance.

It is performed using a Sissy Squat Machine.

The sissy squat is an excellent exercise for beginners because of its simple form and lack of coordination requirements. It also helps with all other leg based exercises.

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Experienced lifters can also benefit from this exercise if they want to strengthen their glutes without adding additional bulk from heavier weights or equipment like barbells or kettlebells.

Additionally, it makes for a great finisher exercise on leg day.

What is a Sissy Squat Machine?

The sissy squat machine is designed to lock your lower legs securely in place so that you can perform the exercise correctly.

Why Should You Buy a Sissy Squat Machine?

The sissy squat machine is a great way to build leg strength and improve your overall fitness.

It’s also easy to use, allowing you to work out in your own home with minimal equipment. A short workout on the sissy machine can leave you feeling energized and ready for whatever comes next!

Whether you are a gym owner buying equipment to maximise the results and satisfaction of your members, or you want to expand your home gym, the Sissy Machine is an excellent addition.

What Muscles Does the Sissy Squat Machine Work?

The sissy machine works the quadriceps, gluteus maximus and hamstrings.

It also works the calves and core muscles.

This machine is great for those who want to build muscle while engaging in a cardiovascular exercise that’s simple to do and doesn’t require as much skill or coordination as the traditional Back or Front Squat.

What are the Benefits of the Sissy Squat Machine?

  • The sissy machine is a great way to burn calories
  • It can increase muscle strength in the legs, glutes and core
  • It improves posture by strengthening your lower back muscles and stretching out your hamstrings
  • It improves balance because you have to maintain stability by keeping your feet close together throughout the movement

What is the Best Sissy Squat Machine to Buy?

The Reflex Sissy Squat Machine is the best one to buy.

It is built to exceptionally high standards, is durable and will be the perfect addition to your gym for your lower body and core training.

Sissy Squat machine in black and metal.

Reflex Sissy Squat Machine Specifications

  • 11ga. Welded Tubular steel construction
  • Powder Coated finish
  • Polished Diamond 6061 Aluminum skid plates for foot decks
  • 4-8x5in diameter foam roller pads
  • 4 position horizontal adjustment for roller pads
  • 3 position vertical adjustment for roller pads
  • 1in high-density foam pad

Is the Sissy Squat Machine Right for Beginners?

Yes, the Machine is a great exercise for beginners.

It’s easy to use, can be done anywhere and builds strength and muscle as it improves athletic performance.

The Machine has been around since the 1930s.

It was originally sold as an exercise device that would help you build up your legs muscles in order to improve your athletic performance.

Nowadays it’s used by athletes of all kinds like runners, cyclists, functional fitness athletes, strength athletes, boxers and martial artists.

How Does the Sissy Squat Machine Build Leg Strength?

The Machine is one of the best machines you can use to build leg strength.

This is because it works several muscles at once to help you get the most out of your workout.

Some other exercises that may also help you build leg strength and muscle include lunges, leg presses, deadlifts and squats.

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You’ll find that compound exercises work more than one muscle group at a time by using multiple joints in the body (such as your knee joints). These are usually more effective than isolation exercises (like bicep curls) because they tax and improve every muscle group involved.

By using the Machine regularly, you’ll develop stronger legs overall. Not just in your ability to perform this specific exercise!

Leg and Glutes Muscles

Learn more about the muscles that the Sissy Squat works.


The gluteus maximus (also known as the gluteal muscles) is a large, fleshy mass of muscle located at the back of your hip.

It’s one of three major buttock muscles that are responsible for extending and rotating your hip joint. The other two are tensor fasciae latae and piriformis.

The gluteus maximus plays an important role in walking, running and jumping because it helps propel you forward while keeping your posture upright and stable when you move.

In addition to these physical functions, glutes also help with sitting down and standing up from a chair or lying down on your side during sleep — all things that many people do multiple times per day!


Your hamstrings are located on the back of your thighs.

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They’re used in movements such as walking, running, and kicking. You can strengthen your hamstrings by doing exercises like squats and lunges.


The quadriceps are a group of four muscles in the thigh that form the front of the upper leg. The following four muscles make up your quadriceps:

  • Vastus lateralis
  • Vastus intermedius
  • Rectus femoris
  • Vastus medialis


Calf muscles are located on the back of your lower leg, and they extend from below the knee to the ankle. Calf exercises can be done with weights or without weights, depending on your level of fitness and goals.

Calves can be worked out with a variety of exercises including:

  • Standing or seated calf raises
  • Donkey calf raises (on all fours)
  • Seated calf press


The abductors are the muscles that move the thigh away from the body.

They’re used in most exercises, including squats and lunges, as well as while walking and running. The abductors help stabilize your hips when you run or participate in other sports. Abdominals

Adductors allow for inner thigh movement, which is necessary for functional tasks such as walking up the stairs or performing squats with proper form.


Adductors are muscles that help you move your legs together.

  • The adductor longus is one of the longest muscles in your body and originates on the pubic bone. It travels under the inguinal ligament (a flap of connective tissue) and inserts into the upper edge of both bones that make up each side of your pelvis.
  • The adductor brevis runs from a point just below the hipbone to attach to both sides of your pelvis at its inner edges, near where it meets with other tissues for support and stability.
  • The pectineus attaches to just above where you can see it on yourself, running along your inner thigh from front to back. It also connects with other tissues for support and stability as they run together underneath all muscles in this area between hips and knees—these are called intermuscular septa (singular = septum).

There are many leg muscles to work out, aside from the glutes. It is important to know how each muscle group works and what exercises you should do for each one. You can incorporate these exercises into your routine for a more balanced body.


The Machine is a great way to build leg strength and is perfect for athletes of all ability levels.

You can do this exercise at home or in the gym, so it’s an easy addition to any workout routine.

From our testing, we recommend the Reflex Sissy Machine.

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