Fitness Companies in the Metaverse

This guide to fitness companies in the metaverse will give you a broad understanding of the possible new directions that the industry is starting to take.

Fitness is a $100 billion industry, and it’s in the middle of a digital transformation.

While the fitness industry has long been dependent on brick-and-mortar gyms to provide workout spaces, expensive equipment, and (for some) trainers who can motivate you to do burpees when you’d rather stay on the couch, the recent pandemic has demonstrated just how much we can do at home.

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What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is essentially a virtual reality that is layered on top of the physical, material world in which we live.

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The metaverse is a simulated reality where you can go and do anything. It’s like a video game or social network, but in real life.

It is accessed through virtual reality headsets such as the Occulus Rift.

You can create your own avatar, meet other people, and even take part in tournaments of combat—all while exploring the virtual world of the Metaverse.

The metaverse may sound like something out of science fiction, but this dream is closer than ever to becoming a reality thanks to recent developments in technology and gaming platforms.

As more companies begin experimenting with building their own metaverses for their users to explore and interact in (think Facebook Spaces), we’ll hopefully see them become more widespread as time goes on.

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Blockchain is an integral part of the metaverse, because the technology enables users to protect their digital assets in virtual reality. This point is underlined by real blockchain projects such as “Axie Infinity” and “The Sandbox”.

Are there Gyms in the Metaverse?

The answer is yes, there are gyms in the metaverse.

There are also personal trainers, gym clothes, trainers and other types of workout equipment.

These companies offer services such as personal training and nutrition coaching to help people achieve their fitness goals. Some examples include:

  • MetaGym: offers virtual trainers to guide you through various exercises
  • Gympact: rewards users for getting fit by giving them points that can be spent on items like clothing or decorations for their avatar
  • FitLift: allows you to walk on a treadmill while traveling through beautiful landscapes

How Does Exercising in the Metaverse Work?

The Metaverse is a virtual world that can be accessed through a VR headset or computer. It includes various landscapes, including mountains and deserts. Users can create avatars to represent themselves in the Metaverse and interact with other users as well as other elements within the environment.

Users’ avatars are customizable, allowing them to choose their avatar’s gender, facial features, clothing style and colour scheme among other options.

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Exercise in the Metaverse can take place in a variety of locations – indoors or outdoors – depending on what type of exercise you’re doing.

If you are performing an activity that requires space (e.g., running elsewhere that a treadmill), then it will take place outside of your home or gym location; if not (i.e., weightlifting), then it will occur indoors at your home or gym location.

How Will the Metaverse Impact the Fitness Industry?

The Metaverse will allow for more people to exercise, in more places and at their own pace.

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The Metaverse is a virtual reality platform that allows you to interact with other users and experience life as an avatar. With the Metaverse, you can run on a treadmill while interacting with friends who are also using their avatars to jog next to you.

You could even play basketball against another team of avatars.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this new technology.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse

There are a variety of fitness companies in the metaverse, blazing new trails towards the future of fitness.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: OliveX

OliveX is a digital health and fitness company delivering unique user experiences through fitness gamification, augmented reality, and play-to-earn experiences.

The OliveX fitness metaverse provides platforms that enable real-world fitness to merge with the digital universe in order to engage consumers with brands, influencers, and coaches.

OliveX is designed for those who exercise at home, at the gym, or outdoors in over 170 countries.

The company is “Creating and incubating gamified fitness experiences on the blockchain in partnership with premium gaming and fitness brands to provide users with an immersive fitness experience and empower them with digital property rights.”

Users can use the OliveX app to track their fitness goals and progress over time. The wearable device tracks your activity levels in real time, so you can see how much exercise you’re getting every day.

You can also access the OliveX community for support from other people trying to achieve similar goals as you. Your data will be available in the marketplace, where companies like Fitbit sell their products directly through the app.

Anyone who wants to get fit can download the free OliveX app and start using it right away; there’s no need to sign up or pay anything upfront (though some features are only available through premium subscriptions).

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As users reach specific milestones within their personal fitness goals—for example, having a certain number of steps per day—they earn badges based on those achievements.

The communities allow users with similar interests or goals (for example running) to work together.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: Playinnovation

Playinnovation is a company that provides a platform for virtual exercise.

The company’s website says that its goal is to “bring fitness back into the home” and to help people who are unable to afford personal trainers “get their bodies in shape.”

Playinnovation provides virtual fitness equipment for the Metaverse, allowing users to make their own workouts by selecting various machines and then modifying the settings on each one.

They also provide virtual fitness trainers who will give you advice on how best to use your equipment, as well as games that can be played with friends or strangers in order to make exercising more fun than it would otherwise be.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: Gym Aesthetics

Gym Aesthetics are a German fitness company that are also expanding into the metaverse.

Gym Aesthetics launched their Gymetaverse and announced the first avatar Ares from the Gym A X Dustland Runner NFT project in The Sandbox.

“Gymetaverse seamlessly integrates the concept of the gym and metaverse to provide an interactive new experience to gym lovers. Amid the current societal landscape where in-person fitness is limited, Gymetaverse is eliminating the confines of a traditional neighborhood gym or fitness centre.”

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“Users can accomplish their fitness goals anywhere through virtual workouts, including more engaging fitness activities and immersive gamification of fitness within a digital space to accomplish one’s wildest dreams.” 


Meta’s focus will be to bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find communities and grow businesses.”

“The metaverse will feel like a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, sometimes expanded into three dimensions or projected into the physical world. It will let you share immersive experiences with other people even when you can’t be together — and do things together you couldn’t do in the physical world. It’s the next evolution in a long line of social technologies, and it’s ushering in a new chapter for our company.”

If you’re looking for something more social than just working out alone at home or at the gym, Meta Platforms offers co-working spaces where people can meet up both physically or virtually.

Lympo Squat

Lympo Squat is a fitness app that rewards you for exercising.

It’s a gamified fitness app, and it’s also social—you can connect with other people who use the app to track their exercise progress.

You’ll have to work hard to get fit and earn your rewards, but if you stick with it, you’ll be able to reap some pretty cool benefits!

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: Trib3

TRIB3 is a next-level fitness studio that fuses scientifically-proven HIIT workout, fully tracked with heart-rate monitors with an epic sensory experience.

They have a well-rounded selection of exercises, including cardio, strength training and flexibility work. With Trib3 you get access to over 60 different classes based on your area of interest; from yoga through to functional fitness.

The workouts are easy to follow with clear instructions and helpful tips throughout each class. The app is designed so that you can do them at home or outside in the park if you don’t want to go into gym or studio environments.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: Peloton

Peloton is a fitness company that offers live, on-demand virtual classes. This means that you can hop on your bike and ride with other Peloton users in real time.

When you’re in the studio, it feels like you have a private instructor by your side—the instructors will adjust the resistance level of the bike to match your fitness level, so that no matter what fitness level or experience level you are at, it works for everyone.

The best part about Peloton is that besides being able to take classes from home or wherever else in the world you want (as long as there’s internet access), they also offer subscriptions to streaming online content: live workouts from their studios; yoga classes taught by experts; health and wellness videos and even TV shows.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: Nike

Nike is a global brand that has been in the fitness industry for decades. They are building a strong presence in the Metaverse.

They bought RTFKT Studios, a shoe company that makes NFTs and sneakers for the metaverse.

“RTFKT specializes in creating virtual ready-to-wear items, associating each of its products with an NFT. These NFTs are digital deeds of ownership that are certified and traceable on the blockchain. Each product RTKFT sells is available in very limited quantities to create excitement and create a feeling of exclusivity.”

Nike says nearly 7 million people have visited its metaverse superplex, Nikeland, since the locale launched in November.

Nikeland is built within Roblox, the online gaming platform that boasts nearly 50 million daily active users and has been making metaverse moves since…well, technically since its beginnings.

Nike was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in January 1964 when both men were students at Stanford University. The name Nike is actually an acronym based on Greek goddess of victory, giving inspiration to their motto “Just Do It”. Their main products include shoes and apparel but they also produce sportswear such as clothing for extreme sports like snowboarding or skateboarding.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: Les Mills

Les Mills is a fitness company that aims to help you improve your physical and mental health. Their app, platform, studios, programs, products and experiences are all designed to bring you closer to your goals.

Les Mills has been in operation for over 50 years and has been providing their services in the Metaverse at least that long. They offer classes ranging from BodyPump to BODYVIVE on the gym floor or at home through virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive (and other devices).

What Equipment Do You Need to Exercise in the Metaverse?

To start with the basics, you’ll need a VR headset.

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While there are many options on the market, we recommend the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

Both of these products have been in development for some time now and are ready for use by people of all ages and skill levels.

Next up is your exercise equipment! Here’s what you can expect from each type:


This device allows you to move around inside virtual spaces while being able to see yourself as if you were outside running on real pavement or grass.


Another great way to exercise in VR is using a stationary bike.

The ability to pedal while looking around will help keep up your motivation throughout long sessions without getting bored with stationary exercises like standard cycling classes normally do!

In the Metaverse, Exercise becomes an Event

The Metaverse is a virtual world where people can interact with each other in a shared environment. Imagine a platform where you can exercise and socialize, all at the same time! This is what the Metaverse offers its users.

Fitness Companies in the Metaverse: Social, Engaging and Fun

Fitness in the Metaverse is a social and engaging experience that can be rewarding. It’s also just plain fun.

When you exercise in the virtual world, you can interact with other players, make friends, and find new people to spend time with.

Here’s to a healthier, more immersive future.