Helly Hansen Hiking Boots: Ultimate Buyers Guide for Men and Women

We’re back with our feet fitted snugly into a selection of Helly Hansen hiking boots. It’s hard not to feel at home when you’re dealing with a brand that takes such rightful pride in their heritage.

Helly Hansen has been keeping adventurers outfitted for over 140 years. Starting out in Norway, the brand can always be relied upon to deliver professional grade gear that performs when it counts

The brand has been marketed for those who ‘want to feel alive’. The rugged footwear they design is styled for the outdoors and never fails when it comes to keeping feet protected.

What separates this brand from others like it (or, inevitable imitators) is the fact it’s worn by professionals who work in some of the world’s toughest environments. From oceans and mountains to city streets and worksites, Helly Hansen gear seems to thrive everywhere.

It’s not surprise then that this is the best-loved apparel brand among ski professionals (estimated at more than 55,000). The twin initials can be found at over 200 ski resorts around the world, as well as being stamped on guides as they lead various snowswept operations.

Rich History, Bright Future

The core values of Helly Hansen have always been centred on authenticity, teamwork and integrity. This is a brand with a flag firmly planted in its past, recalling tales that trace back to the earliest days of sea captain Helly Juell Hansen in 1877.

For years, the company specialised in sailing gear and today their clothing is still worn by word-class sailors who navigate the world’s oceans and confront the elements. Helly Hansen is always visible during iconic regattas.

The Scandinavian brand has been favoured as workwear for its performance and safety features too. There is an extensive list of first-to-market innovations they’ve been responsible for and many examples set along the way.

We could wax lyrical about their achievements for longer, but maybe we should focus more clearly on the subject of this blog. It’s time to thread our laces and tread into an impressive selection of Men’s Hiking Boots and Women’s Hiking Boots.

Women's Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots
©Helly Hansen

10. Women’s Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots

Our first pick for first time buyers are the Women’s Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots, designed as a safe and comfortable option for more arduous mountain hikes.

These boots are part of the Verglas collection, defined by a clever usage of technical materials, combined with versatile designs.

If you want footwear that’s durable, but comfortable too, these boots are always a confident choice. They represent design solutions that have been carefully honed for years of future adventures.

The Montragon hiking boots also feature both HH® Quick Dry and HH® Seam-Shield technologies, ensuring your steps are dry and supported in all conditions. You can rely on the HH® Infinity Fit for maximum comfort on long hikes as well.

Women's Traverse HellyTech® WATERPROOF Hiking Boots
©Helly Hansen

9. Women’s Traverse HellyTech® WATERPROOF Hiking Boots

Next up, we’ve picked out a supportive and lightweight option that doubles as a much-loved companion for hikers who need dry feet at all times – basically, all hikers.

These waterproof hiking boots utilise a combination of HellyTech® WATERPROOF, HH® Quick Dry and HH® Seam-Shield technologies to give you the support you need as you explore.

When it comes to comfort, you can rely on the HH® Infinity Fit and HH® Max-Comfort Insole to protect your feet and help your strides on the trail. There are so many interesting features packed into these hiking shoes.

©Helly Hansen

8. Women’s Featherswift Trail Running Shoes

Entry-level trail runners and explorers need look no further than these Featherswift shoes for a comfortable companion on their daily exertions. Wherever your off-roading leads these shoes will follow.

The design is rugged and stable, utilising a cushioned and flexible fit, boosted by HH® Power-Stride technology. These lightweight running shows are suitable for hiking too – nimble and more lightweight than the heavier Hawk trail running shoes.

Neat additional features include HH® Quick Dry and HH® Free-Flex technologies, as well as HH® Comfort Insoles to ensure you’re always comfortable and sure-footed.

Women's Northway Approach Hiking Shoes
©Helly Hansen

7. Women’s Northway Approach Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes have to be water-repellent and supportive – these are two features to prize above all others. Therefore these Northway hiking shoes are ideally suited for your time on the trail.

The design also benefits from intuitive Surround-Grip technology, which keeps your strides confident as you explore. Durability is ensured by HH® Tough-Wear and HH® Max-Grip helps to glue your feet to unsteady ground as well.

Women's Cascade Low-Cut HELLY TECH® Hiking Shoes
©Helly Hansen

6. Women’s Cascade Low-Cut HELLY TECH® Hiking Shoes

These low-cut hiking shoes are made for high performance and daily exertion. Your feet will always be protected in the Women’s Cascade Low HELLY TECH® – a lightweight and stable option with all the cushioned comfort you need.

You’ll have your very own HELLY TECH® WATERPROOF membrane to fend off unwanted water seepage. While the low-cut design features a Swift-Frame stabilizer and HH Pro-Guard toe and Heel-cap for optimal durability.

Stay cushioned on a HH® Max Comfort insole, supported by an outsole with a multi-directional traction system. You can hike with confidence on any terrain and in punishing conditions too.

Men's Cascade HELLY TECH® Waterproof Mid Cut Hiking Boots
©Helly Hansen

5. Men’s Cascade HELLY TECH® Waterproof Mid Cut Hiking Boots

Now, we lead our selection of hiking shoes for men with these Cascade mid-height hiking shoes, built to hug and protect your feet on the trail. Waterproof protection is guaranteed with a trusted HELLY TECH® membrane as well.

Again, you can rely on a swift-frame stabilizer and HH Pro Guard toe and Heel-cap for added support during long days on the move. Also, comfortable insole and Power-Stride midsole technology combine to give you cushioned comfort when it counts.

Step out onto a diverse range of terrain with your feet firmly planted in these lightweight hiking shoes. You’ll always feel protected and grounded with a multi-directional traction system on the outsole to avoid any missteps, or stumbles.

Men’s Switchback Trail Low-Cut Helly Tech® Hiking Boots
©Helly Hansen

4. Men’s Switchback Trail Low-Cut Helly Tech® Hiking Boots

Another option for lovers of low-cut hiking boots, wrapped in responsibly sourced suede – if you’re looking for versatile and comfortable footwear these boots offer the best traction on challenging terrain.

The Switchback Trail hiking shoe is protected by a HELLY TECH® waterproof membrane, which is surprisingly breathable too. The HH® Arch-Brace and superior traction are also cool additions to help you scamper up inclines like a mountain goat.

This low-cut hiking shoe was designed with cushioned comfort in mind and you can put your trust in the protective toe and heel caps when it comes to the painful calamity of kicking rocks.

Men's Switchback Trail Airflow Low-Cut Hiking Boots
©Helly Hansen

3. Men’s Switchback Trail Airflow Low-Cut Hiking Boots

Another Switchback pick, defined by features that enhance comfort, breathability and cushioning. These day-hiker boots are built for assured performance.

The low-cut Switchback Trail Airflow boots are lightweight and quick-drying, with hydrophobic treated upper materials and HH® Quick Dry technology. The design boasts weathertight suedes and a protective toe and Heel-cap as well.

Footfalls never felt so good thanks to a well cushioned foam midsole and outsole designed for traction on troubling terrain.

Men's Traverse HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots
©Helly Hansen

2. Men’s Traverse HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots

Second to last, we’ve picked out these Traverse hiking boots for their scrappy ability to tackle any trail you take on. They’re made for the core hiker, which basically means they’re exceptionally waterproof, comfortable and durable.

Walk assured that you’re in supportive and lightweight hiking boots, wrapped in a Helly Tech® WATERPROOF membrane that bats off any pesky rain. While HH® Max-Grip sole technology provides impressive traction and never disrupts your momentum.

Men's Stalheim HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Shoes
©Helly Hansen

1. Men’s Stalheim HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Finally, it’s time to dig in and power up those mountains in these technical hiking shoes. The Stalheim design offers all the features you need to activate the agility of a train runner and take on new adventures.

These waterproof hiking shoes are notable for their stability, grip and weatherproofing – built to make short work of rough terrain. Note that the midsole and arch-brace are designed to offer comfort and stability.

When the trail calls you can answer with confident steps and superior traction, buoyed by the powers of these supportive and lightweight hiking shoes. If it rains, fear not, for these beauties are fully waterproof with a trusted HELLY TECH® membrane.

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