Rogue Deep Dish Plates Arnold Edition – Why You Need to Lift with them

Take your training to the next level with the Rogue Deep Dish Plates Arnold Edition.

What is the Rogue Deep Dish Plate Arnold Edition?

The Rogue Arnold Deep Dish Plate is a special premium variant of Rogue’s existing 45LB Deep Dish Plate.

Front view

The design is directly modelled after the machined steel plates they have produced for the Elephant Bar Deadlift event at the Arnold Strongman Classic, but it’s cast by one of their American foundry partners, allowing Rogue to offer an official Arnold plate for the first time.

Distinguished by the iconic Schwarzenegger silhouette embossed between the weight indications, each Rogue Arnold Deep Dish Plate also includes a machined outer rim, back face, and centre hub in the vintage style. They have a 450mm outside diameter, 50mm width, and a strict weight tolerance of +2% / -0%.

They are available to order as singles or in packs, and are produced exclusively in the 45LB weight increment.

The Benefits of the “Deep Dish” Weight Plate

The extra-wide “deep dish” design of these plates instantly harks back to the classic cast iron plates of the past, which were used for all Olympic lifts before the first bumpers were invented in the 1960s.

Historically, deep dish plates were favoured more for functionality than aesthetic, as their increased surface area minimized the damage to old-school wooden platforms and rubber mats when dropped—but over time, they grew to be equally prized for their vintage appearance.

Hole in metal

With Rogue’s Deep Dish Plates, Rogue have recaptured the iconic look and feel of that era while also utilizing the latest in modern casting, machining, and finishing methods, producing plates that are much more resilient than the ones that inspired them.

Development of Rogue Deep Dish Plates Arnold Edition

Rogue developed this first-ever Arnold Deep Dish Plate with Cadillac Casting, Inc., a Michigan-based foundry backed by nearly 100 years of history in metal casting and an unmatched reputation for quality.

As with their E-Coat Kettlebells (which they also produce), Cadillac casts each Arnold Plate from ductile iron, which has a higher tensile strength and yield strength than standard grey iron, along with superior corrosion resistance.

Precision machining on the entire back, centre hub, and outer rim of each plate ensures a uniform diameter and secure fit on the bar, and the electrically applied E-coat finish goes on thinner than a traditional powder coat, allowing for a lustrous finish without losing the underlying texture of the casting.

E-coat is also known for its excellent adhesion, even coverage, and overall toughness.


  • Made in the USA
  • Modelled After Elephant Bar Deadlift Plates from Arnold Strongman Classic
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Ductile Iron Construction – Cast in Cadillac, Michigan
  • Black E-Coat Finish
  • Increments: 45LB only
  • Width: 1.97″ (50mm)
  • Diameter: 17.72″ (450mm)
  • Collar Opening: 50MM
  • Weight tolerance: Weight Tolerance +2% / -0%
  • Rogue Branding
  • Arnold Silhouette
  • Patented Design

Rogue Deep Dish Plates Arnold Edition Special Features

Learn more about the Deep Dish Plate Arnold Edition.

1. Modelled After the Arnold’s Elephant Bar Plates

If you’ve seen the strongest men on Earth take on the Elephant Bar Deadlift at the Arnold Strongman Classic, then you’ve seen the plates Rogue built for that event and the direct inspiration for these Arnold Deep Dish Plates.

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The only difference is that these commercial models are cast through traditional methods by their friends at Cadillac Casting, rather than machined from chunks of steel.

45 lbs detail

As a result, Rogue are able to offer Arnold plates, complete with the official Arnold silhouette logo for the first time.

2. Made in the USA

Longtime Rogue partner Cadillac Casting, Inc. (Cadillac, MI) has designed and produced a wide variety of complex and safety-critical components for the automotive industry and other industrial clients since the 1920s.

This reputable, privately owned foundry employs 400 highly skilled workers, and was more than equipped to produce the tooling for the standard Deep Dish and Arnold Deep Dish Plates.

Cadillac is playing a key role in bringing quality cast iron weight plate production back to the USA.

3. Ductile Iron

Every Arnold 45LB plate is cast in ductile iron, aka nodular cast iron, which contains strong graphite nodules that make it considerably tougher than standard grey iron.

Ductile iron is regularly used to make automotive components, wheels, gear boxes, and machine frames, and its superior tensile strength, yield strength, and corrosion resistance makes it an ideal option for a long-lasting, extremely robust weight plate.

4. Precision Machining

The entire back portion of each Arnold Deep Dish plate is precision machined, as is the centre hub (where the bar sleeve goes through) and the outer rim.

This unique 3-surface machining process ensures that the plates fit tightly on the bar, are uniform in diameter, and sit flush against each other when loaded.

Deep Dish Plates Arnold Edition front view

The black E-Coat finish goes on thinner than powder coating, and offers excellent adhesion, even coverage, and reliable corrosion resistance. Users can also expect a smooth feel that retains more of the natural grit of the casting.

What are the Benefits of Metal Weightlifting Plates for Olympic Barbells?

Metal weightlifting plates offer several benefits for Olympic barbells compared to other types of plates. Here are some advantages:


Metal weightlifting plates are highly durable and can withstand heavy use over an extended period. They are less prone to cracking, chipping, or warping compared to other materials like rubber or bumper plates. This durability ensures that the plates remain functional and maintain their shape, even after repeated drops and heavy lifting.

Precision Weight

Metal plates are typically more accurate in terms of their weight compared to rubber or bumper plates. This precision allows athletes to fine-tune their training by precisely adjusting the load. In Olympic weightlifting, where small weight increments can make a significant difference, this accuracy is crucial for progressive training and achieving personal bests.

Thin Profile

Metal plates tend to have a thinner profile compared to rubber or bumper plates of the same weight. This thinness allows for more weight to be loaded onto the bar, enabling lifters to increase the total weight lifted without running out of space on the sleeves of the barbell. It is especially important when attempting maximum lifts in Olympic weightlifting.

Secure Fit

Metal plates typically have a snug fit on the barbell sleeves due to their standardized diameter. This secure fit minimizes plate movement during lifts, reducing the risk of imbalance or shifting weight during the exercise. It provides stability and allows the lifter to focus on their form and technique.


Metal weightlifting plates have a longer lifespan compared to rubber or bumper plates. They are less prone to wear and tear, and their durable construction ensures they can withstand frequent and intense use without deteriorating. This longevity makes them a cost-effective choice for long-term use in commercial gyms, weightlifting clubs, or home gyms.

Sound and Feedback

Metal plates produce a distinct sound when dropped, which can be beneficial for Olympic weightlifters. The auditory feedback helps athletes gauge the quality and efficiency of their lifts. It allows them to identify if the bar is staying close to the body, maintaining proper technique, or if there are any imbalances during the lift.

It’s important to note that while metal weightlifting plates offer these benefits, the choice of plates ultimately depends on individual preferences, training goals, and the specific requirements of the sport or activity.

Why are Rogue Deep Dish Plates Arnold Edition Plates So Durable?

Metal Rogue weightlifting plates are known for their durability due to several factors:

High-Quality Materials: Rogue Fitness, the manufacturer of Rogue weightlifting plates, is known for using high-quality materials in their products. They typically use cast iron or steel to construct their weight plates. These materials are exceptionally strong and resilient, making the plates highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy use.

Robust Construction: Rogue weightlifting plates are built with a focus on durability. They are often made using a single piece construction, which means they are cast from a single mold. This construction method eliminates weak points or seams that could potentially lead to cracks or breaks. The solid construction ensures the plates can withstand repeated drops and heavy lifting without compromising their integrity.

Deep Dish Plates Arnold Edition rear view

Protective Coatings: Many Rogue weightlifting plates feature protective coatings that enhance their durability. For example, they may be coated with a thin layer of durable rubber or urethane. These coatings provide additional protection against corrosion, chipping, and scratching. They also dampen noise and reduce the potential for damage to the barbell and gym flooring when the plates are dropped.

Quality Control: Rogue Fitness has a reputation for rigorous quality control processes. The company ensures that each weight plate meets its stringent standards before leaving the factory. This attention to detail helps eliminate manufacturing defects and ensures consistent quality across their product line.

Designed for Intense Use: Rogue weightlifting plates are designed to withstand intense training and heavy loads. They are commonly used in commercial gyms, weightlifting clubs, and professional training facilities, where they are subject to constant use by multiple athletes. The plates are engineered to endure the demands of these environments and maintain their performance over an extended period.

Powder-Coated Finish: Many Rogue weightlifting plates feature a powder-coated finish. This finish not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion and wear. The powder-coated finish helps prevent rusting and maintains the appearance of the plates even with frequent use and exposure to sweat and moisture.

While Rogue weightlifting plates are known for their durability, proper maintenance and care are essential to prolong their lifespan.

Regular cleaning, storage in a suitable environment, and appropriate use (avoiding excessive dropping or impacts) can help ensure their longevity.

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