Why You Should Train with Rogue Farmers Walk Handles

Rogue Farmers Walk Handles are the perfect way to add this highly effective exercise into your training and reap the numerous benefits.

What are Farmers Walk Handles?

Farmers Walk Handles are heavy duty welded metal handles attached to a pole that is specially designed to hold weightlifting plates.

This allows you to easily adjust the weights, load up heavy and ensure that everything is equal across both sides.

Both handles together on rubber floor.

They are built to withstand exceptionally heavy loads and last a lifetime, so that you can keep on getting stronger and fitter.

A Full Body Workout in a Simple Movement

While widely known from Strongman competitions, adding a farmers walk / farmers carry to a regimen can have wide-ranging benefits for all types of athletes.

man carrying weights outside

Besides the obvious emphasis on grip and forearm strength, this simple compound movement (with the added advantage of adjustable weight loads) can build greater overall endurance and GPP while strengthening the upper back, shoulders, legs, and core.

Deceptively Simple Grip Training

The top quality, American-made Rogue Farmers Walk handles prove the limitless potential of a simple design and a simple movement.

As a workout, the farmer’s carry takes weight training back to barnyard basics, but it’s become increasingly popular among modern strength athletes, not just as an efficient way to build forearm and grip strength, but for its full body, muscle building benefits—from the glutes, quads and calves to the upper back, shoulders, and core.

flat lay of handle

The prolonged muscle tension created simply by walking with heavy weights in each arm, in proper posture, helps develop greater endurance for all types of athletic disciples.

Why Rogue Farmers Walk Handles are the Best

While variations of the farmers walk can be performed using dumbbells or kettlebells, their specialized 60” Rogue Farmers Walk handles are built solely for this purpose and offer convenient compatibility with standard Oly plates.

How Much Weight Can Rogue Farmers Walk Handles Carry

This means any athlete can quickly customize the weight load, utilizing 24” of total loadable sleeve space on each bar, with a capacity up to 400 LBS.

Full handle view

The elevated grip portion of the handles are made from 1” schedule 40 pipe, and the entire unit includes our Signature texture black powdercoat finish for a firm grip and a great look.


  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Handle: 1″ Schedule 40 Pipe
  • Shaft: 1.5″ Schedule 80 Pipe
  • Overall Length: 60”
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 24” (12” on each end)
  • Finish: Signature Texture Black Powdercoat
  • 12″ of loadable sleeve space
  • Can be used with standard bumper plates or cast-iron plates

Quality Rogue Construction

Rogue Farmers Walk Handles are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio with US steel, utilizing 1.5” schedule 80 pipe (shaft) and 1” schedule 40 pipe (handles).

Each shaft has an overall length of 5 feet, with 12” of loadable sleeve space on each end.

Rogue Farmers Walk Handles top section

For improved grip and durability, they’ve used their Signature Texture Black Powdercoat finish.

An unloaded Farmers Walk Handle weighs 21.5 LBS and can hold up to 400 LBS in bumpers or cast iron plates.

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Reasons Why the Farmers Walk is Good for You

The farmers walk is a simple exercise that has been used for hundreds of years. It evolved from the methods that farmers in Europe used to carry heavy loads. It’s also a great way for you to build muscle, burn fat and increase your grip strength.

There are many benefits of the farmers walk, but we’ll discuss a selection of major ones here:

It’s a Full-Body Compound Movement

The Farmers walk is a full-body compound movement. It works the legs, core, arms, back and shoulders. This makes it a great total body workout.

It Builds Total-Body Strength.

You use your entire body to carry the weight, including your core and stabilizers. That means you’re getting a total-body workout in just one exercise.

Farmers walks improve balance and coordination in addition to strength, which will help you prevent injury when performing other exercises (such as squats).

It Build Mental Strength

The farmers walk is a challenging exercise that can help you build mental strength.

Having strong mental strength is important in life, and it is something that many people lack.

Rogue Farmers Walk Handles with welded joint

A resilient mindset will help you accomplish your goals, make better decisions, and be more successful in your career or personal life. Here are some examples of how having strong mental strength will help you in everyday life:

You won’t get discouraged by difficult situations. If your car breaks down on the way to work, instead of getting frustrated and feeling defeated by this problem, you’ll be able to think positively about what happened and come up with different ways to get into work without driving (or walking). This positive attitude will make it easier to find solutions to problems and thus lead an overall happier life!

You’ll be able to handle pressure well because when things get tough at work or school (or anywhere else), being able to stay focused, despite all the distractions around us, can give us an advantage over others who aren’t mentally tough enough for such situations.

Rogue Farmers Walk Handles Augment Grip Strength

Grip strength is a useful attribute to have, as it improves your ability to do physically demanding tasks. You can use your grip strength in everyday life, as well as for sports and exercise (think how important it is in climbing for example).

One of the best ways to build up your grip strength is through lifting weights, but Farmers walks offer even more.

Rogue Farmers Walk Handles with clip

Farmers walks are a good way to train both your general and specific grip strength, because they involve carrying an object that’s heavy and awkward—just like many real-world situations where we need our hands for support or leverage.

It is Highly Functional for Movements in General Life

The farmer’s walk is a very functional exercise, and training for it will do wonders for your strength.

It is highly useful for movements in general life and sports, work, play etc. When you have a heavy load in each hand that needs to be moved from point A to point B on the floor or up an incline (such as when walking stairs), your body must activate muscles along its entire kinetic chain to maintain proper posture during the movement.

This requires constant tension on those muscles throughout their lengths so that they are able to stabilize joints and prevent buckling under load.

The same principle applies if you’re carrying something like grocery bags, water bottles or a tent or kayak at home or while traveling. Every so often we need some sort of strength training exercise just so we can perform our daily tasks without damaging ourselves.

It’s a Powerful Fat Burner

If you’re looking for a way to burn fat and lose weight, the farmers walk is a great choice. It’s a full body exercise that will boost your overall fitness level as well as help you shed the pounds.

The Farmers walk is one of the best exercises for building muscle and burning fat because it works every muscle in your body simultaneously. By combining strength training with cardio, this workout makes sure that all of your muscles are being worked as well as your cardiovascular system.

It’s more Challenging than you Think

The farmers walk is a great way to build total body strength, grip strength, and mental toughness. It’s also a great way to burn fat.

You may think that the farmers walk is easy because all you do is carry something. You’re wrong!

The farmers walk is one of the best exercises for strengthening your arms and shoulders; it improves your core stability by working all of your muscles at once; it helps improve motor control by forcing you to maintain good form; and it’s an excellent way for beginners to learn how to lift heavier weights without destroying their bodies in the process (if done correctly).

The key here is that every time you pick up something heavy with both hands while walking, your body has no choice but to engage itself in order to keep everything balanced—which means more muscle development over time.

Conclusion – Rogue Farmers Walk Handles

The farmers walk is one of the best exercises you can do for building total-body strength and functional movement.

It’s also a great way to burn fat and improve your mental game—and all with just two Rogue Farmers walk handles and weights!

The farmers walk might look simple, but it’s actually one of the most challenging movements out there.

The Rogue Farmers walk handles will last a lifetime and offer the best quality on the market. If you are a gym owner looking to keep you members challenged and happy, or need to expand your potential training repertoire in the garage gym, then they are a great buy.

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