Why You Should Train with the AbMat Preacher Pad

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the AbMat Preacher Pad and why it is such an effective piece of gym equipment for many different athletes.

What is the AbMat Preacher Pad?

Co-developed by AbMat and Adam Hensely of Garage Gym Lab, the Preacher Pad is a portable, space-saving, low-cost alternative to buying a complete preacher curl machine.

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Where is it Made?

This triangular high-density foam pad is manufactured in the USA and can benefit athletes of all sizes and disciplines.

Is the Preacher Pad right for me? Find out now…

How Do You Use a Preacher Pad?

By simply placing the pad in the lap when seated, it instantly creates an ideal angle for performing preacher curls, all while utilizing the contours of the body as a natural support for the cushion.

Preacher pad in action with athlete

What Exercises Can You Do with a Preacher Pad?

The primary exercise is the preacher curl. This can be performed with either a barbell, EZ bar or dumbbells.

You can also do single arm preacher curls.

Woman doing dumbbell snatches outside
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Another great way to use a preacher pad is to vary the rep ranges and programming. Test yourself with drop sets, super sets, pause reps or isometric holds.

What Other Purposes Can a Preacher Pad Perform?

Though designed to rest in your lap, the Preacher Pad can also rest on a bench top, plyometric box, or similar support.

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How Does the Preacher Pad Save You Money?

The main advantage of the AbMat preacher pad is that you can purchase it for the fraction of the price you would pay for a full metal preacher curl bench.


  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions 8” x 13” x 24”
  • Soft Black Vinyl
  • High Density Foam
  • Antimicrobial and water resistant
  • Colour: Black with White Printing
  • Inventor: Adam Hensley

How Does the Preacher Pad Saves You Space?

It is also highly portable and does not take up much space to store.

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For example, one reviewer on the Rogue website explained “I have an extensive home gym, but space is limited.  I put my Rogue rackable EZ curl bar on the rack, put the AbMat preacher pad on a bench, kneel down and I have a great preacher bench.  All without the space in my gym taken up by a single use preacher bench.”

“I try to purchase equipment that have multiple uses or take up little space. If you’re wanting to do preacher curls (and you should) this pad is a great way to accomplish this.”

“Look at the cost of a quality preacher curl.  The Cost for this AbMat is much less.”

Is a Preacher Pad Worth It?

Simple answer, yes.

It is a fantastic way to save hundreds of dollars and provides the same benefits.

Brett P from Chicago described the Preacher Pad as a “Great product…10/10 would recommend as a great addition to any home gym!”

Where can You Buy a Preacher Pad?

The best place to buy is from Rogue Fitness.

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