What is the Best Rogue Deadlift Platform?

Find the best Rogue Deadlift platform for your needs.

Rogue Fitness, known universally for their excellent equipment and dedication to all things strength sports, offer two deadlift platforms that are perfect for deadlifting.

They also sell a specialised Olympic Lifting platform, which can also be used to deadlift if you prefer.

Rogue Deadlift Platform vs Power Platform: What Sets them Apart?

ModelRogue Deadlift PlatformRogue Power Platform
Made in USAYesYes
Length8’ 4”90”
Width4’ 4”72”
MaterialPowdercoated SteelRe-Vulcanized Rubber
Metal2×2” 11-Gauge SteelNA
ExtrasOptional Wood InsertsImpact Zones
AdditionalFloor ClipsEnhanced Traction
Where to PurchaseRogue Deadlift PlatformRogue Power Platform

What are the Advantages of Deadlifting with a Deadlift Platform?

Deadlifting with a deadlift platform offers several advantages compared to lifting without one. Here are some of the benefits supported by powerlifting studies:

Increased Stability:

A deadlift platform provides a stable and even surface for performing deadlifts. This stability allows you to focus on generating force and power from your muscles, rather than worrying about balance or stability issues. Studies have shown that a stable lifting surface can enhance force production and improve lifting performance.

Man deadlifting

Reduced Noise and Vibration:

Deadlifting heavy weights without a platform can create a significant amount of noise and vibration, especially if you’re lifting in a commercial gym or on a concrete floor. The use of a deadlift platform helps absorb the impact and reduces the noise and vibrations generated during the lift. This can be beneficial for both the lifter and others in the gym, as excessive noise and vibration can be disruptive and potentially cause equipment damage.

Protects the Floor:

Deadlift platforms are typically made of durable and resilient materials such as rubber or plywood. By using a deadlift platform, you can protect the gym floor or home surface from damage caused by repeatedly dropping or setting down heavy weights. This is particularly important if you’re training in a rented space, commercial gym, or home gym with sensitive flooring.

Consistent Lifting Height

Deadlift platforms are designed to elevate the barbell to a standardized height, typically around 8 to 9 inches (20 to 23 cm) off the ground. This ensures that the lifter can consistently start each lift from the same height, which is important for maintaining proper technique and form. It also allows for easier adjustment of weights, as you can use standard Olympic-sized plates without worrying about the barbell hitting the ground.

Improved Grip

Some deadlift platforms have specialized surfaces, such as textured rubber or diamond plate, that provide better grip for the lifter. This enhanced grip can be advantageous when lifting heavy loads, as it reduces the likelihood of the bar slipping out of your hands. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that a rubberized deadlift platform significantly improved grip strength during deadlifts compared to lifting on concrete.

Overall, deadlifting with a deadlift platform can enhance stability, reduce noise and vibration, protect the floor, maintain consistent lifting height, and improve grip strength. These advantages can contribute to better lifting performance, increased safety, and a more pleasant training experience.

What is the Best Rogue Deadlift Platform for You?

Find the perfect deadlifting platform for your requirements.

Rogue Deadlift Platform

Speed work is an essential component of any strength program, and a dependable platform can build the literal foundation for it.

Rogue deadlift platform

The 8′ x 4′ Rogue Deadlift Platform features a 2×2″ 11-Gauge Steel frame, and ships standard with (2) floor plates.

This design allows for safe band use outside of a power rack without having to bolt the platform to the floor (their standard Oly Platform, by comparison, requires bolting to the ground for band work).

You can quickly assemble the Rogue Deadlift Platform thanks to a bolt-together design and laser-cut / precision-bent gussets.

Rogue deadlift platform with wood

The provided band pegs are extra long to work with longer specialty barbells in addition to standard barbells, and a set of floor clips are included to secure each end of the platform to the ground.

Flooring Options for this Deadlift Platform

  • Rubber Tiles: An 8 Pack of 24x24x1.5″ Rubber Tiles is available with this product.
  • Combination of Plywood and Stall Mats: Lay 1 full sheet of 3/4″ plywood down as the base. Cut two 2′ wide strips of stall mat and one 4×4′ piece of 3/4″ plywood to be used as a top layer.
  • No Flooring

Optional Upgrade – Custom Built Wood Insert Set

To help create and sustain a more level surface when using the floor plates, Rogue are now offering an optional upgrade with a set of (3) pieces of radiata pine plywood, which can be inserted between the steel floor plates.


Two of the wood pieces are 47.5” x 27.5” x .375” thick, and the third (middle) piece is 47.5” x 31.75” x .375”. Once the wood pieces are inserted between the slats, lifters should still use rubber tiles or stall mats as their lifting surface.

Metal pins

Specifications for Rogue Deadlift platform

Made in the USA with imported tiles
Length: 8′ 4″
Width: 4′ 4”
2×2″ 11-Gauge Steel frame
Laser cut and precision bent gussets
Bolt together design
(4) Floor clips to secure each end to the ground
NEW – Optional Wood Insert Set to create more level surface
Black Powdercoat Finish

Rogue Power Platform

The Power Platform is a durable indoor/outdoor training surface made from re-vulcanized rubber in a modular, loose-lay interlocking format, with no adhesive required.

Power platform

Used at the highest levels of competition, this design includes waffle-pattern impact zones in the base to mitigate noise and vibration, and a diamond-pattern top layer for enhanced traction even in slick conditions.

The Power Platform is Made in the USA, with a 3/4” thick, closed cell construction that makes it easy to clean and reliably anti-microbial / anti-fungal.

Athlete working on Rogue deadlift platform

It’s available here in black, grey fleck, or blue/grey and includes (2) sections with bevelled edges for a quick, locked in set up.

Specifications for the Rogue Power Platform

Made in the USA
Re-Vulcanized Rubber
Closed Cell Material: Anti-Fungal / Anti-Microbial
Modular Loose Lay Interlocking System
Impact Zones for Impact and Noise Reduction
Thickness: 3/4” (18mm)
Footprint: 72″ x 90”

What Specific Materials are Rogue Deadlift Platforms Made From?

Rogue Fitness, a well-known manufacturer of fitness equipment, offers a range of lifting platforms. The specific materials used in Rogue lifting platforms may vary depending on the model and design. However, here are some common materials that Rogue utilizes in their lifting platforms:

Steel: Rogue often incorporates steel components into the construction of their lifting platforms. This includes steel frames and supports that provide structural integrity and durability.

NV Rack
Rogue Manta Ray Adjustable Bench
Rogue Monster Pritchett Pad

Plywood: The surface of Rogue lifting platforms is typically made of high-quality plywood. Plywood is chosen for its strength, stability, and ability to withstand heavy loads. It also provides a solid and secure surface for lifting.

Rubber: Many Rogue lifting platforms feature rubber matting or tiles. Rubber is used for its impact-absorbing properties, noise reduction, and enhanced grip. The rubber surface helps protect the floor from damage and reduces the noise and vibrations caused by dropping weights.

EVA Foam: Some Rogue platforms may incorporate EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam. EVA foam is known for its shock-absorbing qualities and cushioning effect. It provides additional protection to the floor and can enhance the lifter’s comfort during the lift.

It’s important to note that Rogue Fitness offers various models and configurations of lifting platforms, including options for both home and commercial gym settings. Therefore, the specific materials used may differ depending on the product line and customer requirements.

Why Are Rogue Deadlifting Platforms Good Value for Money?

Rogue deadlifting platforms are often regarded as good value for money due to several reasons:

Durability: Rogue Fitness is known for manufacturing high-quality and durable fitness equipment.

Their deadlifting platforms are constructed with robust materials, such as steel frames and plywood surfaces, designed to withstand heavy use and last for years. The use of durable materials ensures that the platform can handle the demands of intense deadlift training without wearing out quickly, providing long-term value.

Versatility: Rogue deadlifting platforms are typically designed to accommodate various strength training exercises, not just deadlifts. They often have a modular or customizable design that allows you to incorporate other equipment, such as squat racks or bench press attachments.

This versatility maximizes the utility of the platform, making it suitable for a wider range of exercises and saving you the need to invest in separate equipment.

Floor Protection: Deadlifts involve dropping heavy weights to the ground, which can potentially damage the floor surface, especially in commercial gyms or home setups with delicate flooring.

Rogue deadlifting platforms are specifically engineered to protect the underlying floor from damage caused by repeated drops. By preventing costly floor repairs or replacements, the platform provides long-term cost savings.

Noise Reduction: Deadlifting without a platform can create excessive noise and vibrations, which can be disruptive in gym environments or disturb neighbours in home setups.

Rogue deadlifting platforms typically incorporate noise-reducing features like rubber matting or tiles, which absorb the impact and minimize noise and vibrations. This contributes to a quieter training environment and reduces the risk of disturbing others, particularly in shared spaces.

Brand Reputation: Rogue Fitness has established itself as a reputable and trusted brand in the fitness industry.

They have a strong track record of producing high-quality equipment that is widely used by athletes, powerlifters, and fitness enthusiasts. Rogue’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction gives assurance that their deadlifting platforms are a worthwhile investment.

It’s important to consider your specific needs, budget, and available space when evaluating the value for money of any fitness equipment, including deadlifting platforms. While Rogue platforms are generally regarded as good value, it’s always recommended to research and compare different options to ensure you select the platform that best aligns with your requirements.

Why are Rogue Fitness Deadlifting Platforms So Hard Wearing?

Rogue Fitness deadlifting platforms are known for their exceptional durability and ability to withstand heavy use. Several factors contribute to the hard-wearing nature of Rogue deadlifting platforms:

High-Quality Materials: Rogue Fitness utilizes high-quality materials in the construction of their deadlifting platforms.

This includes steel frames, plywood surfaces, and rubber matting or tiles. These materials are chosen for their strength, durability, and ability to withstand the demands of heavy weightlifting. The robust construction ensures that the platform can endure the repetitive impact and stress generated during deadlifts without wearing out easily.

Thick Plywood Surface: The plywood surface of Rogue deadlifting platforms is typically thick and solid, ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches (3.8 to 5 cm). The use of thick plywood provides excellent structural integrity and resistance to deformation or warping over time. It can withstand the repeated dropping of heavy weights without significantly deteriorating or losing its shape.

Reinforced Steel Frame: Rogue deadlifting platforms often feature a reinforced steel frame, which adds strength and stability to the overall structure. The steel frame provides a solid foundation and prevents flexing or bending during lifts. The sturdy frame construction enhances the platform’s durability, ensuring it can handle substantial weight loads and maintain its integrity over extended periods of use.

Impact Absorption: Deadlifting involves dropping the weight to the ground, which creates a significant amount of impact. Rogue deadlifting platforms incorporate rubber matting or tiles that help absorb and disperse the impact energy. The rubber material acts as a shock absorber, protecting the plywood surface and minimizing the risk of damage caused by repeated drops.

Commercial-Grade Design: Rogue Fitness caters to both home and commercial gym environments. Many of their deadlifting platforms are designed with commercial-grade specifications, intended to withstand the rigorous demands of high-volume training facilities. The focus on durability in a commercial setting translates into a product that is exceptionally hard-wearing for home users as well.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control: Rogue Fitness has a reputation for rigorous testing and quality control processes. They subject their equipment to extensive testing to ensure it meets stringent standards for durability and performance. By implementing these quality control measures, Rogue can provide customers with reliable and long-lasting deadlifting platforms.

The combination of high-quality materials, solid construction, impact absorption features, and rigorous testing makes Rogue Fitness deadlifting platforms highly durable and hard-wearing. Investing in a Rogue platform ensures that you have a robust and long-lasting piece of equipment that can withstand the demands of intense deadlift training for years to come.

Why are Rogue Deadlifting Platforms Suitable for All Athletes?

Rogue deadlifting platforms are considered suitable for all athletes due to several reasons:

Versatility: Rogue deadlifting platforms are designed to accommodate a wide range of athletes and training styles.

They provide a dedicated space for performing deadlifts, which is a fundamental strength exercise for athletes of various disciplines, including powerlifting, weightlifting, functional fitness, and general strength training. Regardless of your athletic background or training goals, a deadlifting platform can be a valuable addition to your workout routine.

Customization Options: Rogue offers a variety of deadlifting platform models with different configurations and sizes.

This allows athletes to select a platform that best suits their individual needs and available space. Whether you have limited space in a home gym or require a larger platform for a commercial facility, Rogue offers options that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Adjustable Lifting Heights: Rogue deadlifting platforms often provide adjustable lifting heights, allowing athletes to set the starting position based on their individual body proportions and preferences. This adjustability ensures that athletes of different heights can maintain proper lifting mechanics and range of motion during the deadlift, optimizing performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Durability and Stability: Rogue deadlifting platforms are built with durability and stability in mind. They are constructed using high-quality materials such as steel frames, plywood surfaces, and rubber matting or tiles.

This sturdy construction ensures that the platform remains stable and can withstand heavy loads, accommodating athletes of varying strength levels. The durability of Rogue platforms means they can withstand frequent use and maintain their integrity even under intense training conditions.

Noise and Vibration Reduction: Deadlifting without a platform can generate significant noise and vibrations, which may be disruptive in gym settings or home environments.

Rogue deadlifting platforms are designed to minimize noise and vibration transmission by incorporating features like rubber matting or tiles. This reduces the impact on the floor and dampens noise, making them suitable for use in various settings without causing disturbances.

Trusted Brand: Rogue Fitness is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality fitness equipment. Their products are widely used by athletes, powerlifters, and fitness enthusiasts around the world. The trust and reliability associated with the Rogue brand make their deadlifting platforms a suitable choice for athletes of all levels, from beginners to professional competitors.

It’s important to note that while Rogue deadlifting platforms offer versatility and suitability for a wide range of athletes, individual preferences, training goals, and space limitations may vary.

It’s always advisable to consider your specific needs and requirements when selecting a deadlifting platform to ensure it aligns with your unique circumstances and training objectives.

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