Foam vs Wood vs Resin – What’s the Best Plyo Box?

This complete guide will help you find the right Plyo Box (or set) for your particular needs.

Are you are a gym owner upgrading or kitting out a gym for your clients and members?

Need new equipment for your CrossFit Box?

Or do you want to take your garage gym training to the next level?

What is the Best Rogue Dip Station?

We’ve got you covered.

We have compared the three most common materials, foam, wood and resin, and ranked and organised all the information so it’s easy for you to browse through and find your perfect piece of kit based on functionality, durability, price, materials and features.

Foam vs Wood vs Resin – What’s the Best Plyo Box?

ColourBlackTanBlack/ Grey
BrandingWhite StencilLaser Cut
Rogue Logo
Imprint Logo
Footprint28” x 28”20” x 20”20” x 20”
Height6, 12,
20, 24”
12, 18,
20, 24”
12, 18,
20, 24”
Weight7lb – 27lb<56lb21lb – 31lb
Materials-Dense Foam
– Softener Foam
Cost190 USD +70 USD +90 USD +
Where to PurchaseRogue Foam
Plyo Box
Rogue Wood
Plyo Box
Rogue Resin
Plyo Box

Overview – Rogue Foam Plyo Box

One of the biggest problems with getting new athletes to perform box jumps is the very real fear of injuring themselves while doing the movement.

Advanced athletes are also reluctant to push their limits on taller boxes for the same reason. If an athlete does not commit to the jump out of fear, the chances of getting hurt further increase.

Rogue Foam Plyometric Boxes solve this problem.

They are firm enough to perform plyometric movements, but soft enough that they will not injure your shins if you miss.

Rogue Foam Plyo Boxes

You can customize the height of the box so that athletes can either work their way up to a prescribed workout height or up to a personal max box jump.

IMPORTANT: Foam Plyo boxes should NOT be used on any smooth flooring (wood, smooth concrete, tile, etc).

Rogue Foam Plyo Box Specifications

  • Colour: Black
  • Made In USA
  • Product Weight Varies: 7LB – 27LB
  • Foot Print: 28″ x 28″
  • Heights available: 6″, 12″, 20″, and 24″, and the ability to stack the boxes
  • Ultra-dense foam core with softer foam on all 6 sides
  • Covered with heavy duty vinyl
  • Large hook and loop strips on all 4 sides ensure the boxes will not slip when stacked
Rogue Foam Box

The boxes can also be used for athletes working on improving the depth of their squat or for athletes that need a tactile cue to learn where their perfect bottom position will be without completely unloading the posterior chain.

Sizes and Cost

6” Foam Plyo Box190 USD
12” Foam Plyo Box245 USD
20” Foam Plyo Box315 USD
24” Foam Plyo Box350 USD
Foam Plyo Box 3-Set785 USD
Foam Plyo Box Full Set1,100 USD

Overview – Rogue Wood Plyo Box

All Wood boxes are CNC cut to exact dimensions.

Assembly is a breeze using the provided hardware. Glue is highly recommended but not included.

The 20″ and 24″ plyo boxes were used at the CrossFit Games®.

Rogue wood Plyo Box

The 4″ Plyobooster is designed to fit the base of the 24″ Plyo box. If used with smaller boxes there will be extra space allowing it to slide around.

These Plyo Boxes ship unassembled to save you money on shipping costs.

Try Rogue J Cups

Rogue Wood Plyo Boxes Specifications:

  • 19 x 19″ square top
  • CNC machining for a perfect fit
  • Bevelled top edge for added safety
  • Not intended to be stacked

Sizes and Cost

12” Wood Plyo Box70 USD
18” Wood Plyo Box90 USD
20” Wood Plyo Box100 USD
24” Wood Plyo Box110 USD
Pack of 5 20” Wood Plyo Boxes475 USD
Pack of 5 24” Wood Plyo Boxes520 USD
4” Plyobooster56 USD

Overview – Rogue Resin Plyo Box

Rogue’s American-made Resin Plyo Boxes represent another literal leap forward in both durability and space efficiency.

Available in 4 height options (12”/ 18” / 20” / 24”), each box is manufactured from Recycled Plastic, which is compression-moulded into shape.

Rogue Resin plyometric box set

The top portion (19” x 19”) is reinforced underneath using an arched rib pattern, and the surface features a textured grid pattern for superior traction.

Rogue Resin Plyo Boxes can be ordered individually or as a full set featuring (1) each of all 4 sizes.

They are packed flat, saving the customer on shipping costs, and require only minimal assembly (holes are pre-drilled).

Once built, multiple boxes of any size can be stored conveniently in overlapping stacks–a space-saver for small home gyms and larger facilities, alike.

Hand-hold slots are also included on all four sides of the box for easy transport, placement, and removal.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Use Rogue Resin Plyo Boxes on hard or smooth surfaces where a slip-out is more likely to occur and potentially cause injury. TEST THE STABILITY OF THE BOX PRIOR TO EACH USE.

Space Efficient / Cost Efficient

Unlike most traditional plyometric boxes, Rogue’s resin models can be stacked compactly after use, regardless of the box size, to help make better use of your gym’s space.

Josh Bridges performing jumps

They also ship all boxes flat (4 side panels and a top), saving you on costs. Some assembly is required, but all holes are pre-drilled.

Tools required:

  • 1/8″ hex key (a 1/8″ hex drive bit is included)
  • 3/8″ crescent wrench or small adjustable crescent wrench

Please Note: Due to the use of recycled plastic in the Resin Plyoboxes, each box is unique and the appearance (colour, colour fleck, etc) may vary slightly from box to box.

Rogue Resin Plyo Specifications

  • Made in the USA
  • Order individually or as a set of (4)
  • Recycled Plastic construction, compression moulded
  • Textured Grid Top: 19″ (Top) L x 19″ (Top) W
  • (4) Height Options: 12″/18″/20″/24″
  • Stackable Storage – They do NOT recommend using these plyo boxes while they are stacked.
  • Hand-Hold Slots on all Sides
  • Embossed Rogue branding

Sizes and Cost

12” Resin Box90 USD
18” Resin Box100 USD
20” Resin Box102.50 USD
24” Resin Box115 USD
Full Set370 USD

What are the Benefits of a Plyo Box?

Plyo is short for plyometrics. This type of training helps to increase speed, strength and power.

The humble Box Jump is a high impact and incredibly useful exercise. This targets and improves the quads, legs and entire posterior chain.

Depending on the programming of the workout, it also enhances conditioning as well.

The following are all excellent benefits of a Plyo Box and the effects it can have when you include it in your training.

Build Explosive Power

Explosive power is useful for everything from skiing and running to weightlifting and jumping.

Whatever sports and physical activities you enjoy, the ability to generate power with your body will be helpful.

Contrasting dynamic, Plyo Box training with heavy lifting can also yield excellent results as each aspect of the training will be mutually beneficial for the other.

Learn to Jump Higher

Plyo Boxes are an excellent tool if you want to improve your jumping prowess.

Watching your progress skyrocket as you constantly learn how to jump onto higher and higher Plyo Boxes can be incredibly motivating.

Athlete jumping in gym

These skills will carry over to any type of Squat. Box Squats, Back Squats, Front Squats and all other variations will be improved by your newly improved abilities.

Learn to Pistol Squat Properly

To continue the Squatting theme, Plyo Boxes are a great tool when it comes to Pistol Squat progressions.

Woman doing pistol squat in gym
Learn Pistol Squats ©Bastien Plu

Box Jump Movements Lessen the Load on the Body

Plyo Boxes give you a higher volume of safer ways to add jumping (and other movements) into your training.

Jumping up makes the movement into a low impact form of ballistic training, lowering the pressure on your knees and joints in general.

Perfect for Conditioning

The Box Jump (or Box Step Up) is a great tool for developing cardio and general fitness.

Programming higher volumes of these exercises into your training (AMRAP formats are particularly good) will help to enhance your health, heart and general physical preparedness.

Easy to Adjust

Plyo Boxes come in such a huge variety of different sizes that they work effectively for all types of athletes and ability levels.

Whether you own three gyms with 500 members or a garage with a Bench Press, adding Plyo Box(es) at different heights opens up an incredible number of new possibilities for everyone involved.

Plyo Boxes are Perfect for Home Gyms

A Plyo Box is versatile, compact and portable.

It allows you to add completely new exercises and possibilities into your training. From Box Squats to Burpee Box Jump Overs, you will be able to get faster, more explosive, stronger, build heart health, enhance cardio and have fun.

All without taking up too much space.

How Much does a Plyo Box Cost?

Check the charts below for a full overview of how much Plyo Boxes cost.

Cost of Foam Plyo Boxes

6” Foam Box190 USD
12” Foam Box245 USD
20” Foam Box315 USD
24” Foam Box350 USD
Foam Box 3-Set785 USD
Foam Box Full Set1,100 USD

Cost of Wood Plyo Boxes

12” Wood Box70 USD
18” Wood Box90 USD
20” Wood Box100 USD
24” Wood Box110 USD
Pack of 5 20”
Wood Boxes
475 USD
Pack of 5 24”
Wood Boxes
520 USD
4” Plyobooster56 USD

Cost of Resin Plyo Boxes

12” Resin Box90 USD
18” Resin Box100 USD
20” Resin Box102.50 USD
24” Resin Box115 USD
Full Set370 USD

Who Should Use a Plyo Box?

Plyometric Boxes are suitable for all athletes.

Is a Plyo Box Worth it?

Yes. The Plyometric Box is a functional, durable, adaptable and highly effective piece of fitness equipment.

What Exercises Can You Do on a Plyo Box?

You can perform all of the following exercises on a Plyometric Box:

  • Box Jumps
  • Burpee Box Jump Overs
  • Box Step Ups
  • Box Squats
  • Lateral Step Overs
  • Weighted Box Jumps
  • Weighted Box Jump Overs

Which Plyo Box is Right for YOU?

Most affordableWood Box
Best for beginnersResin Box
Best for gym ownersFoam Box
Best value for moneyWood Box

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