What are the Best Rubber Atlas Stones to Buy?

The best rubber Atlas Stones to buy are made by Rogue Fitness.

They are available individually, in five incremental weights from 50 to 200 lbs, or as a set.

What are Rubber Atlas Stones?

These are a modern take on an old strong(wo)man exercise tool.

They are large heavy spheres that are usually picked up, held and carried. Usually created from stone, the rubber variation offers a heavy core with a super durable rubber exterior.

man with atlas stone and bar
Enhance your strength ©Rogue

This update offers all the functional strength benefits and practical improvements for using Atlas Stones yourself, with none of the downsides of the original stone forms.

What are the Benefits of Rubber Atlas Stones?

Rubber Stones take all of the best aspects of stone lifting with none of the downsides.

  • Don’t break gym floors
  • Don’t rip skin off the forearms
  • Don’t damage tattoos on the forearms and arms
  • Are easier to transport than their stone counterparts
  • Don’t break apart

Of course, they offer the same great benefits that you will get from all Atlas Stones, stone or otherwise:

  • Better strength
  • Increased grip power
  • Enhanced mental toughness and grit
  • Full body power development
  • Great for holds and carries

A Strongman Tool with All-Sport Applications

Atlas Stones have always been associated with Strongman competitions, but in recent years, they’ve been adopted by a wide range of athletes—from weightlifters and powerlifters to football players, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and more—as a unique, full-body training tool.

variations of different sized balls
Pick your weight ©Rogue

Properly lifting, holding, and loading Atlas Stones not only strengthens the back, glutes, and abs (with minimal spinal compression), but also promotes the extension of the hips, knees and ankles, resulting in greater explosiveness.

Just be sure to select a starting weight increment suited to your own size and level of experience.

Rogue Rubber Atlas Stones

Rogue’s Rubber Atlas Stones feature a cast-iron core construction with a durable, over-moulded rubber exterior and recessed edges to prevent rollaway.

Available in five weight increments (50, 75, 100, 150, and 200 LBS), these exclusive, ready-to-use stones can be ordered a la carte or as part of either of their two pre-configured Rogue sets:

SetContentsWhere to Purchase
225 lb SetIncludes (1) 50LB, (1) 75LB, (1) 100LBRogue
450 lb SetIncludes (1) 100LB, (1) 150LB, (1) 200LBRogue

Quality Rogue Construction

Slightly recessed edges reduce the chance of rollaway and provide a bit of added texture, as do the embossed Rogue logos, which are centred around an embossed weight indication on one side.

The surface finish on their Rubber Stones is a bit slippery out of the box, and while it will become more grip-friendly over time, the general slickness helps to create a more accurate facsimile of a traditional stone.

Made to last ©Rogue

Since it cannot be lifted purely by friction, athletes will need to grab the stone from underneath using their forearms in the “bear hug” style.

Gear Specifications

  • Construction – Overmolded Rubber, Cast-Iron Core
  • Sold a la carte or in full sets (225 LB or 450 LB)
  • 5 Available Weight Increments: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 LBS
  • Embossed Weight Indication and Rogue logos on one side
  • Recessed edges to prevent rollaway
  • Colour: Black
  • Made In USA: No
  • Product Weight 50-200 LB

How Much do Rubber Atlas Stones Weigh?

50 lb10”
75 lb12”
100 lb14”
150 lb16”
200 lb18”

How Much do Rubber Atlas Stones Cost?

50 lb165 USD
75 lb215 USD
100 lb265 USD
150 lb370 USD
200 lb475 USD

What are Rubber Atlas Stones Made From?

Rogue Stones are constructed with rubber exteriors and cast iron cores.

Atlas Stone Mold

The Stone Mold for these excellent workout tools is designed to create an exceptional finish every time.

Rogue stones.
Expert craftsmanship ©Rogue

Atlas Stones for Sale

We recommend buying your Stones from Rogue.

Atlas Stone Workout

Try this Stone workout from Rob Orlando.

50 Walking Lunges with a Stone.

If holding the stone at your shoulder, use one that’s 75% of your body weight. If the stone is on your gut use 60%. Do as many sets as necessary.

1. Squat down and wrap your arms around the stone. Deadlift it up to your lap. From there, either roll it to your shoulder or stand up and hold the stone at your gut.

2. Once you’ve secured the stone in position, step forward and lower your body toward the floor until your back knee gently kisses the ground. Keep your upper body tall.

3. Stand up out of the lunge by driving through the heel of your front foot and bring the back foot up to meet the front foot. Repeat for an equal number of reps on each leg.

Quick Tip

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it on your dominant shoulder, try the opposite side. It will be much more difficult and require more core stabilization.

What is the Heaviest Atlas Stone?

Scottish Strongman Tom Stoltman lifted a world record 286 kg / 630 lb Stone over a bar in 2021.

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