Wood vs Metal – What are the Best Type of Stall Bars?

So, what are the best type of Stall Bars?

In this extensive article, we will explore both different types of Bars to help you find the right ones for your Box/gym/garage gym.

We will also go through their advantages and disadvantages, the exercises you can perform on them and which ones are right for you based on quality, cost, durability, size and specific requirements.

Our top choice is the Rogue Stall Bar 3.0.

What are Stall Bars?

Also known as Swedish Ladders and Wall Bars, Stall Bars are a series of bars fixed into a vertical ladder. 


They date back to the 19th century, and serve as an incredibly effective piece of fitness equipment for stretching, bodyweight training, mobility work, core exercises, balance and flexibility.

Originally designed for gymnasts, Swedish Ladders have found their way into commercial and home gyms all around the world, utilised by everyone from powerlifters to martial artists.

Versatile and highly effective, they are an excellent and highly worthwhile addition to any gym. 

Wood vs Metal Stall Bars – What Sets them Apart?

Type of Wall BarWoodMetal
MaterialOak woodMetal
Cost850 USD595 USD
Where to Purchase?Rogue Wood Stall BarsRogue Metal Stall Bars

Overview – Wood Stall Bars

Newly redesigned as a bolt-together unit, Rogue Wood Stall Bars adapt the classic Swedish Ladder gymnastics apparatus into a heavy-duty 21st century training tool—with almost limitless applications for any type of athlete.


Each Swedish Ladder unit stands 90″ tall, and the rungs themselves are 43″ wide and spaced 6” on centre. The metal bars have a diameter of 1.25″ while the wood version diameter is 1.5″.

Wood dowels are made from Oak.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Excellent durability
  • Incredibly versatile


  • More expensive than metal bars

Wood Stall Bars Specifications

  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 90″
  • Width: 43″
  • Diameter: 1.5″ wood
  • Hardware included for Rig/Rack Mount option only
  • Rig/Rack Mount compatible ONLY with Rogue Monster Lite and Infinity Series
  • New Bolt-Together design saves on shipping costs

Overview – Metal Stall Bars

This model from Rogue utilised the same frame as the version above, however it swaps out the wooden bars for the metal variation.

Rogue Metal Stall Bars

The metal Swedish Ladder unit also stands 90″ tall, and the rungs themselves are 43″ wide and spaced 6” on centre. The metal bars have a diameter of 1.25″ while the wood version diameter is 1.5″.

Corner weld of metal bars


  • Great quality
  • Extremely durable
  • Incredibly versatile


  • Less natural feel

Metal Stall Bars – Specifications

  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 90″
  • Width: 43″
  • Diameter: 1.25″ metal
  • Hardware included for Rig/Rack Mount option only
  • Rig/Rack Mount compatible ONLY with Rogue Monster Lite and Infinity Series
  • New Bolt-Together design saves on shipping costs

Mounting Options for Stall Bars

Rogue Stall Bar 3.0  – Includes all of the rungs needed along with (2) 90″ Monster Lite Uprights and (4) Wall Mounting Brackets.

This set-up is recommended only for secure concrete walls or wood studs, and may require additional support or a stringer. Swedish Ladders should NOT be used on drywall or metal studs in any situation.

Rogue Stall Bar 3.0 Crossmember Set – Includes all of the necessary crossmembers and hardware to connect to any existing Monster Lite or Infinity Rack/Rig (you can either add a section to the back of a rack or to a single 43″ wide section of a rig).

For greater stability and safety, the Bars should only be mounted to a rig or rack that is securely fastened to the floor.

How Do Stall Bars Work?

Swedish Ladders are fixed in place, either as part of a rig/rack, or against a wall.

Athletes can then climb, hang, balance and stretch themselves using the bars.

What are the Benefits of Stall Bars?

Swedish Ladders yield many benefits.


Swedish Ladders are uncommon, yet highly useful for improving many different aspects of fitness.

Their versatility is one of their main strengths compared to many other pieces of gym equipment.

Stretching and Flexibility

The bars can easily be used to incrementally improve stretching and flexibility. You can measure and observe progress by working with increasingly higher rungs.


Many excellent mobility exercises require different levels of grips to perform correctly. You must be able to position yourself precisely and hold certain poses for longer periods of time.

They are perfect for this purpose.

Develop Strength

With the huge range of gymnastic and strength exercises that Swedish Ladders allow you to perform, you can get a lot of bang for your buck when you add Stall Bars to your gym.

They don’t take up much Room

Swedish Ladders have a minimal footprint, allowing you to fit them in almost anywhere. Whether you train in a small garage or own a franchise of gyms, there will be no problem to fix and install them without losing too much space.

They Double Up as Pull Up Bars

Swedish Ladders give you access to Pull Ups, Chin Ups and other bar-based exercises. This also saves you the trouble of buying a separate Pull Up Bar and saves you money.

Hanging Exercises can be Performed

Hanging exercises are an effective way to do everything from alleviate back pain through to enhance grip strength and mental toughness.

Great for Bodyweight Exercises

Swedish Ladders are almost unrivalled when it comes to bodyweight exercises.

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How Much Do Stall Bars Cost?

Rogue Wood Stall Bars cost 850 USD
Rogue Metal Stall Bars cost 595 USD

Which Stall Bars are Right for You?

If you like a softer, more natural grip sensation then choose wooden Bars.

If you prefer absolute durability then metal Bars are right for you.

Steel corner bolts and bars

What Stall Bars Exercises Can You Do?

All of the following exercises can be performed using Wall Bars:

  • Front Support
  • The Human Flag
  • Flag Support Hold
  • Tuck Human Flag
  • Human Flag Jumps
  • Leg/Knee Raises
  • Front Support
  • Back Support
  • Dragon Flag on Stall Bars
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Pull Ups
  • Chin Ups
  • Dead Hangs
  • Inverted Push Ups
  • Pike Push Ups

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