Rogue vs Powergears vs Vevor – What is the Best Pull Up Bar Stand?

So, what is the best pull up bar stand?

In this extensive review we have compared and contrasted three of the best pull up bar stands so that you can find the right one for your needs, budget, space requirements and general preferences.

To cut to the chase, here is our favourite.

Man on Rogue Pull Up Bar Stand

What is a Pull Up Bar Stand?

A pull up bar stand is a free-standing metal frame that allows athletes to perform a variety of hanging and dynamic exercises such as pull ups, muscle ups, hanging leg raises and toes to bar.

What are the Benefits of a Pull Up Bar Stand?

This durable and sturdy piece of kit allows anyone to easily perform many different exercises.

These pieces of equipment can be used to train in many different ways, to help you build muscle, strength, skill, gymnastic ability and augment your calisthenics.

Bar and Stand

They can be set up without having to drill into the walls or worry about destroying ceilings and surfaces.

The stands can be easily packed up and moved around, making them versatile and flexible for gyms that do have access to a great deal of space.

Quick Choices

Best Quality
Best Value for Money

Rogue vs Powergears vs Vevor – What Sets them Apart?

Max Height93”265cm78”
Base Width48”108cm44.5”
Base Length67”151cm44.7”
ColourBlack and redBlackRed and black
Where to PurchaseRogue Mil Pull Up StationPowergearsVevor

Rogue Mil Pull Up Station

Strong, durable, reliable and built to the highest possible quality standards, this is our number one choice.

The Rogue MIL Pull-Up Station is built to the required specs of the Army Combat Fitness Test’s “Leg Tuck” event, with an extended width of 62” between the two uprights to create ample operating space for any size athlete.

In the Leg Tuck, the athlete uses an alternating grip, and their body is perpendicular to the pull-up bar.

Man on freestanding exercise equipment

Because this unit also includes the same 2×3” 11-gauge steel tubing and standard single pull-up bar (1.25” diameter) as the Rogue R-Series squat racks, it can serve as a dedicated pull-up station for any traditional gym set-up as well.

The MIL Pull-Up Station has a total footprint of 48” x 67” and an upright height of 93”, with the pull-up bar position adjustable from 90” down to 86”.

All required 5/8” hardware is included, as is an attachable step (connected via detent pin) that can be set at either 18” or 24” from the ground—matching the step heights on the Army’s Climbing Pods. This step also contains a large rubber insert that covers all metal edges for added safety.

The entire stand is finished in a texture black powdercoat, except for the removable step, which has an MG Rogue Red finish for stand-out visibility. The rear crossmember tube features laser-cut Rogue branding.

Please Note: The MIL Pull-up Station is not designed to be used as a squat rack. J-Cups are not included and the unit does not feature J-Cup mounting holes.


  • Made in the USA (imported rubber)
  • 2×3” 11-gauge steel construction
  • Unit Weight: 146 LBS
  • Height: 93” (clear for minimum 8 foot ceilings)
  • Foot Print: 48” x 67”
  • Single Pull-Up Bar – 1.25” diameter, 62” length, adjustable height from 86” to 90”
  • Black Powdercoat Finish
  • Laser-Cut Rogue branding
  • Attachable Step w/Detent Pin and Rubber Insert + Rogue Red finish, adjustable height from 18” to 24”

Equipped for the ACFT

While the MIL Pull-Up Station can be used as a standard, dedicated pull-up stand for any gym, it’s also uniquely optimized for performing the Leg Tuck movement; Event 5 of the Army Combat Fitness Test.

The extended length of the pull-up bar, at 62”, is roughly a foot longer than the bar on our standard Infinity Racks.

This creates more space for performing the Leg Tuck movement, in which athletes utilize an alternating grip and position their bodies sideways / perpendicular with the bar.

Quality Rogue Construction

Built for stability and long-term durability, these 93” tall units are manufactured in the USA using 2×3” 11-gauge steel tubing + imported rubber for the attachable step.

Rogue Mil Pull Up Bar Stand step

All required 5/8” hardware is included, and both the single pull-up bar (86” to 90” height) and step (18” to 24”) are conveniently adjustable.

Stepping Up

The stand is finished in a black powdercoat with laser-cut Rogue branding on the rear crossmember tube. The removable step, meanwhile, has an MG Rogue Red finish and a protective rubber insert for its metal edges.

Powergears Adjustable Pull Up Bar

This pull-up bar is a perfect solution for people with space restriction. It doesn’t have to be wall or floor mounted. It stands all by itself and it is adjustable for taller athletes.

Powergears fitness equipment in black

By adding gymnastics rings you create complete bodyweight exercise station.

What is the best Rogue Deadlift platform?

A total of 20 height settings with a 5 cm increment are available


  • Maximum height of the bar: 265cm
  • Minmum height of the bar: 165cm
  • Base width: 108cm
  • Base length: 151cm
Side view of equipment

Vevor Portable Pull Up Bar Stand

The Vevor portable pull up bar stand is the easiest option to transport, however it is not as heavy duty as the other options.


These pull up bars are made of premium iron with powder coating. They are durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. The base with a special structure is very stable during use.

Vevor Pull Up Bar stand

Max capacity up to 100kg/220lbs.

Width of Top Bar: 113cm/44inch.


This pull up bar stand features two height level: 97cm/3.2ft, 200cm/6.5ft.

The height can be easily changed according to your own needs. Perfect for men, women, kids, and elders. The distance between the dip bars: 60cm/23.6inch


The Vevor Pull up dip bar can be dismantled into smaller tubes so you can easily store it at home or in your car. It has, not requires, any screws. With a carry bag, you may carry the pull up bar with you and workout on the go.

What Exercises Can Be Performed on a Pull Up Bar Stand?

Portable free standing pull up bars are highly versatile because they allow for a large variety of exercises to be performed.

  • Pull ups
  • Chin ups
  • Muscle ups
  • Dips
  • Inverted rows
  • Leg raises
  • Knee raises
  • Toes to bar
  • Dead hangs

Is a Pull Up Bar Stand Worth It?

Yes, these types of pull up bars fill an exceptionally important part of training for many different types of athletes.

Are Freestanding Pull Up Bars Good?

Yes, if you choose the right one. We always advise choosing the best quality that you can afford because it will last longer and you will get more value for your money.

Can You Get Ripped with Just a Pull Up Bar?

Yes you can. Combining calisthenics training with an intelligent nutrition plan is a great way to get jacked and strong.

Floor Standing Pull Up Bar

This is another name for a pull up bar stand.

Free Standing Pull Up Bar for Home

The best free standing pull up bar for home is the Rogue variation.

What is the Best Pull Up Bar Stand for Outdoors?

Our top choice for the best pull up bar stand for outdoors is the Rogue MIL Pull Up Stand.

How Much Does a Pull Up Bar Stand Cost?

Rogue MIL Pull Up Stand525 USD
Powergears Adjustable Pull Up Bar480 EUR
Vevor Portable Pull Up Bar130,99 EUR

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